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11 Jun 2013 21:31:38
Hi eds was just wondering were you see the world in the next 5 to 10 years do you think we will all be at war and also what do you make of the spying being done by the Americans?


{Ed033's Note - I don't see ALL of us at war but there will probably be individual wars going on here and there. The economic situation will imo continue to get worse and that will bring problems of it's own over the next 10 years.

I think the spying/monitoring of individuals will continue and increase because as long as people think governments have lawful authority (when they are de facto), then the NWO will continue to get governments to increase the control structure.

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11 Jun 2013 19:54:57
i have just seen this in a tweet and find it a interesting subject, we have only seen ourselves in reflections and pictures and some scientist have a opinion that we would not recognize a clone of ourselves because our perception of ourselves is different from what we look like.

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What about identical twins which are reunited after never seeing each other? They recognise themselves.

Red Rout

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I can not speak for twins I am just saying it is a interesting subject.

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Interesting thought Franky. Bit of a head scratcher. Would you get on with your clone or would you be too similar :)


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It is an interesting subject & I don't think Frankys trying to say u would look completely different Twins are more than likely going to be similar but if someone who looked exactly like me walked past I probs wouldn't think anything of it if I even noticed. I think there's truth in that the minds a great thing I've seen myself think I look well then other days say I am one ugly bass it's probs all down to self esteem & self confidence probably before anyone wants to call me ugly my mum says I'm handsome Haha LOL

Rise & Shine

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Weird thought put a clone of me in a lavish lifestyle then I could a right ----k, I think how you are brought up has a hell of a lot how you are.

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Fortunately we'll never see a realistic clone of ourselves so mute point really

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Cloned sheep years ago mate and it would not surprise me at all if black projects have been cloning humans so not a mute point in my opinion.

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I've heard a saying simalar to this and maybe its partly were it has came from! basicly it says if you want to know how you actualy look take a picture of yourself as when your look in the mirror your only seeing a reflection of what you think you look like! the mind plays funny tricks, when I look in the mirror I see a hansone 18 y/o strapping mountain of a man looking back! i'm nowere near 18 anymore and have never even been close to being handsome, and hey some would even question if I was a man lol. I said the state of mind plays a lot over how you think you look compared to how you actually look!

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Haha nice 1

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One mans meat is another mans poison. I think your tweeter could have a point Franky, its all about perception.


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11 Jun 2013 19:40:16
Wonderd what people on here think of mandella now he's on his last legs, he'll always get brownie points 4 standin up against racism and opression, but with the failures of the anc and his general advocation of violence, to me he seems just as brutal and corrupt as the apartheid regime. Thoughts?

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Totally agree

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11 Jun 2013 22:15:09
His wife was a really nice person too.

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Yeah it was terrible the way he advocated violence against all those nice white South Africans who have been there since time began, and were just minding their own business, never bothering anyone until the black people just arrived out of nowhere and started to destroy their way of life. Ryan.

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So Ryan, if fighting fire with fire is the right way to go about things, shall we start burning mosques after the Rigby murder, or is it only the white man who can be blamed en masse for the action of a few?

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If you want to burn a mosque that is up to you, you certainly shouldn't do it to honour me, no name. Ryan. {Ed001's Note - I think you are clearly missing the point Ryan. Violent reaction makes you no better than those you are reacting against.}

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I'm not missing the point at all Ed001. If you try to invade and colonise another nation you shouldn't really expect the natives to welcome you with open arms. They will resist and they should resist. What would you do if some foreign force tried to invade Britain tomorrow? Ryan. {Ed001's Note - no one is saying that, so again you are missing the point. Perhaps it is a little subtle for you, the difference between say Ghandi and Mandela.}

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I kind of agree edd but everyone has their breaking points, even thou I am pretty mellow and chilled feller drunk or sober put me in a situation were close family ie kids/sister or mum are in danger and I could honestly say I could kill, just playing devils advocate. {Ed001's Note - that is in defence, not taking a fight to others, totally different thing.}

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To ryan from original poster: the anc necklaced and murdered any political opponent, so no they wernt as discriminatory as the aparthied regime in their murdering, just thought i'd post because as soon as he dies the worlds 'dignitaries' will give chapter and verse on what a wonderful monument to justice and liberty he is. please don't mistake me for a bigot :)

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I shal personally be upset and saddened when he goes (which I think will be this month unfortunately) As a white south african I admire and respect how he stood up and fought for what he believed in, destroying our oppressive last regime. Unfortunately again, that it was taken over by the next regime which is inept and unconcerned about the cultural problems we face every day, they seem to want to make the divide bigger instead of healing. It seems everyone nowadays wants to rule with the same playbook!

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What do you know about South Africa Ryan. If you knew anything at all you would know that the koh San are the true indigenous south Africans. The current mob came from central Africa an nearly wiped them out. Then the Dutch and then only the English.


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Good point jonesy, and your right about self defense but what I meant to say was for example,
a pedophile has abducted a family member then he molests but she gets away after the attack and alerts the police, two years down the line after a court experience he gets 9 years, he does 4 and back out in the community were he is spotted by a friend who rings you and says the perv is living in a community were they do not know he is a nonce, by the way in those two years the very close child is not the same child she was and is no longer the same happy child, I will admit I would at the least make sure he never walks again and at the most kill so you can class my hypothetical actions as premeditated and I can sort of understand some of these jhads (not the religious nuts)the ones that have had their whole family wiped out by a western missile and want revenge.
maybe that's just me and some of the remarkable families that have to deal with children go missing or molested and know their attacker are hell of a lot stronger than me.
by the way this is also a devils advocate question.

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12 Jun 2013 12:36:09
The rumour was that Mandela went to prison for, amongst other charges, throwing a hand grenade into a full school bus. I heard Alan Watt mention it, i've heard others ask about it, but i've never been able to confirm this myself. Anyone else heard this, or able to shed some light on the matter? pea

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@brisvegas I think you'll find the Portuguese were the first Europeans to settle in SA, subsequently Dutch, French Huguenots (de Klerk is a descendent), Germans and British is varying numbers.

As well as the Khoi-San or Khoikhoi, you also have the Bantu, Xhosa (Mandela's tribe), Zulu, Ndebele, Sotho, Shangaan and Venda to name a few of the tribes that can easily be described as truly indigenous.

But to the original poster (I don’t think you’re a bigot, you’re just offering an opinion which I respect), I see Nelson Mandela as an activist who in the end believed he could not end apartheid by peaceful means alone, and it was ultimately the Sharpeville massacre that was the catalyst for the formation of the MK. It had a similar galvanising effect on the black community in SA as did Bloody Sunday in Derry. It was an inevitable reaction to a senseless slaughter of 69 peaceful protesters. That doesn't make the actions of the MK right, but the

That is why Mandela symbolically chose Sharpeville as the venue for signing the new constitution in ’96.


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1400s was when the 1st European came 2 the ape of Africa. The natives were the kho san, who eventually died ot due to exposure 2 exotic diseases from central Africans and Europeans. Since then the Europeans changed everything, whilst economically it was for the good, sociologically it was a mess. The Europeans placed the non white natives into a lower demographic. Mandela acted with the right intent but totally wrong practice. He was a naughty boy who used violence against predominently innocent people in order 2 get at the elites in the country. I didn't celebrate him as an activist but for what his aged self represented, and that being redemption, progress and humility.

Howeverthe people around him that made up the ANC, were piss poor and have run the country into the ground, Europeans have a knack of making successful civilizations on a tertiary scale! So imo if South Africa wants 2 grow it needs an infusion of European know how.

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Generally speaking, terrorism is the wrong answer to the right question.


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I find it funny that some of the posters actually think they know anything about africa or their history, National Geographic doesn't show all.
While I completly agree that most or the majority of rulers in Africa are corrupt, don't forget that Europeans leaders are even more. Fact is had Mandela not tried to fight apartheid, today you would still see segregation, blacks would not still be allowed to vote or have any rights, this is what Mandela tried to change and not create civil unrest, unfortunately the only way was to fight against opression, something that I guarantee that if any of you had been in his shoes would have done the same if not worst. Mandela was never an angel but he is a simbol of peace.
He cannot be held accountable for what the current leaders are doing.
Lastly to the poster who said they need European know how to run the country. just stop thinking you would the world a favour. Europe is at its worst state and if you really believe that any of europeans are fit to run an African nation you don't know what are you talking about.


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I have great admiration for the man because of how he dealt with the end of apartheid. It would have been easier to show hatred towards those who oppressed them but instead Mandela advocated non retribution, considering both blacks and whites as part of and being S. African. Maybe his time in prison tempered his extreme violent streak. As for the posters who claim violence was the only way. In my opinion 2 far greater contemporaries of Mandela faced the very same difficulties (if not harsher at times), yet neither ever advocated any form of violence. Both Ghandi and Martin Luther King are the greatest examples we have ever seen on how to 'fight' oppression. I know the dignitaries across the world will laud and praise Mandela after his demise, but, a lot of this will be down to collective guilt. The majority of the so called democratic nations across the world stood idly by and never denounced the situation in S. Africa. I remember here in Ireland in the early 80's when supermarket workers forced the Irish Government to take a stand. People like you and me refused to work at their jobs in stores where S. African produce was stocked, because of how black people were treated. Only because of losing money did the supermarket chain, and to an extent the government, eventually side with the workers in denouncing the situation there.

Captain Needa

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Gibsy21 that is a colonial ideology if I ever saw one "we need European know how" Thanks, you guys can keep your Bushes, Obamas an Camerons this country is screwed up enough, africa doesn't need another control freak we have enough! they would literally rape this country and sell off our resources to their NWO buddys. We might become right but in 5years would go bankrupt (is that not happening in the west), atleast our corupt presidents are entertaining, look at Zuma he's damn comical to watch, and does his corruption in the open with his buddys an holmies. Not hiding in some snake hole trading with some lizard person (tongue in cheek)

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I respect the man and also have one of his sayings tattooed on my arm


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11 Jun 2013 15:14:18
Anyone got any opinions on the Jeremy Bamber case. Well before my time but stumbled across it today, with some of the new evidence it seems remarkable to me he's still in jail. Possibly another Birmingham 6 situation?


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I was a young teenager I think, I remember bits about it but as a kid you never take any notice.

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Not too sure what I believe with this one. the evidence is against is circumstantial and his own family albeit adoptive family provided the evidence against him ie weeks after the murders had taken place they found a silencer in a cupboard. they then inherited everything.

also, the police apparently ballsed up the crime scene and moved things about. which they deny, but then again the police do have a history of lying / changing events to suit them / cover their own mistakes.

Basically, if he was to be prosecuted again today for the same crime would he go to prison? Probably not as the silencer would not be permitted as evidence as it was found by family members who stood to inherit everything weeks after the murder and the call to the police would have been recorded.

The prosecutions case was based on the phone call that was made to him and that there was no blood on the handset and that there was no record of the call to the police, although the defensive team argued there was evidence to the contrary.

I would say he would not be prosecuted today/ would be found not guilty which would equal a massive miscarriage of justice by any standard.
Any other thoughts on this. ?


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11 Jun 2013 10:01:25
Hey folks what's peoples opinion on cancer, do people think its man made etc, I'm only asking as when I was a kid I never heard about cancer and I'm in my 30's now and I'm seeing it everywhere both my grandparents died months apart from it, has it opened my eyes to it and that's the case or is it better detection that's highlighted or is made made and used to control the population, I might be wrong here but I sure I read somewhere that we have the cancer gene in us all the time and something happens and it switched on, anyhow cheers

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11 Jun 2013 14:09:14
i don't think cancer itself is man made but I think we've had an effect on it increasing. It seems to have rocketed up in line with technology. More technology equals more cancer. Especially since phone technology changed. Maybe someone found out how to switch the gene to active? So man made no. But taken advantage of, maybe. Mort {Ed001's Note - I don't think people quite understand what cancer is. It is just a natural gene that has altered to be harmful. So some forms of cancer will be caused by contact with technology, yes. Cancer itself is not man made as such though, it is just something that the human body is affected by that can be caused by man.}

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There's doctors and scientists that believe it was man made to reduce the worlds population. I don't have any links to back that up but maybe ed33 will kindly share some knowledge on it.


{Ed033's Note - It was always here but very rare but it's become man made now due to all the carcinogens in substances, lifestyle etc. Of course there are treatments that work. The elitists go to certain hospitals, where they can remove it and stop it. One hospital is in Tijuana in Mexico.

Edgar Cayce successfully gave someone a tonic which was a successful cancer treatment and then a guy called Harry Hoxsey was given Cayce's tonic recipe by his Hoxey's father and started successfully treating people using the tonic and opened up a clinic in Dallas but the authorities shut him down so he moved the clinic to mexico

Dr Tullio Simoncini says cancer is a fungus and treats people with a common anti fungus substance.
Dr Tullio Simoncini part 1 of 3

Dr. Robert Beck says you can clean your blood to treat cancer

Dr. Burzynski says people with cancer have a low level of a certain substance which he gives as a treatment
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The Gerson Miracle, and Dying To Have Known, are two fascinating documentaries on the subject. Both are on YouTube Pk. Ryan.

{Ed033's Note - Yep, thanks Ryan,

Below is another - Rick Simpson's Run From The Cure documentary

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I was thinking about this today. I don't necessarily think that cancel was man made, don't think against that argument either, but I certainly think a cure is and has been obtainable for a long time. But just think what it would mean if cancer was cured. The population growth. Less funds for medical sector, advertising campaigns etc. Less money being feed into 'charities'. More smokers.

I just think if you can produce a pill for a girl that makes sperm ineffectual, you can cure cancer 15 years later.

Melbourne CFC

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I agree with Melbourne there, cancer isn't man made, just radiation & other things that weren't around 200 years ago are now present in our daily lives which cause mutations. There will definitely be a cure for cancer around now, but there's too much money in treating it and failing for drug companies for them to release the cure. That and the world population would absolutely sky rocket!

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People have been dying of cancers for thousands of years. Cancers sufferers where rarer in the past because medical records did not exist and the population was greatly reduced. With the increase in population comes a noticeable increase in faulty genes. Find and fix these genes and mankind could easily look to a lifespan of 200.


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11 Jun 2013 15:42:15
i don't think cancer itself is man made but I think we've had an effect on it increasing. It seems to have rocketed up in line with technology. More technology equals more cancer. Especially since phone technology changed. Maybe someone found out how to switch the gene to active? So man made no. But taken advantage of, maybe. Mort

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11 Jun 2013 16:28:17
Ed that's what I was trying to say just don't think I explained it very well. It has been around for a long time just very rare. Its growth is a twenty century phenomena. And what's different between now and a century or two ago? The increase in technology. I think someone either by design or accident found how to activate the gene to cause harmful effects and seeded modern life with the activating agents necessary. Chemicals or radiation or whatever. Mort

{Ed033's Note - Yes, "dirty" electricity and the wireless technology affects our bodies in a negative way

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Cancer is actually a bacteria

The italian doctor guy is wrong!

Although Fungus does contribute to Cancer

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10 Jun 2013 23:38:49
Long time reader 1st time poster! Ok, so ill get 2 the point. So child abuse etc has been in the media heavily recently, so I decided 2 look up historical cases of this sick practice, 2 see if its a modern thing due 2 conditioning, or a consistent presence.

Eventually I was led to Bohemian Grove references in the bible, which detailed evil child sacrifice at a giant statue of Molech. This occult practice then led me to Hitlers sacrificing of illegitimate kids 2 harness some energy he believed existed in them.

The rux of my post is, the nwo, illuminati etc still pracrice these things involving kids and when someone speaks out or becomes savvy they are removed. Reference an article recently of a woman tv worker who was warned by Jill Dando of certain behaviors in the higher echelons of the establishment. Was she about to blow possibly the biggest whistle in British history?

What do u guys think?

{Ed033's Note - Obviously, child sacrifice and pedo on a mass scale has been performed by the elite i.e. high priests/royalty behind closed doors for 1000's of years.

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I think the mass public would be absolutely shocked if they found out how high it goes up and I do not mean your old age z list celebrities think about the most high profile people with power and a percentage of them in my opinion would have killed children as well.

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As ed033 says, this practice has been going on for thousands of years within all establishments. The amount of children that go missing throughout the world, never to be seen again, is quite staggering.
The number of cases that get to court has increased dramatically since the 1980's because the subject is no longer ignored or swept under the carpet. Attitudes have changed and people are prepared to speak out. It's an outrage that the politicians that have been implicated seem to be untouchable when it comes to the law, they should be treated the same as you or me. And I wait for the day that a certain 'family' are also brought to justice for such evil deeds.
I haven't seen anything about Jill Dando though, you got any links for that please Gibsy21?

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Religious or not, anyone can see that children represent the purest form of human.?. (4 the most part). So why would anyone want to devour/destroy this purity? i'm not a huge David Icke fan but he makes interesting points about the elites on this issue. Out there! But interesting none the less.

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11 Jun 2013 09:23:10
Maddie macann?

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Maddie is a child abduction case that the whole world knows about. On the black market she would be worth a lot and would be too recognizable. You have 2 remember pedos love anonymity, so personal exposure in terms of trafficking would be too risky. She would also have been leaked onto the deep web etc and undercover operations would have got on the trail.

Im all but certain there is no material involving her as its the money involved for her return is too tempting for everyone 2 keep their mouths closed.

This girl imo isn't with us anymore, and the reason for this is again imo, occult related.

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11 Jun 2013 18:28:44
Look at one of the major stories in the bible. Abraham and Isaac. Then look at Moses and the Twelve Plagues of Egypt. And Herod's slaughter of the innocents. So there's religious precedent of infanticide in human history. What if the true explanation is somewhat different to what's written. And carrying on from those examples the elite have done it down the centuries.

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Wheres a link to this jill dando article about higher powers misbehaving

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