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12 Mar 2012 20:20:06
Alright guys looking for a bit of help. Im having an argument with a guy at work about the whole homs thing. Basically said what's been said on here and the whole thing may have been stirred up by the west, details of foreign soliders ect. He just argues back sayin 'who are these reporters' 'what's their agenda' and so on. I argue back saying the bbc, sky news, cnn have an agenda! But honestly how do u get through to people who are totally unwilling to even consider they may be being lied to by the mainstream press. Any tips? Or even some rebuttal for this guy about homs ed?

Cheers mate

{Ed033's Note - If there was an answer to waking people up, it would be all over and the people would have won by now. The problem is that no one has worked out how to "wake up" people who are brainwashed and won't even take a look at anything outside the mainstream. We also have mickey mouse journalists and mickey mouse scientists who won't take a look at the evidence either.}

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One day the truth will come out! And those that mock and laugh will probably come to people like us who are open minded for advice and guidance! No one is saying everything on here is a 100% bang on it wouldn't be a conspiracy page if it was! What this is people gathering facts and info that has been either passed on through docs or learnt through books to the general public to read! Facts and info that has never been released to general public and the reason were all here is to find out WHY???

Runcorn Red!

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What would happen if the people did wake up ed? Would it be the end of civilization, governments would fall? Is this why people are happy to live in ignorance?

{Ed033's Note - No, we don't have civilisation now. Governments are beneficial to have in place. All we have to comprehend is that society should benefit everyone not just the 1% or less who think they are the elite. It's that simple. If you moved to an unpopulated island with a breeding population and then someone declares, "how about if this new society benefits 1% of us and not the other 99%?". I think people would say no that's insane, what we want is a new society that benefits all of us.

But in most countries we are living in that insane society where the society benefits only the 1% but only a minute fraction of the rest of the population can see it.

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Listen you will never convince a person who will only believe it if its a newsflash on bbc or skynews, ignorance is bliss they say, but you are doing the right thing and putting your veiw across, nothing is black or white but one day we will all see the coulors.

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Don't waste your breath on him, but well done anyway for trying.

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I always remind myself that I'm only planting seeds. Some hatch some don't

Big D

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Sketchy info never works, first you have to get your fact right. Dont show people crappy youtube videos that people have made a poor effort at making, it just makes it worse, it makes your theories come accross as a joke. Just get your facts straight, make sure that your opinions are well backed ie if your talking about 911, why not get people to look at arcetechts and engineers for truth There are now 1000's of profesionals, scientists, proffesors, engineers, arcetechts, demolition experts.... these peoples theories should carry more weight than our own.


{Ed033's Note - Richard D. Hall and Andrew Johnson discuss directed energy weapons used on 9/11

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12 Mar 2012 13:34:47
I've noticed the latest buzzword from the mainstream media regarding Syria is 'Actavists'. Notice how many times now they say "actavists say scores killed by gorernment troops" or "Actavists have reported" this and that, and the sheep just accept it as correct and valid..... It stinks.


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ITs simple really operatives from Britain and America are on the ground conducting the activists so that Syria can be a democracy.

Democracy is defined as a puppet state of America, democracy does not exist.

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12 mar 2012 00:31:53
hi first post ;; last three nights very bright moon tonight no moon ,wtf

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The moon last night (Sunday ) was very late in rising, it doesn't follow a strict regime in the rising & setting. It does vary.

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Mightve just been really cloudy

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