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11 Feb 2012 11:17:34
Hi all. I had allways thought of Holocaust denial to be hate of jews. Recently I read some scientific evidence that stated why it couldnt have been done (walls werent blue, chimneys would have killed surrounding people, people moving boidies would have been killed, ariel recon photos etc etc... ) knowing as I do these days about the corruption of the super elite its made me wonder if it was at all possibe that it was made up or at least very over exagerated ? Just wandered what peoples honest thoughts were on this touchy subject ?


I have spoken to guys who were in the war and liberated the camps. You are talking rubbish my friend.

It happend alright mate, to jews, romanys ,socialists and communists, not to mention gays and and the mentally ill . People should be wary of thinking all jews are in support of Zionist led Israel, look at the work of Noam Chomsky , Howard Zinn and Norman Finklestein
It is very obvious to most people on here that that Zionists use the holocaust and and anti-semetic card at every given opportunity but they can't label the likes of the men mentioned these things so they came up with term "self-hating jews" !
It is a deppressing irony that the ( bogus ) state of Israel ,is now run by facists and the palestinians are the new jews.
ED would it be possible to put a bit of footage of of Finklestein putting down the th zionists face to face? it's both admirable and amusing.
Cheers JR

Yes Im well aware of the growing Jews against zionism movement, and im not talking rubbish im just saying that I saw some facts and figures and scientific evidence that thows some doubt on actual numbers and methods thats all. You say you spoke to a lot of soldiers who liberated these camps, Im to assume these are all Russian and in their mid 90's ?

The 'gas chambers' which have been shown to tourists for years were built by the Soviets, and the head of the Auschwitz museum admitted this, also the idea that Jewish 'trusties' pulled Jewish bodies apart after gassing is ludicrous -- the gas trapped in the clothing would have killed the trusties in about 30 seconds. These are just a few of the many things in the forum I was reading, I by the way dont doubt that they were mis treated, starved even killed, but Im starting to think it was over exagerated to sway public opinion before Israel was born a few years later.


People that moved the bodies usually were killed, they happened to be fellow inmates!

They went into the gas chambers naked, they were made to strip beforehand. So much for knowing the facts!

No the British liberated Belsen and the Yanks found Dachau, whilst these were not extermination camps conditions were fairly horrific. I suggest watching the Band of Brothers episode where they found a camp or read the book for the veterans thoughts.

Thought this might be a touchy subject, I'll remain open minded about it as I am about 9/11 and why our soldiers are occupying countries in the name of peace at the same time as building gas pipelines in them. And for the record, I dont gather information that sways my thoughts from Speilberg Tv series, as good as it was.


No you gather information from dodgy holocaust denial websites rather than something that was made based on veterans testimony from when they happened to find such a place, all i said was go watch it to see what they had to say on it or go read the orginal book which was pieced together with interviews from the surviving veterans and came out years before the tv series.

Or go read the accounts of British vets who were at Belsen, go study the photo's or read the surviving inmates testimony.

Im 48 my Dad would have been 88 ( he died just over 25 years ago) He had friends in the "Fellowship" an X-Servicemen's organisation which I believe is still operating today. In the late 70s I met many of these X Solders of WW2 . These were ordinary guys from the North East of England Miners,Shipyard workers men from all walks of life. Some had been at the battle of Arnhem. My Dad was at Tobruk, Serlono, The 1st wave of D Day and fought all the way to Berlin. My Dad a Painter in the shipyards before and after the War . He saw horrors we can only dream about in our darkest night mares. His friends I met were from all different regiments, some had been captured by the Japanese. My Dad saw the camps and knew people who were there at their liberation. Special diets had to be given to the Inmates of these camps as they couldnt eat certain whole foods it would have killed them. My Father's generation are disappearing with each passing year. ( the last person to serve in WW1 just died the other day, a woman who was 110 years old, the last serving man died last year from that conflict) It pains me and shames the honour of these people who gave so much when I read what has been written at the start of this thread. What ordinary folk had to go through to defend their/our way of life from tyranny. The thought and content at the start of this thread is shameful. Do your research properly and bow your head in shame for the insult you have cast to those who fought true evil.

They went into the chambers naked because they were told they were having shows to delouse them!

Well said un-named poster!


Well said the unamed poster about his Dads stories. Had similar talks as well, some right horror stories.

The only reason I looked into this stuff was because one of the tenents in the houses I do contract work in is in his mid 90's and was in as he put it intelligence during WW2, He's the most gracious and clever old guy ive ever met and can speak fluent arabic and Russian. He was explaining to me about propaganda being the biggest weapon during those times as they didnt have tv and net etc and He was watching RT and told me to start watching it ! It was he that told me "look son it wasnt as bad as they like to say it was.....they would still be burning 6 million bodies now" Im confused, maybe he was a double agent lol!