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11 Jan 2012 18:28:21
Oh dear looks like the the Yanks have been at their old tricks again eh, another Iranian Scientist blown to bits in Tehran. Suprised they've got any left to enrich their Uranium,


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Actually mate i personally think it was the Israeli's. Didn't one of their head military geezers only yesterday say that Iran should expect some odd events in 2012?

Also does anyone think that their just going to sit back and let them build a bomb when president thingy says he's gonna wipe them off the map?

Course they wont, the Israeli's are a law to themsleves, they know they have little support outside of America, so they'll just do what they can to slow it down.

I'd expect to see a few more over the next couple of months and it'll be the Israeli's behind it. Mort

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Yeah your right mate, either them or Israeli Zionist's, different heads of the same snake.

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Another fool spouting Israeli propaganda! I wish people would really research and find out for themselves before quoting lies and disinformation. That's how the zionist elite rule us, with lies! President
Ahmadinejad actually said " this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time." It was actually an older quote from the late Ayatollah Khomenei.
{Ed033's Note - Yes, allegedly the main stream media lied again when they said the translation of what Ahmadinejad said was "wipe them off the map"

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Or maybe the Iranians are at fault. Maybe the scientist was not working quick enough. And was killed as an example to the other scientist (the soviets did this all the time) The Iranians knew mossad would get the blame

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It was a suicide bomber with a degree.

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Ok first off Bep there was no need for the personal insult, you get further in life by being polite.

Ok so he quoted Khomeini, but look at the quote, "vanish from the page of time" basically a different way of syaing wipe them out! You can certainly take it in that comment coming from an extremist like Khomeini or Ahmadinejad.

i'm not a zionist or even support Zion. I was merely pointing out to Sooty that it was my opinion that the assassination was carried out by the Israeli's rather than the American's as the Israeli's have more to gain by it as they are the ones with most reason to fear an Iranian nuclear program. This is reasonable supposition. They certainly didn't hang around back in the 80's when Iraq had a nuclear program, and i don't think they will hold back now, they'll just go about it in a more sneaky way.

I'm not supporting them just presenting an opinion based on logical analysis of the public facts.

Have a nice day. Mort.

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Ok mort sorry for the insult but I disagree with you. I think the statement meant he would like to see the end of zionists running Israel! Of course the spin doctors in the west lie to demonise Iran.
Another thing mort, you state Israel has little support outside America, are you joking!! Do you know that in this country
the three main political unionist parties labour,conservative and lib/dems have organisations within each party called friend of Israel which roughly 80% of mps are members of.

Regards Bep.

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Bep, i'd heard of them but didn't know that that many mp's were members.

I should clarify that i meant support within the United Nations. For example, in the security council the US would support them, we would as well, but Russia and China would not.

I don't think Iran are innocent in all matters though and have spent years stirring stuff up so its all got to come to a head at some point. Mort

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Mort look up the top ten oil producers in the world, you will find Iran has roughly seven times the oil reserves of the America! Donald rumsfeld the 21st Secretary of Defense from 2001 to 2006 quoted "it is not the fault of America that god put Americas oil under other countries", that Mort is why America will demonise Iran to then attack it!. Remember the west formented a war between Iraq and Iran which a million Iranians died, they and the west armed Iraq... Regards Bep.

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True Bep but if Iran has that much oil then why do they want a nuclear programme? They've come out and said its not for weapons its for power but why if they have so much oil? I've never bought that explanation, so to me it is for weapons.

Ok you can argue that its to protect itself against the yanks, but its just destabilising the whole region even further and its already pretty unstable.

Also there maybe an effort to demonise Iran but i think they are doing a pretty good enough job of that on their own really without any outside help.


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11 Jan 2012 15:52:58
{Ed033's Note - Lloyd Pye got himself mixed up with the Star Child Skull as originally he was going to write 3 books on "Everything you know is wrong".
Starchild Skull 2010 DNA Result - Evidence of Extraterrestrial DNA?

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How come this hasn't been on the news or anything?

{Ed033's Note - The Brookings report recommended that anything of an Extraterrestrial nature should not be shown to the world population and all the governments agreed with it.

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Ed, was this proved to be an alien? or has science just dismissed it? i think i remember watching something else like this where a skull was found in peru which was very big and long, could all these be alien skulls or just different types of ancient humans?

{Ed033's Note - science just dismissed it. It appears that the cone head skulls from south America are probably Extra-Terrestrial. The star child skull is probably Extra-Terrestrial and we humans allegedly contain Extra-Terrestrial dna.

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