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10 Aug 2013 23:58:46
{Ed033's Note - Short video about Nikola Tesla

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Brilliant video ed! Do you think he had invented a device designed for teleportation? He invented all these devices a 100 years ago and we have advanced ten fold since then in terms of computers and machinery! This video shows though he had the power to turn the towers to dust, alter weather using h.a.a.r.p create what we know as the Internet and thousands more inventions that were never released to the public! This is the kind of man that we should be taught about. a true legend and genius!


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{Ed033's Note - I don't know whether he invented a teleportation device

How the world would have been different hey ed if J.P Morgan hadn't got involved and someone who wasn't out for themselves!


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{Ed033's Note - I guess so!

Ed Have you seen the film The Prestige? In it Tesla does invent a teleportation device that is also a matter replictor as well as a matter transporter and he's played by David Bowie as well.

Ok its a film, but must be an element of truth in it though. Guy was a genius, probably smartest person to have lived.


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{Ed033's Note - Yes, I've seen the prestige. In films they do show us some truth but I think they also speculate as well. The matter replicator transporter device seems to be speculation but who knows?

10 Aug 2013 21:41:03
Ok 21:29 standing in garden watching bright light flying northwest over Wirral heading to Liverpool, popular flight path, no usual aeroplane signal flashing lights, this is the third strange UFO experience, caught on mobile don't know how to upload footage.

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You can open a account with youtube mate off your mobile and send the video to there, I am not too good on explaining tech stuff so if anyone else can explain better, let us know mate if you have done it as I want to check it out.

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10 Aug 2013 16:23:12
Keen on people's views on the prison and justice system. I know a few people who have come from 'tough' upbringings and the legal system tends give these people more leeway than say your upper and middle classes. I know people that have had 40-60 charges before being locked up. Always released with bail conditions or parole when it is obvious they will reoffend and are a danger to society.

My view is this is no accident. The are given leeway so that crime rates stay high and to keep the divide between the lower and middle classes. The middle classes are lead to believe the lower classes are criminals by nature, when the legal system and 'society' actually encourages this view. The prison system, in Aus at least, is a joke. People come out no better, more criminally educated, and with no fear of going back into prison.

I think this is done on purpose. To keep the lower classes thinking they can do no better and don't have the opportunities others do. They are made to believe they don't deserve a better life. Most come out unskilled, with less chance of employment, and looked at by the wider community as scum. This has been the case for generations and yet no changes have been made to the prison or legal system. Actually a change has been made. The Privitasation of Prisons. Would love to know Ed001's views.

Melbourne CFC

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{Ed001's Note - I clicked send by mistake, rather than adding a note, doh. They aren't even close to each other, the two buttons, so no excuse there. Anyway, I just remember growing up in Bootle, there was only really two courses open, you were either good at sports or you were a crim. There was no way of getting a job unless the probation service sorted it out, for the majority of people. They would then find a burglar a job fitting burglar alarms, so they would then go back after fitting the security systems and clean out the place. It was clearly an insane system, designed to keep them in trouble.}

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The very top and the very bottom get away with murder (pardon the pun)for very different reasons the inbetweeners meaning the good honest people get jumped on when they step out of line.

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If by crime we are referring to actions performed in contrast to the well being of society, for there are plenty of appalling laws that prohibit personal freedom, incarceration is a ridiculous concept. How can segregation help people improve themselves? It is an utter waste of tax payers money, which you would think with the rise of crime rates should be spent on education. Add to that the privatization of the prison system and we have yet again turned something unbeneficial to society into a very profitable business.
Forced labor could, atleast potentially, be a way for society to reek some benefit from the same people who acted against common good. From what I read, it was practiced inhumanely in the past but perhaps if applied differently it could be an alternative to the current broken system.
Having said all this I would like to clarify that I am not advocating forced labor for all the unprivileged people who society was quick to abandon and forget. I am referring to the fat cats who sacrifice all for personal gain and even in the one-in-a-million chances they get incarcerated they end up in luxurious private cells.

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10 Aug 2013 11:33:24
One definition of 'paranoia' - the ability to make links where there seemingly are none.
Look a round and tell me, what is not connected?

Has it ever occurred to anyone, that in Great Britain political power usually shifts between two 'parties'? That most people only vote for Labour or Tory?

Now to stress the point by taking 'U' out of the equation (there are two types of morning, afterall)

. labor-or-tory, anyone? pea

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