Conspiracy Talk Archive October 10 2011


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10 Oct 2011 19:08:08
If you listen to `Joe Rogan`s` podcast he has a fairly balanced view on Alex jones, in as much as he`s like the American David Ike.
For instance if he goes to the bar to get a beer, he is convinced the bar tender is working for the CIA & he has seen black helicopters overhead, having said that I do believe Alex Jones` rants have more than a little substance to them. Bin Laden being dead for years before the `compound in Pakistan`double tap was announced. In my personal opinion, why would you not take `the worlds most wanted man` in for interrogation when he may hold vital clues to future attacks?

Makes one wonder....

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10 Oct 2011 18:33:21
Nice to see that other people are seeing through Alex Jones, he
steals other people's theories and connections that they have made
and claims them as his own. He also he NO idea about politics
(he claims that Noam Chomsky works for the CIA, a man who has
exposed the system for 5 decades ) or the world outside of the USA.
He gets alot spot-on (well someone else does) but adds alot of s**te
to it. The reason he goes along fairly un-scathed is because he makes
the rest of us look like idiots.
Rant over.
Now go and watch Rob Newmans 'A history of oil' on youtube .

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10 Oct 2011 17:52:04
Some potentially interesting links ;-)

Would be good to know what your thoughts are.


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