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11 Apr 2012 21:13:06
To the ed. do you think the theorie of dr Micheal wolf about us being weened into the idea of an alien invasion is true. He had a big say on what goes on tv and revealed alot before his death. Do you think this will happen and if so what is the best proof of this.


{Ed033's Note - One of the possible scenarios that the powers that be/were have up their sleeve is a fake ET invasion. Sounds ridiculous but they seem to believe that if people thought there was a threat from ETs, we would instantly tell the powers that be/were to do whatever it takes to remove the threat and that would mean the powers that be/were would be given immediate total control in their view.}

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11 Apr 2012 21:09:06
Ed. was watching a UFO doc today called UFO archetype. Was spot on. Do you think the video( is on utube) of the ufos in Haiti are real. Also do you think nick pope just blabs a load if crap about what he knows. As why is he aloud to talk about this kind of thing being his previous job. Didn't he have to swear on the oath. He comes across like across like he wants to blurt out alot of info to me. He was also involved in the disclosure project, so how is he still alive never mind aloud to be involed in these projects.


{Ed033's Note - I don't know about the ufos in Haiti but it's obvious to me the Nick Pope is still under the control of the Ministry of Defence and just gives out total disinfo. I don't know why he gets invited to give presentations at these alternative info conferences. I actually wonder about the organisers of these alternative info conferences.

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The other people who give speeches really mean what they say. Like the pilot who was in this morning a few years ago. He also appeared on UFO hunters.

{Ed033's Note - Yes most other people who give speeches/presentations on the UFO subject are genuine but Nick Pope is an obvious disinfo / controlled opposition agent

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11 Apr 2012 13:58:50
Ed i know this has been mentioned before but i'm still having issues with some posts that i'm posting! Ive posted regarding the star gate about 4 times and also posted something on Nick Pope and that hasnt been posted either! These were pretty big posts so im just wondering if there is a character limit on what i post so i can stay aware for future posts! Thanks in advance Ed!

RR! {Ed033's Note - There is no character limit but if you copy and paste lots of text from another web site into a posting form then your post maybe rejected. It is best to save your long post on your hard drive. That way you can post it again if you don't see it. If you submit something with a link in it, the link maybe checked before being posted which can delay your submitted text being posted. You also have the option of submitting a new post using the contact form.}

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Ive had problems posting on a few occasions but that is due to my virgin media internet p1ssing about.

ED, why doesn't the guy just email you the post through the "contact us" and you put it up for him?

JK92 {Ed001's Note - I don't know, you would have to ask him that!}

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Lol, it was only a suggestion ed! =)

JK92 {Ed001's Note - it is a good one too.}

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