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10 Nov 2012 13:07:22
{Ed033's Note - A Project Camelot TV program about the secret space program on Mars was finally aired on TruTV after being shelved for 2 years called Shadow Ops

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Excellent that Ed33.
I have for a long time been of the opinion that there had been ancient civilisations on mars but had not even entertained the notion that there might be a base on it presently.
Isn't it tragic that the masses are kept in the dark?
What would happen if there was full disclosure about everything that was currently being kept covert? How would the human race take it?
We could eradicate, hunger, suffering, give free energy, shelter. Wouldn't everybody be happy with that? Why then are those secret organisations at the top so hell bent on world domination, power and enlightenment? They could still have all that.
At least we know that they have an escape route to another planet when they want to decimate this one!
One thing you never seem to hear about is the quest for the fountain of youth. Surely if these other things are possible such as inter dimensional travel, free energy etc, then keeping those damned ageing radicals at bay should be a piece of pi55 as the saying goes?
Ed's, anybody thoughts please?


{Ed033's Note - The idea appears to be that a few select people who think they're special have everything and the rest of us have nothing

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There's roughly 20 minutes of programme here, once you take away all the adverts.

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Great watch, cheers Ed!


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10 Nov 2012 10:38:24
Something else i wanted to ask.

What are peoples thoughts on the highly suspicious death of Pope John Paul 1?

Killed not long after his election, at a time when there were financial scandels involving the Vatican bank.


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I don't read to much in to it mort,a bit like presidents and prime ministers they are groomed and are clued up how things work there. right daughters 21st party tonight so prob Monday when i will recover and will be bk on here, laters.

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How many would believe the power and wealth in the hands of Nuns?
P2 is the branch that operate within the Vatican, i believe.

the pea

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A pope doesn't have much time in the hot seat anyway. They're at the back end of their lives when elected.

Av a good Franky av a few for me lad


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With the wealth of evidence available its almost certain foul play was involved. In god's name by David Yallop is an excellent book covering this subject.

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The bloke was 65 when elected with no obvious health problems as they really wanted someone who could last a few years. I've been doing some reading including the Yallop book and it seems that he eally was popular inside the Vatican despite being massively popular outside it.

Franky i know your views on all politicians/ leaders etc, but sometimes genuine guys do seem to slip through. JP1 seems to be one of those.


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10 Nov 2012 10:36:17
Something no-one seems to have mentioned but the head of the CIA, General Petraeus resigned the other day because of an extra marital affair. Nothing dodgy in that you might say, makes sense as could be used for blackmail so they say.


Next week he was due to testify in front of a senate committe investigating the recent events in Benghazi which lead to the death of the US Ambassador to Libya.

Its been said that since his resignation he wont now be testifying.


I don't think so.

Any views?


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Yes mort this smells,and if there is any justice they should make him give a statement regardless if he resigns or not or face jail time.

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