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12 Jul 2013 15:43:33
Today the local mosque (in Tipton/ birmingham) got bombed. Luckily nobody got hurt and there wasn't any major damage to the building.
So I decided to phone up BBC news, Sky News to tell them so they can cover the story.
Surprisingly they both rejected the story saying it "wasn't big enough" to cover.

Once again the media has decided to hide the violence and terrorism against Muslims.
If any other religious building had been attacking, it would have been the main story on every single channel in the country.
This just allows them to prove their false statement: not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.

LFC 2929

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Its mental its not being reported seems like we got a live police state too maybe a training exercise for when they implement there ultimate goal. Or maybe because its not in London they don't care.

Madmike wolfman 1985

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Just an update:
Been invited to give an interviews by the BBC, this should be fun :P

LFC 2929

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Well I heard about it today down in Portsmouth on the news so it is being reported.

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Let us know how it goes LFC, good luck.


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Oh aye & bet the EDL get the blame.

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Thanks JK,
Went to the interview, and the BBC lady was very specific about what she wanted me to talk about. Although I spent 15 mins talking to her, she only used 1 line of the interview lool.
Hardly worth the effort tbh.

And the story appeared on the news about 3-4pm
Whereas I had contacted them about 1:30 initially when they rejected it.

LFC 2929

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False flag.

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Gotta keep the threat of Muslim terror alive!

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12 Jul 2013 09:26:11
What are your views on the Sun Valley Conference?

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A link or an overview might provoke some interest

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