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12 Jan 2012 22:48:58
Ed, do you think that with the TV shows being made today, that we are being prepared so when things finally happen we will be more blasť?
Shows such as V, Eureka, Stargate, Warehouse 13, fringe and the like push the boundaries of science and other phenomena by putting it out there.
From what I've read on some of the black projects and revelations recently, your layman would think that it was straight out of one of these shows.


{Ed033's Note - The main stream media was always all about occupying peoples minds with nonsense entertainment and getting people to think the way the ruling class want people to think i.e brainwashed with wrong information. If you approach a lot of people with the alternative information i.e so called "conspiracy theories", they may think you've been watching too much science fiction TV.

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12 Jan 2012 19:40:24
I think its imminent this year extraterrestrial disclosure will take place but I don't believe its gonna be from the most incontrol goverments. China has for the last 10 years been highly interested in achieving a space program and they have advanced much better than "NASA" did in its first 10 years not just of current technology but because of the correct fields they invested in. They specified all areas which will conclude thoroughly all their questions and ours, where instead NASA throwed citizens money to their benefits and only released to the media what they believe is enough.
China just recently agreed with India on a huge investment to build the worlds biggest and advanced telescope in Hawaii. I hope this can lead to the disclosure and finally our race can know some answers with realizing how we've downgraded ourselves because of living materialistic and accepting all lies presented to us.

Ed love to read your thoughts on if an extraterrestrial disclosure will happen this year.
Thx Eds, your work is amazing. John

{Ed033's Note - Personally, I don't think disclosure will happen this year or for the foreseeable future unless it is forced upon us by the ETs themselves.}

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You have a point since its been the perfect situation all these years for the people in power by hiding the truth so why change it, but don't you think its a statement by China building this telescope to NASA and competing with it. China did say that their utmost goal of their space program is to answer the question if we're alone. Maybe some in-the-know people in their goverment or other goverments are starting to oppose what others are trying to achieve. I know its a longshot idea :) they recruit perfectly but mistakes happen.

Thx Ed for the quick responce, John

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Another side to it, the disclosure of E.T's could be used for a timely bit of hysteria,, sort of 'E.T's are coming, do as we say and youl be fine', Any mass riot/hysteria, religious or other could be used to enable a police state pretty much unchallenged. Cant wait to see how it unfolds good or bad, but i too think its imminent


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And to O.P, i think every major government is already aware we're not alone mate, i think theyve sort of tied there own hands tho, cant really admit theyve lied to their people for decades about E.T's, when they do announce it theyll claim E.T's as recently discovered due to these new space programs. These new space programs are a LOT more advanced than big telescopes and trying to initiate contact. May sound ridiculous but i dont reckon we're too far off from inter-stellar travel


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12 Jan 2012 19:01:26
ED033 whats your opinion of the royal family and other "noble families" of the uk and europe?

when you look through history every monarch of this country has been related by blood - even henry vii was related to richard iii through edward iii and william the batard and harold were cousins - when you go back far enough they all descend from households around europe and arabia as far back as the romans and the greeks (and presumably the egyptians)

any thoughts on the royals and illuminati being interwoven?

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly the royalty/illuminati believe they have the divine right to rule because they originally had extra ET dna compared to the original "worker slaves". But the genetic intermixing between the original royalty/illuminati and the original "worker slaves" means that we are all now allegedly almost exactly the same. The royalty/illuminati obviously do not want to acknowledge this.

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There all a pile of inbreds i think lol

Irish Red

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12 Jan 2012 12:01:08
ed33, what's your opinion on most of these conspiracies that we talk about on here.

do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?

do you believe aliens tampered with our dna and that Egyptian gods are infact aliens?

do you believe in the illuminati?

do you believe in the crown corporate city of London?

(sorry for the huge amount of Q', just wanted your opinions as you seem to have a lot of valuable knowledge and know what your talking about.)

{Ed033's Note - Yes to all above. And I have stated more on these subjects in the past on these pages

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I'll have ago as well.

9/11 - I am slowly coming around to the view that yes it could well have been an inside job, either entirely or in tandem, there's just too much suspicious evidence mounting up.

Aliens & dna, i don't know, science was never my strongpoint, but it sounds plausible. Regards Egyptian gods, i would say that all Gods in mythology, Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Roman, Norse etc etc were aliens, there is a lot of supporting evidence.

Illuminati - there i think is a more difficult thing, there's only half truths and whispers really, nothing thats 100% concrete. But then again thats the point of a secret society, to be secret. So i would not say no i don't believe in them, just that i always read very carefully anything that pops up with their name in. Same again with this crown corp thing.

I'd suggest having a search through the site for ed33's video links if you haven't already seen them.

Thought i'd jump in and offer a regular readers view.

{Ed033's Note - Ok thanks Mort. I agree take a look at the available evidence and make your own mind up on things.}

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No worries, Ed i'm currently wading through the electrical universe thing further down, agree on the explanation for the mythology, its very plausible, and does offer a unified explanation. The science bit is trickier but as i said its not my strong point. Proving it is going to be hard i'd of thought. Mort

{Ed033's Note - The electrical universe crew have a new video out on how planet mars got its "valleys" and craters and it's through electrical discharge between planets. I'll add it on here soon.}

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Yeah think there was a link to it at the end of the one i was watching. Is there any more on that one cos it was episode 1? Mort.

{Ed033's Note - Symbols of an alien sky part 1

Symbols of an alien sky part 2

Symbols of an alien sky part 3

Symbols of an alien sky part 4

Symbols of an alien sky part 5

Symbols of an alien sky part 6

And the new video about Mars:
The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars -- Part One

The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars -- Part Two

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Thanks ed i watched all 6 parts but i think that was only 1 episode over all?

About to start the mars ones. Mort
{Ed033's Note - Yes, the 6 parts was 1 video.}

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Well the mars one was interesting.

Think he said that it could have happened very recently, maybe 10000 years ago not billions as previously thought.

Also i think it puts to rest the whole pyrmids thing as he explains those away as well.

But where did the lighening come from?

{Ed033's Note - It's lightning discharges between planetary bodies. Maybe you need to watch it again. Also did you watch the first video in 6 parts, symbols of an alien sky?

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Sorry Ed i sound thick there don't i.

I've watched all 6 parts and both the Mars one's.

I know its a discharge between planets. What i meant was how does the planet create the discharge? Is it me or does he not explain that very clearly? I got the bit about planets, comets etc passing from negative to postitve electrical fields, so does that create the plasma stream? Like because the planets positively charged and it hits a negatively charged electrical field in a different part of space its starts off a stream?

I've said a couple of times, science was never my stong point. Its interesting few video's but think you good a decent understanding of some of it.

Also if Saturn, Mars and Venus were all closer to Earth and visible in the sky like he says then what what happened to knock to millions of miles away instead of presumably hundreds of thousands of miles?

And if he's right on these lightening storms being responsible for all the damage on Mars, and that it happened much more recently rather than billions of year ago then that changes the whole ball game. He does explain how you can get pyramid shapes in the rock so i think he's killed that one off maybe.


{Ed033's Note - Do you need to understand the science fully? When planets come close enough to each other, because there is an electrical potential difference, and because of the way this galaxy operates, this electrical potential difference needs to be cancelled out, hence the electrical discharge between planets.

I don't know about what shifted planet saturn but if you're clued up on your greek and roman mythology, they say that zeus/jupiter came along and sent cronos/saturn away. Maybe planet jupiter was not originally within the solar system and became attracted by the sun into this solar system and caused planetary rearrangement changes in the solar system.

Allegedly the annunaki/dogon tribe, nommos story of ETs coming to earth has these ETs first going to planet Mars, then later because of the Mars catastrophe, they came here. As they maybe responsible for the building of pyramids on Earth, if they had enough time on mars, they may have built some pyramids on mars before being forced to leave. However this ET group may not have been able to live on the surface of mars and may have stayed underground, so may have not built pyramids.

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I think it does help a little to have a decent enough understanding when trying to explain it to someone else, i'm trying to sell this place to someone and i think mars maybe the way to do it. Also i think you get more out of it if you can talk yourself through the theory so it makes sense. I'm not going to be running off and writing a book on it, but it just helps me make more sense of things if i can talk myself through it. I should have paid more attention in phsyics.

I like the Jupiter theory, i'm sure i've heard that before somewhere. {Ed033's Note - Ok thanks.}

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