Conspiracy Talk Archive February 12 2012


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12 Feb 2012 09:05:09
Can i ask what peoples views are on this lake in Antartica, Vostok, odd.....

{Ed033's Note - A large magnetic anomaly is there possibly meaning there is something non-natural there such as a buried city under the ice?

Do you have a link to any information or video clips on this ? cheers. {Ed033's Note - I'll have to reply to this post later.}

No fly zone, 20 years diging, very secret about all goings on - the initial announcement then nothing, no pictures or anything. UFO or Nazi technology supposedly in this rea during war. Very suspect. Also isnt there a map infamous for detailing all of this 15th century i believe but was a map of land under all the ice, something they couldn't have known back then and it was proved to be very accurate..... {Ed001's Note - the map you refer to was a copy of an ancient map made in the 15th century. No one actually knows when the original was made.}

Is this anything to do with the piri reis map in Fingerprints of the Gods?

stee {Ed001's Note - yes.}

I have just read up on the Piri Reis map, that is very ineteresting, have you heard any theories on how that was possible, its mind blwoing that in apprx 6,000-4,000bc 'people' had the ability to draw such a detailed map that we can only comfirm by technology years on.....defo something dodgy with this one. {Ed001's Note - have you heard of Hapgood's earth slip theory? That is probably the best theory I have seen to explain a number of phenomena, such as the Great Flood. But it would also explain how it could be possible for technology to have regressed.}

The reason the security is pretty tight is because the lake could be 15 to 20 million years old and the scientists are being very careful not to contaminate it as there might be unusual types of life that has remained untouched ....just a thought

How old are the sea's mate since when have scientists gave a crap about preservation if they did they wouldnt cut down the rainforests


Yes Hapggood is the best theory around, i would recommend anyone looking up a book by Rand Flem-Ath that first introduced me to Hapgood, and he has a good theory on the Flood, Atlantis and how certain sacred sites around the world all tend to be 10 degrees away from each other if you move the prime meridan to Giza. he also think Atlantis is in Antarctica, that its the ebst fit for Plato's description. Really check it out guys. Mort.

Antarctic Lake Drilling Race Nears Close as Russians Drill Through Ice

They found a Stargate


Not sure about a stargate but i do believe that atlantis or a lost city or a life form is the driving force behind this race to get there first, 20 years to uncover a lake just seems a little weak to me, i might be somewhat naive on this matter but surely there is more to it....