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10 May 2012 22:33:05
I've always been a little suspicious about the theory of damage caused through Passive smoking, and something that happened the other day got me a little cheesed off....

Last year When my non smoking wife fell pregnant they asked her if her partner was a smoker (before her carbon test) and after replying 'yes' they carried out the test with a result of 4. Now considering I don't smoke around her and leave the house for a puff I though this was a little high.

My workmate stopped smoking 4 weeks ago by using a government program that gets you free patches at the chemist, he just goes in every Saturday and gets a box of patches and a carbon test. Now I smoke in the vans Cabin everyday with him sitting next to me, and 2 mins before we go in I had a fag.

His carbon test came back ZERO. Wtf!

Ps....we had a perfectly healthy little girl

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Congratulations to you and your family Bowbhoy. I stopped smoking, took up cycling, years back feel worse now. wtf..

red blancmonge

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Have your gas fire serviced and have a flue flow test done.


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Totally agree Red, i quit a few years back and i get more breathless now than i ever used to - not so sure about all this smoking is bad for you stuff. Even if i wanted to smoke now its too expensive

{Ed033's Note - According to David Wolfe, organic tobacco is actually a delivery system. So for instance if you smoke tobacco with another substance, the substances get deep within the body due to the tobacco.

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10 May 2012 21:19:23
Where is the spear of destiny? Are there more biblical or historical artifacts with a mystical presence?

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It's holding up my bookshelf at the moment.
huddz red

{Ed033's Note - There are more well known mystical artifacts such as the Ark Of the Covenant and Shroud of Turin.

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10 May 2012 13:31:24
can someone enlighten me on pine gap in australia, its said that it is to power submarines, how can this be.

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Power submarines?? aint it something to do with ufo's??

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