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10 Nov 2013 19:17:12
{Ed033's Note - Why we don't require government

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That is one educated man. It's a pleasure listening to his opinions.
Thanks for sharing Ed.

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10 Nov 2013 09:07:27
What do u guys think about number stations? Very wierd. they were used in the cold war to order spies or military operations but I'm not convinced!

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I find them very interesting but I am not too sure about the "mainstream" explanation either. I would think there are better ways to send instructions to spies. On the other hand, I could be simply reacting to being constantly lied to by the "mainstream".

Anyway, three way more imaginative explanations are:
1)The stations are transmitting commands that are subconsciously received and decrypted, on key frequencies, in order to manipulate the masses.
2)The whole thing is an overcomplicated cover up. Alien civilizations are using radio waves to transmit the secrets of the universe and a globally coordinated effort was launched to keep us from finding out.
3)The characters and numbers transmitted are actually affecting the "matrix code" of the universe from within. Every country is projecting their preferred version of reality. Countries opposed to one another broadcast on the same frequencies, in an attempt to prevent the others version from manifesting.

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It sort of makes sense that they still use them as we know any phone or email can be hacked.

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Got to disagree there with you Franky.
Any signal can be decrypted and stored. It makes no difference if its propagated through radio waves or any other way.
All it takes is raw processing power, some efficient programming and a few imaginative mathematicians.
That is why photon, DNA and quantum processors are not available for commercial use. Heard the NSA celebrated the first exaflops capable processor a few years ago.

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To be honest zari I do not know much about this subject and read a link and gave a opinion, I should have read a lot more before I gave a reply, thanks for the heads up on the subject.

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I find tech really interesting, that's why I jumped on it Franky. Didn't mean to sound like a dick.

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No mate we learn something new everyday, I appreciate the info.

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12 Nov 2013 14:07:59
It's more than a little "LOST"-y, isn't it? pea

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Never watched "Lost" myself pea. Would you say it's worth the time watching it?
I tried to read a summary of what the series is about and all I managed to do was to get lost.

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{Ed001's Note - you are lucky mate, it was terrible TV.}

12 Nov 2013 20:58:01
I was curious and I bought the box set. IMO it fizzled out leaving me with the impression they were just making it up as it went along, suggesting great mysteries yet failing to deliver much substance behind many of the plots. That's how it appeared on the surface, anyway; however -

it has occurred to me many a time that there is only one 'story-teller' (not saying I know who, but imagine a "pi'd-piper" rather than a "pied-piper") on Earth, with this in mind I've no doubt that the show is riddled with code and indeed did or does serve a much higher purpose in our 3D matrix reality, and I mean that very much in the context of the 3 possible answers you gave the OP; which brings us to :-

The part relevant to this thread, which is basically thus:- an underground hatch is discovered on the mysterious Island where the show's characters are stranded; in this hatch is a man who's job is to punch in a number sequence periodically thus (as the hatch man says he has been instructed) preventing the end of the world (or collapse of 'reality'?).

I haven't though about it any further than this (consciously, at least) but I absolutely would not write-off the theories behind the Number Stations as 'nonsense' when the most mind-boggling and hard to believe part about them is that "nobody really knows what they are for". pea

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12 Nov 2013 22:40:25
(*punch a number sequence periodically into a computer)

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In fact, I think the number sequence was exactly that; a mathematical code which made the 'illusionary' island/realm manifest. pea

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Have a look at transcendental numbers pea.

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10 Nov 2013 01:14:30
See a few people have posted about something of great magnitude happening soon, starting with the States. Came across this last night.

Military training for martial law one day

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10 Nov 2013 01:10:48
I'm mad into conspiracy, and live all alien talk, but I don't believe this UFO or alien life would be looking to over take us, now if a race was intelligent enough for inter galactic travel or space travel ( what ever it's called ) surely to get to that stage they would need to be a race of higher intelligence hence more evolved than us and thus understanding violence is not they way! so why should people fear contact from other species? if you can travel a cross galaxy's or universes surely it would not be for violent purposes but more likely research or contact or preservation! what does everyone think!

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{Ed033's Note - not necessarily. Allegedly, most ETs races are benevolent but a few are not

All space travel requires are resources and unity of vision.
So by having the consent of a worlds population for using a planets resources and lack of global conflict, space travel should be easily achievable.

If that was the case on earth, we would be traveling the solar system by 1960 and near parts of the galaxy by 1980. That's without taking into account the suppression of science that took place in all the years leading to that date.

Here's a hypothetical scenario.
A parasitic species with hive mentality could be traveling the galaxy, moving from planet to planet, pillaging their resources and eradicating all native life forms.
When taking into account the variety of living organisms present on this planet alone, this scenario is highly likely.

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But can you not argue that conflict actually propelled us forward with rockets, stealth bombers etc.

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