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11 Dec 2011 23:41:54
Did usa really land on the moon

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Yes as an indian satellite took pictures and thwe stuff the yanks left are still tehere!!

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Not when they say they did, but may be when they didn't say they did

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Ermmm....Yes they did!
Why lie?

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Why lie? at that time there was a space race with the russians and the usa had to get to the moon before russia,am not sure if its fake or not, its 50/50 to me .

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How do the We Didn't Land On The Moon believers and the Aliens Watched The Apollo Missions believers get on with each other? A conflict of conspiracies, surely?

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IMO this is just one thing that conspiracy theorists want to be true.

I'm reasonably open to conspiracy theories but none of the reasons given for a fake moon landing make any sense or have any logic.

The moon. {Ed001's Note - whereas for me, the lack of shielding on the Apollo capsules makes the likelihood of them being able to make it through the Van Allen belt extremely suspect. Also the cameras the astronauts used had no kind of shielding to protect them, I am not sure how the plates would have survived to bring back pictures. So I have to say I am extremely dubious about the Apollo program being real.}

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Agree with last post/disagree with ed

{Ed033's Note - My take is that the moon video is fake and produced on Earth because they didn't want to show what is really on the moon. The super deluxe moon pictures in the glossy magazines are fake and were produced on Earth because it would have taken too long to set up a photo shoot on the moon and extra lighting was required. NASA could have got to the moon using 'black technology' from the secret space program which is separate from NASA.}

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12 Dec 2011 17:34:53
I watched a good video explaining about this on youtube and it did make me believe that usa did not land on the moon. First how can the amercan flag wave like it did on the moon wen there is no atmosphere on the moon. Why wasnt there no stars in space on the footage. Also why did people connected to nasa mysteriously die. And lastly there is more technology in a mobile phone than wat there was then

{Ed033's Note - Pity you didn't add a url link to the youtube video.}

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Why wont they show the moon?? what is actually there ed? i just assumed its whats in the rocks and oh craters...... is there a theme park??

{Ed033's Note - The Brookings Report that was agreed by all governments says that any evidence of an extraterrestrial nature shouldn't be shown to the people of the world. Below is a documentary that shows some of the evidence of an extraterrestrial nature on the moon.

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Allways baffeled me tho, why they or no one since has landed on the moon!!

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Sir Patrick Moore is an honorable wonderful man, I couldn't nay wouldnt think he would be duped easily or would he fool the British public, than man is a national treasure.If he Say's we landed on the moon , then quite frankly we did!

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Why have they not visited us?

{Ed033's Note - Patrick Moore has taken the piss multiple times out of people who say ETs are in this solar system by using the "little green men" phrase. I don't believe a word the guy says but of course we have gone to the moon.}

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Why have they not visited us though?

{Ed033's Note - Ets have visited the Earth and are visiting the Earth. If you look into the animal mutilations evidence you may come to the conclusion, this has to be non-human activity. There is more evidence of ETs visiting Earth than just the animal mutilations issue.}

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No proof though, im one of the annoying people who will beleive something if its seen with my own eyes

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11 Dec 2011 23:41:02
Hi, wat is it about some airport in america shaped like a nazi sign and has strange paintings and underground tunnels

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There is denver airport which has strange murals and masonic endorsements

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Thats the one

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it's not an airport it's a naval base in the us.

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14 Dec 2011 00:23:32
denver airport watch the video on youtube also shaped like swastika with underground base, murals depicting every country being gassed then handiing over weapons, any1 else think chemtrails n a deadly outbreak of swine flu in near future lol ?

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11 Dec 2011 23:13:35
go on and watch a video about a ww2 veteran who exposes crooked judges and what happens to him when he trys to lift the lid about it a disgrace.

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{Ed033's Note - World War II vet, Norman Scarth trying to expose crooked judges -

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11 Dec 2011 20:43:36
in 1945 in Berlin the Russians supposedly found a load of Tibetan monks all dead, laid out in a ritual circle having all committed suicide, all dressed in SS uniform and all wearing green gloves.

Has anyone else ever heard of this?

Bit of a head scratcher.

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I'm not being a duck here. This is a serious question.

If they were in ss uniforms, how do you know they were monks? If they were not dressed as Tibetan monks, how do you know they were Tibetan?


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Ok been oing some digging. heres a lengthy one on the links

I agree with Len's question, but there seems to be so little on this topic, its almost mythical. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this and what they thought.

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Len yes good question. I can't remember what the original article said and will have to look it up.

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