Conspiracy Talk Archive December 12 2011


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12 Dec 2011 13:39:42
It looks like the French have fired the first shot at Syria, accusing them of being behind the recent bombing in lebanon that killed five French peacekeepers. Sounds like their trying to build a case in the media for intervention. Now i know us and the yanks copped a lot of stick for iraq. Mainly off the french. But just recently the french are playing catch up very well what with first libya and now syria.

Do the french have the money for a war?

Maybe not have the money, but a country (like the UK) who make arms, this is a manufactures dream.
We (and everyone else) are in a recession a war if run right will make money ! Sad but true.

How come Libya happened the way it did?
because the us/gb couldnt fund it because you and the rest of the world owe the real terrorists (the bankers) so much money)

Yes the French kicked up a stink over everything else, then they were the ones who pushed for Libya. Obama only jumped in when someone mentioned oil.