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10 Nov 2011 22:20:06
Is bin ladin really dead? is saddam dead??? don't think so. its a hidden fact that bin ladin, sadam, and bush all have a double.
Any views of this Ed?

Azza {Ed033's Note - Saddam definitely had at least 1 double. Typically american presidents have a double. The media kept showing us obvious fake bin laden's that didn't even look like him. To be honest, i don't know whether saddam or one of saddam's doubles was killed. I think it is entirely possible that saddam died a number of years before he officially did like bin laden probably did.}

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10 Nov 2011 21:29:43
Seen a couple of things recently about the Antikythera mechanism which got me thinking a bit.

A device that predates the first known European equivalent (not of the device itself, but a machine of such complexity) by 1500 years.

Upscale and strengthen some of the simpler parts of the Antikythera device and with a reliable, constant power source, you have machine tools or even plant.

I'm not suggesting for a moment the ancients had the latest JCB's or CNC's etc, but they did have the knowledge, tooling and skill.

Imagine if there are more examples of such techologies that remain undiscovered that may predate the Antikythera mechanism....It would go a long way into explaining how the ancients achieved the things they did, that we today can only replicate with modern machines.

If you accept that the ancients were far more advanced than history has told, it makes it hard to understand why or who forced such knowledge to go underground and not resurface to millennia later.


{Ed033's Note - There are some ancient indian texts that allegedly appear to be a type of manual on how to operate the Vimana flying craft. Apparently, the Chinese studied these texts when they were first developing their space program.

The Baghdad Battery appears to be more advanced than it should be according to the main stream scientists. Also the Great Pyramid appears to be an ancient highly technological device.}

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10 Nov 2011 20:21:53
i believe that osama bin laden is still alive i believe the american government are torturing him but i think he is alive because why do they show the film of Saddam Hussein getting hung why did photos gaddafi getting showed dead but not osamba bin laden doesn't add up in my eyes osamba bin laden still alive am 99 percent sure but a bet anybody photos will come up of osamba bin laden when he eventually does die but not dead yet

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The reason there is no photos o Bin Laden is because he prob died 6-7 years ago.
In a cave somewhere in Pakistan.He was rumored to be in ill health with a serious kidney infection back then.

lurgan red

{Ed033's Note - that is the most logical answer.}

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Thanks ed

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10 Nov 2011 11:51:03
Anybody think the recent riots were a blessing in disguise to the government or maybe they even let them happen or had a hand in them them selves. Prior to the riots excessive police force was always frowned upon and the police got a bad rep for it, now the general population want this form of protection and the police can basically use whatever tactics and numbers they want, something they could not do before. There is an excellent saying/statement that is very relative but cant quite think of it now. Can you think of it Ed33?


{Ed033's Note - Yes this is a great help for the ruling class because people now have given their permission for the police to use excessive force and the media helped sell this idea.

The police were told that as some of the rioters were minors, the police persons indemnity bonds would not be protected if they engaged minors so this is the reason the police believed they didn't engage the rioters.

Why weren't the police persons indemnity bonds protected? Obviously so the police stand down and let the thievery/rioting take place to get the publics permission for the police to use excessive force from then on.}

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Listen i think it goes deeper than that,i think some of the rioters were undercover(not police but higher) i am 43 from liverpool , toxteth and was a kid when the riots happend and my mum told me two weeks before it kicked off our kids social club were me mum worked had vistors from down south mostly london for so called work experince(a hell of a long way to travel for work experince) and basicly they wanted to chat to all the kids, and me mum said something didnt add up about them, it was like they were planting seeds in the head of the older kids,so it would not surprise me if a few shepards lead the sheep.

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Wish the police would knock the crap outta some of the little arse holes in page moss and canny farm


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Thats the thing mj they allow it and when its gets to breaking point they storm in and taking our rights away even more, listen if this was happing in a upper class part of london ,dont you think they would nip it in the bud?

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Your right mate...Its pretty awful makes you wonder how much the average man is guessing less than nothing

MJ {Ed033's Note - The average man is priceless but the average person is probably worth whatever the birth certificate is worth.}

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10 Nov 2011 14:30:29
New conspiracy for you:

All conspiracy theorists are actually try to subjevrt the masses away from the truth that we evolved as science states, and world governments are looking out for their countries alone. There are no aliens or moon bases, or lizard people. It is all a crafty way to hide the real truth.

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Actually i think you are the part of conspiracy to hide the real truth, only less crafty

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Have you been to the moon n seen that there are no bases there then? How much were the tickets? can ya get there with budget travel? {Ed033's Note - The funny thing is that there is more evidence that there are moon bases than no moon bases. Same with planet Mars -

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Well then , new conspiracy for you , - think of the world we live in , now think what if everyone told the truth , how many people would still be married , how many people would still be in their jobs , new prisions would need to be built for crime and coprate crime , how many wars there has been where the real truth of why we are fighting , who started it , etc etc etc , now in the interest of fairness you could be right , but human nature tells me something very different.............lfc

{Ed033's Note - I have heard rumours that some of the extra terrestrial races can communicate by thought and they envy us because we can hide our true thoughts from other people if we so desire.}

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Sounds a interesting one ed033 , wonder if its true , would explain a few things about why they interact with mankind a lot , but are they from different star systems , diamentions , time travelers , its a great subject .............lfc

{Ed033's Note - I don't know where they are from but Jim Marrs would probably reply that they are from all of the above from different star systems , dimensions , time travellers.}

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Where enough evidence exists to support "conspiracy theorists"..erm theories, it is their/our duty to inform and correct the wrongs in the conclusions of the "science states"

Cover it up how you like but the truth remains the truth.

So what is the real truth of what you speak?


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Population control by fear and intimidation i think everyone knows that anyway.

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OP has a good point...just exchange "countries" for "corporations" and you're there.


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10 Nov 2011 10:24:21
Imagine this : If dinosurs had not been wiped out millions of years ago and had continued to inhabbit the earth , then darwins theory of natural selection would still apply ? Ok well say the dinos which are just big lizards evolved to maybe a bipedal being as ourselves ,then is it not possible that if this race had a head start of millions of years on us they could infact be more technology advanced than us and capable of interstelar travel ,makin ickes lizzard men a real possability ?

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Erm i think not

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Why not ? whats to stop evoloution from evolving some spicies of dino in the same way as we evolved from monkeys ?

{Ed033's Note - Who says man evolved from monkeys? - Documentary on the mysterious origins of man with Charlton Heston -

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The real question mate is , how old they are , for instance they have found some dinosurs with flesh on them , and blood cells , old records and oral trations in parts of the world talk of these in their history , indeed we have found human footprints along side dinosurs prints in a few places , now you must understand despite all this if it does not fit the theory of the mainstream , all this gets brushed aside , its called mans- stubborness , they build a whole theory on a house of sand , instead of coming to the sane and logic concluision that dinosurs are not millions of years old , more like they started along with man , and all the other animals............lfc

{Ed033's Note - or that human looking people were around millions of years ago. Have you seen the ICA Stones showing humans and dinosaurs together -

Have you heard of Dr. Michael Cremo or read his book Forbidden Archaeology where he and his co-author show evidence man is millions of years old?
Michael Cremo talking about his books:


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that a really good point i'm not sure i belive in lizard men but its interesting to think how dinosaurs what of evolved and where they might off been now
jred {Ed033's Note - People have allegedly encountered extra terrestrials that look reptilian - The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity - The FULL STORY (1/8) - David Icke -

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Ed033 , i dont really know the age of the earth , dont think we can know , but have you ever looked at the whole dating and fossil records , its a sambles , and the most telling thing for me is rock formations , how layer upon layer of mud build-up worldwide can be seen to of happened in a few days , how snails that can be seen alive and then fossiled can be dated half a million years old , it does not add up to me.............lfc

{Ed033's Note - This video has something to say on this subject. The earth is in fact growing -

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Im not disputing or denying or confirming that man lived or was around in the time of dinosurs , all im saying is that if there was a planet that dinos lived on then is it not possible that through evolution of millions of years that they could of evolved to a race similar to our own but more techo advnaced due to been an older race and thus giving them the ability to travel to our planet? {Ed033's Note - Of course, there is no reason why extra terrestrials with advanced technology can't look reptilian.}

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Thanks ed , maybe i should of made my orignal point more clear ,sorry for the confusion .

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You are all condemned to hell, heathens the
earth is 7000 years old, says so in the bible.
I shall pray for your wretched souls.

JR {Ed033's Note - Thanks for praying for us.}

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