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11 Sep 2012 22:02:09
Hiroshima deserves more respect than 9/11

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I accidently clicked agree to this.

They deserve the same respect in my opinion.


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Hiroshima and Nagaski saved millions of lives, it was a shame that it came to that but sometimes, relatively, few must die so many may live. Expected U.S. casualties for invading mainland Japan were in the millions, not taking into account the Japanese deaths that would have followed. The Japanese did ask for it the rape of nanjing ect. They were the aggressors in that war. We were at war with Japan.
Andrew {Ed001's Note - neither saved lives, the Japanese had already agreed to surrender, they were haggling over details. Mainly that the Japanese did not want to give up their Emperor. Again you are talking brainwashed nonsense fed to people in order to perpetuate the lie that either bomb needed to be dropped. They were dropped because the Americans wanted to test them, no other reason. Obviously it has also escaped your notice that they took millions of lives, people are still affected by the aftermath now. Also, to say the Japanese were the aggressors only tells half the story, it forgets that they went to war with the USA after the Americans invaded Hawaii. Hawaii had held a referendum to decide whether it wanted to become a part of Japan, the USA or not. The Americans found out that the vote had come out in favour of Japan and invaded. They were just as much the aggressors in any war with Japan.}

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I forget the photographers name, but basically there was a guy who documented some of the victims of the bombings with his photos and it was really horrible to look at. Truly disgusting what humans do to one another.


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11 Sep 2012 19:07:25
We all know how long TPTB have been surpressing and attempting to hide the real truth about the Hillsborough disaster. Then finally, the families long fight, to get previously unreleased documents out in the open has been won, and tomorrow they can finally view all the files on this tragic event......but what happened today?

A coach full of young people travelling back to Liverpool crashes mysteriously, killing 3 people and badly injuring many more. The coach company is called MerseyPride.

A tragic co-incidence, or something more sinister?

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Incredible your train of thought! Enough said.

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My daughter knows one of the injured,sadly he had to have both of hes legs taken off,he is in a stable condition ,i will say a prayer for the kid and everyone else on this terrible accident.

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11 Sep 2012 16:09:16
Any1 remember when Tony Blair was giving evidence at an Inquiry and a man burst in claiming he was a war criminal that got paid millions from JP Morgan for sending troops to Iraq?? Has any1 got some good links to that Conspiracy

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It would massively explain how he can live such a lavish lifestyle. Also how he can afford to pay £millions for private armed guard police protection!

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*previous post by Jag_reddog

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All former PM's get police armed guard protection until death

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Plus his wife made a fortune defending illegal immigrants

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The guy who burst in is a friend of mine on facebook, add him if you use it, he's called David Lawley Wakelin, he will happily talk to you about it himself if he is online, also he has done interviews search his name on youtube etc. Someone posted about the Lord Blackheath video a few days ago, I urge everyone to watch it its only 10 - 11 mins long and will open your eyes wide. Its funny how JP Morgans name came up in that aswell. The original JP morgan was considered to be one of the richest men in the world and a main funder of the 1st world war


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Hey Matt_RFC I posted about lord blackheath other day and about Rothschild's I seen you said you replied bout it never got through could you post again your view on this be good to hear different perspective, also worth watching is video of Christopher story and speech he gave before his death on European corruption it's real eye opener


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11 Sep 2012 10:51:27
i think one of the worst conspiracies is the cost of things. Rip off britain. It comes to something when you can hop on a plan to new york for a holiday, do some sight seeing and at the same time do your clothes shopping for the year and spend a lot less than back home. Then you have the furniture companies. Particularly the sofa ones. Although the bed people aren't far behind. With their "amazing" offers. "originally 1299 now down to 499" do you not think you were overcharging to begin with? Yet people swallow this. Total scandal. You don't see the French or Spanish taking that sort of thing.

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I'm not sure about France but I'm from Spain and I can tell you now they have exactly the same sorts of things as us in terms pricing and then reducing prices.

The Moon.

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Furnature companies like DFS and car comanies like the carcraft are officialy finance companies, they have no interest in you walking into their store and paying in full for anything they are selling you finance through a product


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To the original poster.... Clearly you havent been to Europe lately... As a frequent visitor to Spain, France and Portugal i can assure you ALL pay more for there Fuel (except disel slightly cheaper) ALL pay more for grocerys and clothes... Your completly wrong to think Britain pays more than mainland Europe... Maybe 10 years ago but certainly not now.

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We have been to Greece lately and their supermarkets charge 3 times the price for milk, bread and marg! Wine and drink in general were slightly cheaper, washing powder cost a lot more. Strangly , some smaller shops were cheaper than the supermarkets.
Fresh fish, fruit and veg were, how ever, mega cheap and were of superb quality from local markets . Many peeps out of work and benifits and free health care stop after a year out of work thats including all percriptions!! We are very lucky to be here in the UK!! I just wish we had the same weather as Greece!

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11 Sep 2012 10:03:04
Now that our golden summer (of distraction) is over... Has anyone got any predictions or gut feelings about possible events which may shape our social, economic, political or indeed spiritual future? (Doesn't have to be all doom and gloom) Mine is that we wake up very relieved on Dec 22 2012 and have a good Christmas...


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Sometimes the US pres likes to have a war or big matter of concern going on whilst its the big election. Thats later this year.......


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