Conspiracy Talk Archive July 11 2013


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11 Jul 2013 19:33:23
video on the american police state already here

This makes 1984 look like a bit of light reading. So many tie ins from 911 onward. You can clearly see why they want the country to give up their guns.

It's not too late?

I'm afraid it is too late for our American friends. That country is ruined already. And it will continue to get worse.


Never to late ryan that is what they want you to think, all it is going to take is a watergate moment then it is game on, it will not be pretty but things like this are never are.

That is scary s***…There is 315 million people in America, it’s not too late. Not yet anyways

Come on guys. Anyone capable of objective thought can see that that video is a load of s***. I got about 7 minutes in before I realised It was probably made by a couple of Bible Belt Americans with a anti gun control agenda.

I would like to know why you think the video was bs.