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12 Aug 2013 21:47:05
My wife's favourite show is on now, families reunited, based on adoptions from the 1950s to 1980s. With all the adoption scandals, perverts, they cherry pick the happy ending stories, I wonder how many they could not show?

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12 Aug 2013 20:30:13
if the skies are clear tonight were in for some shooting stars according to the weather people

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12 Aug 2013 20:28:28
Rennie Harlin is making a movie called The Dyatlov Pass, based on a true story, sounds very interesting. Has anybody ever heard of it or any idea what happened to the guys that died.

F. T. E.

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Yeah I wrote a post on it a few years ago, I would recommend typing it in YouTube there is a documentary about it. Very mysterious ufo connection.

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Looking forward to this film to see which direction they go with it, ufo, big foot or some other way, I read some reasons as to what happened but not all, some say ufo's had something to do with it but I think the hypothermia that set into them sent some of them crazy, having said that I remember reading that some if not all tested positive for radiation.

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Cheers guys I'll check this out.


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Very good, Demon Possession maybe?

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What it does not mention in the documentary is the closest village to dyatlov pass a few people that night seen strange lights hovering above the pass, that could mean ufos or black projects.

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Not sure but wasn't there a test missile not far away.

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12 Aug 2013 16:26:23
{Ed033's Note - There were giants in the earth in those days;

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Why would the toes be so small in comparison to the foot? It can't be erosion as the guy was saying the overhang at the top was from when the foot was lifted out.


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12 Aug 2013 14:35:23
Hey All, Eds, Just want to run something by you all that has been bugging me a bit. Some of you know about the nuggets of information giving by the movie industry, such as Sandy hook etc. Well I was watching I am Legend (Will Smith) a few weeks ago and I noticed during one scene where he is hunting deer, that there is a billboard advertisement for what looks like to me a Batman and Superman movie. And surprise surprise guess what movie is now in production, yep batman and superman cross over, due for 2015 I believe. just wondering if any of you noticed this and if so what are your thoughts on it. Does it mean civilisation is about to fall, are we being warned?

Cheers Garbo

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{Ed033's Note - In the run up to 1000 A.D. people thought it was going to be the end of civilisation / end of the world and people have been predicting it ever since and appears they will do until it actually happens (not any time soon, imo)

Sorry Garbo, think your looking too much at it. The whole Superman/ BatMan get together has been a geeks wet dream for years.

The Justice League first appeared in DC Comics back in 1960, and given the rash of comic book movie adaptations over the last 2 decades at some point it was always going to happen.

DC have been slower than Marvel (mainly because most of DC's characters suck apart from Bat Man) but now their going for it.

The Will Smith I Am Legend was 6 years ago so maybe just a good guess by the film makers, or a guess or one of those geeky things directors like to do. Tarantino is always doing stuff like that.

That said, if your right I will pop on and apologise as long as the powers still working and no zombies have broken into the bunker.


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{Ed001's Note - the Batman/Superman film has been planned for years now, before I Am Legend was done. It was planned before the Dark Knight series was made, and it had been floated around for a few years before then. It just took a while to get backing, but I would bet the producer/director or someone involved in I Am Legend would have been the one trying to get backing for it. No doubt it was seen as a subtle way of pushing the idea forward.}

Cheers Mort and Eds,

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