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12 Aug 2012 21:36:21
The "newspaper" clippings on the closing ceremony sound quite cryptic

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The Phoenix! I think the Phoenix has links to the nazi's and freemasonry. Also can mean a new beginning from an end.


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The theme of the games was to inspire a generation, so it was a sort of out with the old in with the new

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The pyramid shaped lights with eyes all around the top of the stadium, the strange cone shaped hats worn by the cyclists with pet shop boys. Also at one point a pyramid was built right in the centre stage, very ritualistic feel to it. On another note the brazil bit was the best part of it i thought. J staff

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To me, I think the phoenix only represents the great fire of London and London rising from the ashes, nothing else.


{Ed033's Note - the phoenix is obvious. It's a new start, i.e. zion, a new Jerusalem

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Building a block Pyramid & Morris Dancers.. all symbolic aren't they? Illuminati symbolic isn't it?
It was a decent enough ceremony, but it made us look like we're stuck in the 60's musically.

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Did anyone notice that the weather has been quite nice for last two weeks as well, this is britain it doesn't last for more than a week. strange.
huddz red

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Love it, love it,

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When they built John Lennon's face my first thought was the "face" on Mars.

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The trapezee lad on fire was from the cover of a Pink Floyd album. Wish You Were Here was playing at the time.

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12 Aug 2012 00:55:40
Hey guys and eds, what do you guys make of the theory that the Annunaki seeded this planet creating us as a slave race long ago?

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I wouldn't look at it as an impossible theory. What is more certain, is that due to the different ethnicities on our planet, there appears to be interference at a DNA level by different alien races. If we all evolved from the same ancestors then from the beginning of mankind to now there should not be such a difference in how the human race looks.

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Of course there will be differences, thats just basic evolution, different races evolved to survive in different climates and enviromental circumstances.

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Humans did not evolve to survive in different climates, through time there is only a loss of genetic information , leading to the skin being dark or light or somewhere in the middle, think of a photocopy , as each picture gets took the image fades- due to a slight loss of information, evolution is a fairy tale for adults , my guess is our gene pool has been tampered with by human -like races like us from other planets, solar systems , take the eye for a example of so called evolution , it had to be there from the start and working on most humans , animals , or did we all run around blind bumping into each other trying to take a pee for 1000s of years, think about it.............lfc

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That was my point Tom. Some scientist now recognise that the races are TOO different for them NOT to be genetically modified as mankind has not been around long enough for us to evolve so differently.
Either that or the human race is MUCH older than we're told.

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Lfc.....The eye would have already evolved (in many different forms) before the first land-based animals appeared. Homo Sapiens first appeared (as far as we can tell) around 200,000 years ago and have since spread out across the globe. Natural selection/Evolution is a continuous ongoing process and the differences we see in humans from different geographical regions today is a result of these processes. Before people could easily travel the world, they would generally stay in their own countries and breed with similar people, thus propagating the genes we now associate with race.

Bill {Ed001's Note - yet that doesn't explain why there are African countries that have character traits that would normally be called Oriental. People travelled the world far more than the nonsense we get taught in schools. They were clearly trading freely between Egypt and South America in ancient times. There are many other examples of trades between areas that we are told barely interacted. Where there is trade interaction, there is almost certain (99.99999% probability) sexual interaction and breeding as well. So I fail to see your point holding water regarding propagating genes etc.}

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Exactly Ed's we all know what sailers are like, i doubt it was any different a few 1000 years ago.

On a serious note i think the got the maths wrong somewhere. We've supposedly existed in this form for 200,000 years but civilisation is what 12,000 years old, so what the heck were we doing for 188,000 years? Therefore there have been previous civilistaions like in the Mayan and Hindu texts. {Ed001's Note - there is plentiful evidence of previous civilizations, it is all circumstantial though, it is a very difficult thing to prove, especially when you have to fight through commonly held beliefs to prove it.}

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Thats the thing Ed, if this civilisation has taken 12,000 years to build then easily we could have had similar or better say 150,000 years ago. Might have taken 50,000 years to build but taken hours to destroy. 150,000 years later what would be left? Organic material would have decayed, so would the buildings etc. Its only going to take actual physical evidence to prove it not circumstantial puzzle work, but nothing tangible is left. Who knows, maybe even "aliens" could actually be descendents of the survivors monitoring things? {Ed001's Note - I have often wondered if Neanderthal Man, and his much larger brain capacity, were actually just the leftovers of previous civilizations. Homo Sapiens could have been a more aggressive mutation, much better adapted for a world following the breakdown of civilization, which then crossbred with Neanderthals to create Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Probably not, but there is evidence that the two existed together and interacted, so it could be possible. Trouble is, you can come up with thousands of possibilities but it is virtually impossible to rule any out due to the lack of evidence either way. For all we know, Neanderthal could have been humankind's creator, they certainly had the brain capacity to be super intelligent beings, given the time to develop that we have had.}

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Anythings possible Ed, maybe one day we'll find out. {Ed001's Note - I hope so, I hate not knowing things, my ambition in life is to know everything!}

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Ed 001 I share the same ambition maybe there is a name for this craze!


{Ed033's Note - Yes, it should be called, omniscientitis (from the word omniscient)

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Not everything Ed, certain things aren't worth knowing, your brain probably couldn't hold every bit knowledge.

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You never know my friend the mind is limitless but time is mans greatest enemy


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11 Aug 2012 23:15:16
Are there any good books on the cross pollination theory about the beginning of human life?

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