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11 Aug 2012 20:49:15
Deadly Quakes Strike Iran ,de ja vou?

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Huh? what you mean franky (im kinda new to this)


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Japan not playin ball with the financial elite......

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Jk92 my sarcastic remark was because natural disasters seem to happen against countries opposing the western powers (USA),japan/Asia financial power gets hit by a earthquake and the tension between Iran and the western world and a earthquake hits there,could be coincidence or could be haarp?

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So what about somewhere like Haiti then, sure they wasn't opposing anyone. So was that an actual "natural" disaster? Or maybe the more cynical theory is that they tested there earthquake machine?

Saying that though what about Venezuela, their president is anti American and they have oil, yet i can't think of anything happening to them. You'd think they'd sort out something on their own doorstop after all.

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Earthquakes can happen mostly anywhere but the also can be triggered and manipulated by drilling and haarp if you believe some experts,i am throwing it out there,the USA in particular are in a financial mess and owe japan/china trillions of dollars and when the earthquake happened that led to a possible nuclear explosion Asia became very unstable the same with Iran ,it has a massive army and nuclear capability's with a leader who is not the full shilling by all accounts ,anyway what i have read and watched experts have claimed the USA have had this technology for a long time and use it as a warning to other nations, as for other countries having earthquakes it is mother nature,but there is a strong opinion they deffo can be triggered.

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Nicolia tesla's finest work is carried on, such an amazing inventor


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11 Aug 2012 12:21:57
love this site, so much weirdness happening out there. Looking down the last dozen topics people have posted, so random. Yet i feel that most if not all are connected. Maybe not always noticeably but connected in someway.

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11 Aug 2012 02:24:06
Hi Ed

The other day you postulated that the earth is a sort of living organism and reproduces oil. Can you tell me where you came across that please?
Just seems a very interesting concept to me i.e. if it was an organism maybe the oil is a waste or by-product of that?


{Ed033's Note - The russians drilled much lower than any layer of life forms and found a pre-black oil substance which is a redish colour. They came to the conclusion that there is far too much oil and at a lower level for it to have come from life forms. The oil we know starts being produced deep within the earth as a redish pre oil and seeps upwards and turns into the black oil we know. This black oil lays in small pockets closer to the surface. Some people have reported that old oil fields that were considered "dry" are slowly filling back up. Look up abiotic oil on a search engine for more info.

Expanding Earth Theory
Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing

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Thanks Ed. that's incredible.
If that theory is true it kind of throws a load of our teachings into question. How are earthquakes caused? Is the Earth expanding to the population growth? The common theory that countries are invaded/protected due to the oil. What are they really after?

{Ed033's Note -
More on what a change in Earth size could mean according to Keith M. Hunter - interview with Richard D. Hall

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Peak oil is a better and more rational explanation of why countries are invaded for oil. The earth is not able to replace the oil, this other theory of abiotic oil is fairly irrelevant as oil cannot be replaced in a human timeframe, read michael ruppert's peak oil analysis of oil production having already peaked recently.

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I see your point and have read a few snippets on peak oil. It doesn't make sense in the aspect that scientist have found fields filling up again with oil and stocks replenishing. I know it's been refuted with others saying it may come from dislodged deposits or filtered down from above. Too me that just sounds justification.

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11 Aug 2012 00:20:53
Just to add, I've been thinking of symbolism alot lately especially with the Olympics on and those floodlights. I was thinking if there was supposed to be a meaning that I perceived from the opening ceremony it showed alot of history ending with IMO the bright rings of fire possibly representing the elite leaving the land/earth or going up into the sky. (yes I know, probably reading into it far too much).


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11 Aug 2012 00:15:22
Going of on a tangent a bit, but would anyone know how a deck of cards was invented and by who regarding its numbers and symbols? I read somewhere today that points out there is a reason why the Ace is higher than the King and it shows who's in charge.Then obviously i start thinking about the A symbol.
Just a thought........

Supasub {Ed001's Note - they were known in ancient China, so no one would be able to tell you who invented them. They could well have been ancient by the time of the Chinese.}

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