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11 Aug 2013 08:25:44
anybody else think the death of the 3 army men in wales is strange, the 3rd died weeks after the incident with major organ failure. I friend at work seems to think ecstasy or mdma may have been involved or a testing a new drug for super soldiers.

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Personally no I do not think anything was dodgy or they would have not mentioned they were training with the sas, as we know more people die trying to get in the sas than most special forces, the more I think about it I think I reckon there is another special forces that we do not know about as the sas are to public now.

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Well Franky you could be right, they only acknowledged the SBS not so long ago and far as I know they don't mention the SRS much either.


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11 Aug 2013 00:04:57
{Ed033's Note - THE LIGHT BULB CONSPIRACY trailer for film

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I agree with so much would like to see the full video, also what is in the iphone?

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