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10 Oct 2012 23:36:52
if you can try and watch "the most dangerous man in america" its a documentary about a man called Daniel ellsberg a Pentagon insider that leaked top-secret government papers that disclosed shocking truths about the Vietnam War and Nixon's presidency. in fact he was part of the lies at the start,he mentions that the USA used a false flag lie that USA ships were being attacked which meant the USA could invade Vietnam and the top secret files he copied goes on to tell that that presidents Truman/ Eisenhower/JFK/Johnson and Nixon all lied in some way about Vietnam, you hear secret tapes of Nixon saying to Kissinger "we need something big Henry,lets put a nuclear bomb on them"That, I think, would just be too much," Kissinger replies Nixon replies "does that bother you?" for gods Henry you got to think big" there are loads more i could say about this documentary btw made by a independent group , so no glossing over the facts. if you cant get the documentary try read about Daniel ellsberg who gave up a very high position and a very very good income knowing that he could get sentenced for life for leaking top secret papers , a true whistle blower.

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I'm in the middle of reading The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens and i'm not in the least surprised by these conversations. Kissinger who was a major influence on several presidents was as manipulative as he was cold blooded. Some of his foreign policy decisions in Chile, Laos and Cambodia were an affront to democracy but what really got me was that this stuff wasn't even well buried. So much evidence is in clear view but no action is taken.

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I always thought Kissinger was deep throat, it wouldn't have surprised me.

Ellsberg if i remember correctly was why Nixon originally set up the "plumbers dept" to fix leaks and then excalated into house breaking and witretapping to find evidence to discredit people, specifically Ellsberg. Then bang: Watergate.

Incidentally a lot of people in the plumbers dept were connected to the Bay of Pigs and implicated in Dallas '63.


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Kissinger was cute and calculating , Nixon was a latter day bush evil and as thick as two short planks, he was that dumb he tried to bribe a judge that was in charge of the government v elsberg, he promised the judge he would make put him in charge of the fbi if he complied ,the judge threw out the case and told the world what had happened , that was the beginning of the end for Nixon, hence the wiretaps and the rest is history.

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Check out " why we went" by avro manhattan explains the farce that was the gulf of Tonkin & various dirty deals between the CIA & the Vatican... Kissinger the anti- Christ with a Nobel peace prize

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Franky you do know who Nixon's sponsor was in the 1940's when he first went into politocs and who handpicked him for VP?

Our old friend Prescott Bush afther of George Sr. Nixon had long been on the Bush payroll.

I wouldn't say evil, or even thick. He was quite calculating himself. He was a very paranoid individual though, with good reason given he knew every dirty secret from US foreign policy since the end of the war. Don't forget his role in Cuba, mafia connections, and also JFK. He almost certainly knew what went on there and who. The wiretapping was to find out what Ellsberg knew and to get the dirt to destroy him. These things always tend to escalate when you think your surrounded by enemies.

I once saw a study by some psycological profilers on the kind of personality best suited to the presidency and the comparions against various presidents, the 2 highest scorers were Nixon and Clinton!


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Clinton i can believe ,maybe my judgement is clouded by the wiretaps with Nixon.

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Franky it was a study done by psychologists to find what sort of character traits and personalities would make the ideal president, the highest scorers based against their personality matrix were Clinton and Nixon the 2 most flawed of the 20th Century.

Both of them were pathological liars. Both almost got impeached. Both went on tv and lied to the world. Nixon for Watergate and Checkers and Clinton for Whitewatergate and Lewinsky. Nixon resigned before they could impeach him and Clinton somehow wriggled off the hook despite calls to impeach him.

Clinton was involved in a lot of shady deals and i think the truth isn't fully out there yet.

Nixon was a pathological liar and paranoid, and did a lot of wrong things. But he wasn't the only one to use wiretaps on suspected enemies. The Kennedy's did pretty much the same, its just that getting murdered keeps them from a lot of criticism.


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10 Oct 2012 20:59:01
wasn't it napoleon who said the way to advance civilisation was to shoot all the lawyers?

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Shakespeare: Henry VI part 2

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Smart chap either way.

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10 Oct 2012 10:03:51
Turritopsis nutricula is the Immortal Jellyfish. Has anyone else heard about the "immortal" jellyfish I found this very interesting......also I heard something about scientists trying to somehow get the jellyfish DNA into us to stop us ageing.....

What are your views eds and regulars


BILLY the Chelsea supporter {Ed001's Note - sorry mate, have to cut out the big copy and paste bit, people don't like their work being pasted in on other websites. I left the scientific name in, so people could easily find out the details anyway. It is very interesting, and it is also normal for scientists to look at a creature's DNA to try and find out why they have certain abilities, what causes them and then if they can be recreated in humans. Not sure it would be a good thing to give humankind immortality, the world is already overcrowded as it is!}

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I have heard something about this before that some jellyfish never actually die, if i remember correctly it turns itself back to infant stage or something like that.
huddz red {Ed001's Note - that's it, they regenerate, so to speak.}

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I also heard this a few weeks back, pretty cool.
only way it dies is if it gets beached or eaten?

it think it would be stupid to make humans live forever like this, the population would explode.. but i'm guessing it will only be used by people high up or wealthy.


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The dr who's of animals. i wouldnt be suprised if the top 1% already have something for prolonging their lives so the can screw us for longer
huddz red

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Yes, they are called the royal family!

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Politicians must have found out how to use it, theyve all turned back to kids!

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