Conspiracy Talk Archive July 12 2012


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12 Jul 2012 21:54:34
if someone told me that the government would even consider service to air missiles for a sporting event in this country i would say bulls--t, even if there were so called threats, what are they going to do blow part of london? guaranteed if they bomb somewhere it will be a rundown part of london that prob needs redeveloping it deffo wont be chelsea or westminster.

{Ed033's Note - not only do they have a surface to air missile system but they have a sonic cannon as well if the spectators decide to riot at the olympic games.

Is the sonic cannon the same thing as they used in Seattle for the World Trade Organization rally?

{Ed033's Note - Yes, they must be expecting the olympic games spectators to riot. Obviously that has never happened before but this age old planned Zion / New Jerusalem ritual they have got planned at the olympic games can't go wrong.

Well London is deffo a place to swerve,the thing that gets me thou edd is there is no uproar about the thought of missiles being deployed and to me there is something that is staged and is going to happen there, is it just me that thinks if you arm the london rooftops its not going to be for show?.

{Ed033's Note - I think that they don't want anything to disrupt their zion/new jerusalem ritual but other people seem to think that they are going to do more than just a ritual and they are going to create a false flag "event" as well. We'll just have to wait and see.

Obviously surface-to-air missiles at the olympic games is ludicrous but an uproar isn't going to happen because of the predictive programming that the people are being subjected to. Most people really believe they are independent terrorist groups about.

The residents of the flat the missles are going to be stationed on did try and oppose them. But they got over ruled and theplans for the missles are going ahead

I thought all this false flag stuff was bs tbh but lately the way things are panning out on the news with lack security and and the motorway thing im not so sure now' im starting to get the feeling something strange might happen, maybe i need a new tinfoil hat?

cantona's legal team

I agree edd the people of post 2000 are basically clueless, growing up the 70s as a kid the people demonstrated in on the streets what they did not like, now its like the system has knocked the stuffing out of the majority .

Yeah heard an interview with a man undercover at g4s said they have 200,000 plastic caskets ready each can hold 4 bodies. Have to say i do have a feeling something will happen and all the illuminati/false flag stuff seems to be making more and more sense to me. With The amount of security they have, if something does go off will definitely be government like 9/11.

Note to cantona's legal team, you dont need a tinfoil hat. After 911 and the obvious controlled demoilition, nothing should suprise you any more what the global elite can cook up.


Guys, I am all for conspiracy theories and have posted on many of these ideas before, that being said I just cant see anything significant happening during the olympics. I honestly feel this will be another big build up that passes without consequence, then we will move onto the next upcoming 'big event' and so the story continues. I realise there are some interesting thoughts on the new jerusalem and zionist etc, but what honestly do you guys think will happen? I would be keen to hear your ideas?

To the guy who posted the last post leave ya name mate, my original post questioned the fact how crazy it is to have missiles in our capital for a sporting event and there is not more of a bigger uproar in the media about it, but i sort of know where you're coming from. it's sort of preparing us for something bad, unlike 9/11 which came totally out the blue, but i deffo will swerve london while the games are on.

Totally agree with the last post all the hype with nothing happening. 911 was a 1 off witch the us r still making money off. The new Jerusalem thing what do u reckon is going to happen?????

I think the bar is set now,no matter what happens in the games which was my point,its acceptable now for putting missiles on the rooftops for any event in the future or any fake ass false flag attempts in the uk.

Just to argue the other way, if they didn't put missiles on roofs and something did happen all the sheep would be crying why didn't you put missiles on roofs?

I think the bigger issue is all the shenanigans around this security or lack of and G4S. Thats a farce in itself.

I disagree what the hell is it going to achieve having missiles firing at anything dodgy?, you will end up killing as many innocent people and destroying buildings as any fake ass terrorist .

I hav a Q about this how are they allowed to put ground to air missiles in civilian areas( A block of f*****g flats) surely this breaks articles of the geneva convention regarding putting military emplacements in civilian areas

It is not something that will be used, it is there because the IOC insist on it, same as the traffic lanes.
If a plane has to be taken out it will be done with fighter jets.