Conspiracy Talk Archive April 10 2013


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10 Apr 2013 21:34:43
I watched the below mockumentary but 80 to 90 per cent is the reality we live in to today, I have to warn everyone some of the images throughout are disturbing.

North Korean documentary - use of propaganda in the West to control the citizens

Hey Franky. I have watched that too and it is pretty interesting. you can see where the North Koreans who made it were coming from. people nowadays are slaves to corporations and they don't even realise it!


Mate it was made by a new zealand filmmaker it is a powerful documentary I agree with most of it, one thing that stood out for me was since 1945 the usa have in some way invaded 50 countries and claims to be a peaceful nation in the same time north korea has not invaded any country but is classed as a unstable volatile nation, (not word for word but I can't remember the exact words)

Yeah, I remember that part alright, that always seems to be forgotten by people when any talk of North Korea takes place. I found the part about Israel very interesting and how the situation regarding palestine began!


Seems the u. k is using its own propaganda with the mirror footage and reports on north korea yesterday, portraying them as a hell hole nation where people eat corpses apparently. Quite blatant propaganda to be honest. Jdog

Like it mentions in the documentary we do not have have news reporters we have have media that read of scripts.