Conspiracy Talk Archive January 12 2013


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12 Jan 2013 09:09:56
Hi eds and everyone else. What are people's thoughts on Kurt cobain being murdered? I remember at the time of his death in the coroners report he pulled the trigger with his big toe but in photos you can clearly see he had his shoes on and to me making it impossible to do so. That just being one flawed report in the case, so I'd love to hear other folks thoughts on it please ?

Ross. {Ed001's Note - I don't actually know anything about Cobain, other than not liking him or his music, sorry.}

Lots of interesting things about the Cobain suicide. One theory is that Courtney Love had paid somebody to have him killed, or that it was someone close to him who killed him. That's what the private detective Tom Grant thought, who was hired to investigate his suicide.

There was something else as well. In the green house where he was found it is rumoured that there was some kind of 'Dream Machine', that he was said to have used.

Apparently the finger prints on the shotgun had been wiped as well.

Saying all of that, he was a total drug addict and armed with a shotgun - which is never a good mix!


What's baffling as well is that he only has a small bullet hole to his head in the pictures, a shotgun would have wiped his whole head away..


Another thing, his body was found to have an incapacitating level of heroin in his body, this should have made him unable to fire the gun.


12 Jan 2013 17:34:11
ok some interesting stuff there, certainly worth investigating, could even make a good theory out of it. But i have one question key to any murder case. Motive? Motive usually gets you the who.

The main conspiracy motive is that Kurt was divorcing courtney love and she couldn't accept she wouldn't be so financially stable. Also she's supposedly a sociopath, her ex boyfriend spoke about how she would write lists of things to do to achieve fame and obviously without Kurt she was less interesting whereas if he topped himself she would and did get endless media attention. Not really followed the theory but i'm a fan of Nirvana and this kind of stuff pops up on every other documentary


Probably murdered for the same reason Whitney Houston was killed, because they were worth more dead than alive, Whitney's agent is quoted as saying that to her.