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10 Dec 2012 19:07:43
Hey guys, a regular on this website (mainly the chelsea one though) but I am currently doing my dissertation of Che Guevara and the different portrayals on him and was wondering what everyone's opinions of him was? For me personally, he is my idol. Tried to stand up against American Imperialism and lost his life as a result.


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Totally agree vinny, Che Guevara died for the cause,pity he was sold out by people he was trying to help.

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Yeah ... but dont know if you've heard the immortal technique song (or any immortal technique because if you havent, you should definitely start) the martyr talks about how too many leaders are sold out by their own people. One thing for certain was America were too scared to keep him alive, they knew they had to kill him and Che knew it himself. Viva La Revolution


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10 Dec 2012 18:52:37
Ed i think you'll like this one if you haven't seen it already, pretty much debunks the idea of the world ending shortly.


{Ed033's Note - I haven't read that article before but am aware of Terrence McKenna and Jose Arguelles

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Interesting though to think all this panic and stupidity came from a dodgy mushroom trip, kinda fitting. Anything to add on McKenna & Arguelles? Mort

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It's hard to summarise McKennas work in a few words but one thing is certain, he never said the world would end on 21/12/2012. His 'Timewave' theory (an algorythm based on a combination of the Mayan long count calender and the King Wen series of the I-Ching) charts the pits and troughs of time, the troughs being 'Novelty' i.e. ground breaking events.
McKenna found that when he overlayed his graph onto an historical timeline major events seemed to correlate with the peaks and troughs of his Timewave.
What was surprising to McKenna was that the Timewave 'stopped' on this date.
McKenna never gave an answer as to why, because he didn't know. He did however suggest possibilities among them:-
The end of linear time.
A change of consciousness.
A renewal of the order of the universe.
My favourite is the end of linear time, this, he says, could occur if a time machine was invented or completed on that day and immediately we had visitors from the future. He solves the 'Grandfather Paradox' by saying that you cannot travel further back in time than the point of invention of the time machine. Thus linear time goes out the window.
As for McKenna coming to his theory because of a 'trip'? This is an extremely simplistic explanation. McKenna was an accomplished mathematician in his own right, have you ever tried to construct an algorythm?
However McKenna was researching naturally occurring halucinogens and was 'high' on naturally occurring DMT when he was given the idea to combine the I-Ching and Mayan calender into an algorythm, the rest was mathematical hard graft. In particular McKenna was fascinated by the effects of DMT.
This drug has been extensively researched by Dr Rick Strassman in his book The Spirit Molecule. I would recommend reading this book or watching the youtube videos before dismissing McKennas experiences as a 'trip'.


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10 Dec 2012 17:29:17
to the edds whats your take on arizona wilder?

{Ed033's Note - David Icke thinks she is telling the truth. I don't doubt that what she has said, goes on at these satanic/luciferian rituals.

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She sounds sincere edd its the lizard/royal/bloodline connection that is hard to get your head round, and this is from a believer in aliens and ufos.

{Ed033's Note - I see what you mean, it's hard to get your head around the alleged "shape shifting". What I meant was, I don't doubt they still take part in sacrifices.

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Yes no doubt edd totally agree they do human sacrifices .

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10 Dec 2012 17:49:50
Someone posted further down about euthanasia and if the governments do things deliberately regarding jab's.
I dont know if this is a conspiracy but in medical wards when a patient is very seriously/terminally ill and there is an issue regarding quality of life a doctor/consultant will sometime's make a decision to have a syringe driver (I think with either morphine or diamorpheine) for the patient. It is well known in the medical proffession that using this practice gives the patient 24-48hrs to live.
Part of a doctor's/consultant's job is to individually assess wether a patient or/& their family are willing to accept the truth on how unwell they may be and what chance's of survival they may have, some people don't want to know or would like to be made aware that they could well have a good chance of getting better even when there is'nt. A good friend of my father's died just over a week ago who did'nt want to know the truth and was having plenty of private medical care treatment etc. My father who used to be in the medical business asked if the doctor's had mentioned anything about a syringe driver and got told that yes they mentioned putting one in on wednesday of that week for a day or two and he'd be able to go home thursday or friday (from father's friend's wife earlier that week). We knew otherwise and knew he would'nt be home after but sometimes people want to manage thing's their own way. He passed away on the thursday. They can keep people alive for longer period's, cancer for instance can get very nasty the longer it spreads through the system but people can be kept alive so to speak with medical care up to a point.
My mother died 11 years ago from cancer, she asked for the syringe driver at a certain point knowing what would happen and she passed away within 36 hours or so. I was'nt fully aware what the implication's were of what she was asking and just thought it was more pain relief but my father explained around about the same time it was getting discussed and I had time to say my goodbye's for what it's worth.
It is i think painless and get's put down usually as a chest infection or neumonia.
I'm not sure it's a conspiracy but giving that example when a patient is very unwell, in the medical proffession they do know what work's and what does'nt if they want to free up a bed.


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Good and enlightened post supasub, sorry to hear about your mum.

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I think controlled its a good thing, relieve the suffering and all that, personally i wouldn't want to go through the pain, or have anyone i was close to either.

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Sorry to hear that, Supasub. Sometimes, it's those who follow the rules that do more harm.

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Thanks, no worries, It was a while ago now, but the point I suppose I as trying to make is that there is evidence of known method's that are used intentionally but is really categorised as something different.


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Without a doubt once dia morphine is injected to a large amount it will bring on death within 24 to 48hrs. I was asked by my dads nurse back in 1994 did I understand if she gave him this injection it would be the last he had. My dad was already in a coma, he had mesothelioma and had been in an awful state of pain and suffering. I told her we all knew what she meant and to go ahead with it. My dad died 24 hrs later and was at peace thank God. They do it usually with the best intentions of the patient and family who are suffering. It is euthanasia and I for one would take the choice for myself or my dad again.

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10 Dec 2012 16:26:48
Anyone seen the batteries they found in ancient Sumeria? or the clock they found in ancient Greece.. surely there was some intervention for these people to know so much...

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There's some proof ancient civilisations had electricity and were much more advanced than we think, I think they were definitely more advanced than most people would consider in Greece, Egypt and Italy but I'm not too sure about electricity

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They had electricity in bedrock.

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10 Dec 2012 12:38:40
edd33 what is your view on chemtrails?

{Ed033's Note - I certainly do not believe the claim that all "chemtrails" are merely contrails. There's probably multiple agendas going on here and we may not even know the main one. Supposedly someone asked a pilot who was spraying chemtrails and the pilot said that he was told that he was spraying stuff that would help with global warming. From the climategate scandal, we know that the temperature numbers were being altered to show higher temperatures than the actual numbers. It appears that over the past 9 nine years, global Earth temperatures on a whole have actually decreased.

The chemtrails appear to contain amongst other elements, aluminium and barium. We know that barium is used in the medical industry to track certain things within the human body. Is the barium in the chemtrails being used to track us somehow?

The aluminium appears to be falling to the ground and plants/food crops are having a hard time dealing with the aluminium. The genetically modified crops though are aluminium resistant. Is there an agenda to remove all natural plant life on Earth and replace it with genetically modified plant life? Is there then an agenda afterwards to remove all natural animal life from Earth and replace it with genetically modified animal life?

In the Superman II movie, The three Kryptonian criminals say they have enhanced powers because of the yellow light of the Sun. When Superman II was filmed, the Sun emitted a more yellow light than right now. Nowadays the light coming from the Sun is 'whiter'. Is it possible that the increased mental sophistication that all humans appear to have acquired within the last ten years is due to a change in light frequency from yellowish to more white? i.e. do we humans become mentally more enhanced with whiter light?

And if this is true then wouldn't the "powers that want to be" want to limit (if it is possible) the amount of light getting to us by making the sky more cloudy (which tends to happen after spraying chemtrails) and reflecting light away from Earth by spraying aluminium particles into the sky?

Below is a documentary about chemtrails called, What in the World are they Spraying

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Thanks Edd, i wil have a look at the video later on.


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Very interesting but aren't aluminium ions one of the essential things plants need? I probably should know that seeing as I used to be interested in biology

{Ed033's Note - It's not aluminium ions. I said aluminium or aluminium particles by mistake from memory but it's actually aluminum oxide in the chemtrails

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10 Dec 2012 00:10:31
i would like to commend edd33 on the BBC documentary about the two sisters,i have only got round to watching it now,deffo smells like mk ultra plus the sentencing or lack of on two fronts , i know for a fact that if you hit or accidently hit a copper you do not get released the next day and especially after the motorway indecent then her manslaughter plea with both prosecution and defense drs agreeing about her mental state is unheard of ,one thing that also puzzled me is no mention by the police or the show about the other sister being questioned after her sister had murdered someone, i am no detective but if you two sisters behaving like there did and being evasive then one goes on to kill then surly to god they at the very least question the sister?the woman will do two and a half years for not only endangering her own life plus a possible motorway pile up lashes out at a copper then kills a man, you do the maths,it was a good find edd the only thing that lets the program down is the lack of history of the twins , no interview with any living relatives or a attempt to speak to the other sister,were they grew up/school etc etc just to see if there is any classic signs of mk ultra influence,cheers edd very interesting.

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1 word to describe the sisters "DEVIL"


the sister has been given a license to do what ever she wants in the future and use her so called metal health as an excuse!

you make some very good points franky,i suspect there will be some follow up from reporters when she gets out from jail,if their mad enough to get involved.

i would be interested to find out if there is any CULT involved.

i suspect we will hear from these 2 sometime in the future.

champagne charlie

ed033 i just bothered to look at this forum in the last week and i love it,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND I SUSPECT YOU WILL HAVE A HUGE FOLLOWING IN THE FUTURE.

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{Ed033's Note - In the BBC documentary, when the 2 sisters are on the motorway, one sister says to the other, "They're after your organs". This seems the 2 sisters know they have enhanced organs.

Both sisters must have enhanced bodies as one sister has her leg run over by a lorry but still has full upper body strength. The other sister gets hit by a car probably at 50mph or higher and gets up after a few moments totally un hurt.

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Plus no drugs in the sisters system, so we can rule out pcp. i find it staggering the ease the way after treatment one sister goes bk to the usa and the sister who murdered the man never gets sectioned , my mate works at broadoak pysc unit in liverpool , he is a senior nurse and he finds it shocking that two senior drs especially the prosecution agree that she was ill at the the time but she is ok now and is ok to go to a normal prison, the same person who jumped in front of a car then tried to run in front of another car after getting free from the policewoman then hitting herself with a lump hammer in her head then jumping off a bridge on to a motorway, my mate said she would deffo get sectioned and monitored . like i said in my previous post i would love to know about the twins but to me the medical and police profession have done everything in there power to give them both a hell of a easier way out than it could of been.

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Obviously the police know there some kind of scientific project otherwise they would have tried to get some kind of special response unit in straight away

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