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11 Oct 2013 22:10:28
Regarding the music industry as Geordie Al was enquiring further down the page, I happened to notice Liam Clancy lay it out quite succinctly in this clip.
You can start at 1:56 to get straight to the point. pea

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11 Oct 2013 21:02:22
Anyone been watching the new series of Revolution?

Without spoilers for people who like it I won't mention what it is but it's worth watching the first 3 episodes to understand what i'm getting at.

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Yeah watched it and it looked it was going to be a good show, I lost interest after episode 6 or 7 but your right it sort of mirrors what will happen in the future.

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I was on about season 2 Franky.

You should watch the first 3 episodes, you would know what i'm trying to get at straight away.

I don't want to give any spoilers away as it isn't out in the UK yet.

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No mate I have not, might check it out thanx for the heads up.

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11 Oct 2013 17:52:53
I found the following interesting, it is an advert for the magazine but explains what the government may do if / when the country goes bankrupt and what the real state of our finances are.


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Good post jonty, I have said for a long time that things will get worse a lot worse and in some ways it takes that for change, do not get me wrong it will not be pleasant in fact scarey but it will be the only thing to wake the sheep up who think they will alright, it will not matter a jot if your a chav from a council estate or a millionaire from west end of london, we could have avoided all this if we did what iceland did and said no we will not pay the unjust bank loans back, I think around 2016 all of this will come to the fore, america is bracing itself for martial law and its definitely coming here as well, this is when the masses will wake up so its not all bad.

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Yeah read that earlier, bit worrying really.

Franky the masses may wake up but I doubt they'll be in a position to do owt about it.


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Mort if things are dire enough it will happen, south america is a prime example in the 1980s were the people had enough, I posted a oliver stone documentary further down the page on here "south of the border" and the problems they had like recession/rising taxes/people losing their homes etc is happening here and will continue to get a hell of a lot worse, I think we all agree that its a matter of time before the dollar completely collapses and implodes and the day that happens watch what happens here!

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11 Oct 2013 13:19:35
Hey Ed, why didn't my post pass the review stage? Was it too long?

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{Ed002's Note - Some one will get to it.}

11 Oct 2013 12:29:25
If any1 has any links on the history of the Royal family or the history of Christianity then please post them for me.

Id like to get to the core on both subjects.

Many thanks

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Here is one about royalty, geordie, one of the regulars posted this a few months back and I saved it, very interesting, sorry religion does not interest me.

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Cheers franky, ill watch it now. Surprised religion doesn't interest you though.

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What I meant by religion does not interest me is I find other subjects more interesting even though religion is one of many layers connected to subjects I am interested in.

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