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10 May 2013 21:56:12
I watched Iron Man 3 earlier and have to say the whole thing with the Mandarin is brilliant. I won't ruin it for people but could this be art imitating life? Love the scene where he jumps for the Liverpool goal.

Captain Needa

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Seen it on fri I also loved the bit with liverpool, also got that same feeling good post

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10 May 2013 21:55:40
came across this documentary about the Syrian war from their side. Obviously it is biased too but it certainly raises disturbing questions about how the western media are portraying what in my opinion are terrorists.

Captain Needa

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10 May 2013 19:01:32
Hi guys,

I recently took place in something called Landmark education.

Now it's been spouted a lot over the internet about it being a cult and how it was 'kicked out' of France. well that is really not what happened.

anyway, basically one of the things it teaches you is how your 'life' has been formed through media, etc.

For me it was £500 really well spent.

So, have any of you guys heard of it/done it. or do you have any sort of opinion on it?

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No m8 never heard of it before, just googled it and the observer done a piece on it in 2003 and gave it a thumbs up, can you go into detail what they do?

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I'm just now looking up what I can about it online. Any information on how you got on with it would be appreciated.

Captain Needa

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For me it was the most transforming experience of my life.

It really does make you understand how we as humans live our lives.

for instance, if I can't trust women it's because if a decision I would have made when I was 3 (or whenever you started not trusting women) about something that happened and basically I would have been living my life from the viewpoint of a 3 year old without even knowing it.

it's incredible.

I would 100% recommend it to anyone. as it's well worth the money.

you do 3 days, friday, saturday and sunday all of which are 13 hour days of a conversation, more of a lecture/sharing talk. then a tuesday evening.

during my "Forum", this guy got up and said that he's been all over the world working with different religions and organisations on life and self improvement. and that Landmark Education isn't a cult but it does a brilliant impression of one. - for me that is exactly what Landmark is. it's not a cult but you get the feeling it is right up until you have your transformation.

so yeah, if anybody is interested in it, then go ahead to a open evening. listen for yourself at some of things that people realize in their lives.

It's only in London in the UK however they have seminars which you can also attend in Bristol, Brighton and London.

The main thing it tries to show you is that your life is just a machine.

your thoughts, emotions, etc. are all part of this machine. and really life doesn't get better, it's simply just the way it is. there's no good, no bad, just the way it is. everything you feel is simply a story that you made up at some point in your life.

It really is just an incredible experience.

Like I said, if you've got the money to spend and you want to see the world and yourself for what you are then give it ago. or atleast attend one of the open evenings.

have a look for yourself on what its like by watching the video in this link;

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Mate if it works for you then fair play, my opinion is we are groomed by our parents on how we react to situations for instance I am a miserable git like my late dad but once I have a few drinks I am a funny f----r and I am a inpatient like my mum who thinks of the worst thing that can happen ( I am a real catch eh?)
so my point is if one or both parents have insecurities about something then do they not pass it on to there kin?
i should undercut landmark, nah seriously if it works for you mate more power to you.
edd is it ok to run a suggestion about the site to you?

{Ed033's Note - ok, run the suggestion please

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that was my attitude before I done it. I was like yeah, sure it worked for you but you're not me. bla bla bla.

but I've changed completely and everything is just so simple and clear.

although, it isn't for everyone :).

Just thought I'd share it and see if anyone had any stories about experiences they've had or heard about :).

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Mate I am not mocking you, this site is for open minded people.

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Anyone get the impression that post was more like an advertisement, rather than a genuine experience?

Will {Ed001's Note - that was exactly my thoughts as well, sounds like someone trying to push a bunch of nonsense to me.}

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10 May 2013 18:10:19
just literally came across this about the madeleine mcCann topic we talked about last week, it claims madeleine is buried 174 meters from her apartment, I won't mention any names in case its libelous.

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I just read that this afternoon also Franky after seeing it on Icke's twitter. Have you watched the youtube clip it links to giving the statement from the couple who were on holiday with them the year before? The more I read about some of these people the more I agree they are involved.

Captain Needa

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It all sounds very weird, why not search this address which has clear evidence and theory behind it but respond to a reported sighting in India. surely the Murat address has way more credibility behind it. I have always suspected the parents and have done even more so since finding out that Gerry isn't the biological father only last week.
Gary, newcastle

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No captain have you got the link mate?

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Here it is Franky,
It's a text video of the statements made by 2 friends of theirs who had been on holidays in 2005 with them. I know people on here have mentioned certain satanic elements to the whole affair so what these people say is interesting.

Captain Needa

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Cheers bud just watched it, its a hard one to judge as its hearsay and you do get people who make sick references to anything even kids, after reading most of the facts and leads it is mind boggling what has gone on and not gone on, one thing that stands out for me if you analyze the mcCanns search for the daughter and the moors victim keith bennet whose mum winnie johnson done everything in her power including knowing 99 per cent were hoaxes she still done it, the two family reactions are like night and day, supposedly something is going to break in the next few weeks about this, why would no parent at least check this villa on the off chance that the body could be there is beyond me, I really can not get my head round that, the people who think the mcCanns have something to do with it are rightly get even more suspicious, I stand by my opinion that one or both of them know more than they are letting on.

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That is a very good example Franky, over the years any parent of a missing moors victim would be glad of any search and dig to bring their poor child back to them.

Captain Needa

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Poor old Robert Murat is going to be well and truly framed for this one. Just what do the mccans have on someone. Why else would all and sundry help them get away with it? Side note friendly with one of the investigating officers from leics constabulary and they have there doubts about Kate but were unable to voice them.

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Just read this article, wow, just wow. always had a suspicion something was odd about the whole thing and it wasn't just a standard chld abducion case, reading this really makes you think more and more about it and what has happened and why.
Thanks for the post. made my evening at work a bit more interesting!

mike c

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Just what do the mccans have on someone. Why else would all and sundry help them get away with it? well mate the only logical answer is it is political, don't ask me how but a cover up on that scale has to be political.

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The McCans are in too deep now, all the money pledged, all the lies told poor old mr Murat is the scapegoat and will be the one going down for it. What is this magic hold they have on someone? Or is it an example of masonary at work?

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I've said it here before, but why are Gerry & Kate so indifferent to the idea of Robert Murat's drive being dug up? You'd think they would be asking the authorities for a dig as soon as possible. It's a small area and it would not take long. If there is anything there I'm sure Robert Murat has nothing to do with it, but it obviously suits someone for the doubt to remain about him. Jane Tanner & Russell O'Brien have been trying to frame him from the start.

The McCanns have refused to take a lie detector test, despite giving the impression to the contrary. Don Cargill, (chairman of the British And European Polygraph Association) said that they came back with a list of conditions that would have been impossible to satisfy.

So they don't think the sniffer dogs are reliable, they don't want the drive dug up, and they don't want to take a lie detector test.

Does that make them seem determined to find the truth? I would love to be wrong but I have never believed a word Gerry said about that night, and I think Kate is terrified of him, and is afraid to sneeze without his permission.


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10 May 2013 10:09:28
here is Adam Kokesh on alex jones explaining his armed march in washington on the 4th of july.

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