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10 Sep 2013 16:12:45
{Ed033's Note - Major General Exposes Official 9/11 story as false

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I agree with Stubblebine's conclusion that an aircraft didn't hit the Pentagon, as I think most people do, but Kate claiming that he is able to prove it is irritating to say the least. I would love to see some proof, but he doesn't present any here.

12 years to the day and I bet if you asked 10 people in the street today how many towers fell on 911, at least 7 of them would say 2.


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Well said Ryan, but you may find the other 3 say "whats 9/11?"


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My friend was in the pentagon when it hit he was rushed outside and he picked up a bit of metal off the plane a plane definetly hit but I don't think one hit the towers


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Your know someone from the pentagon jedi?as for a plane hitting the pentagon this myth could be easily nipped in the bud by a video/phone/camera by the public, thousands were took on the wtc when the missile hit but apart from one security camera which does not show a plane but a blurred missile, working in the highest security facility in the world what is your friend supposed to say?if he/she said it was not a plane?

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10 Sep 2013 13:52:57
anybody seen video on mail online of ufo at a baseball game in canada?

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Defo a hoax/prank, c'mon a blue light on one side and a red on the other! and hovering by hundreds of people watching a game! Probably a remote control model or similar.

Vincent. (1st time post but love this site)

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