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12 May 2012 14:33:10
santa = SATAN ?
THINK ABOUT IT THE KIDS CARE MORE ABOUT SANTA than jesus evry christmas, selling them the wrong message about xmas bein for self gain in stead of celebrating the birth of a saviour ? so bascilaccy we care more about wishing for santa (SATAN) as kids than learning about the true message ?? u kno how the elites try 2 trick us in2 devil worship and try 2 hide it in plain sight etc, could this b another way ? also was the date of jesus birth not changed from about august ish 2 december 2 make it seem like it was mis interpreted sun worship, seems fishy 2 me !
the grover

{Ed033's Note - Celebrating of December 25 obviously predates Jesus by a long time so December 25 actually has nothing to do with Jesus but equally as obvious is that we have been tricked by "the elites" to think the way they want us to think about this day

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This is by far the worst conspiracy theory I've ever heard.

The Moon.

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A never said any of this was true it was just som weird thoughts that popped in2 my head after a few bongs the other day, but tell me moon where does it mention santa in the bible n how did he end up with such a big role in the christian religion ?? and why do non religious families still celebrate christmas and give ther kids presents from santa?
the grover

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You could say the elite invented christmas, but it was a very long time ago. Pope Julius invented it in 354 AD to supress the celebrations of solstice whaich was a celebration of an astronomical event, the Popes did then as they do now and have a big problem with people having knowledge. Try not to think about it too much, just enjoy the beer, and the new socks and feel smug that you know the truth, which is its just an annual orgy of hypocricy. Its an absolute historical fact that Jesus never existed, no Roman records show Pontius Pilot having him executed, There are no self written manuscripts, works of art, carpitary or artifacts that prove his existance and all claims about him came well after the time of his alleged death by unknown and un authorised authours and fraudulent mythical writings. These are all true facts before anyone whips out their bible and starts telling me any mumbo jumbo :)


{Ed033's Note - There's some pretty bold statements in there. I certainly wouldn't agree with that being all fact. The furthest I would go is that an entity that we know as Jesus Christ was created at the First Council Of Nicea in 325 A.D. where Jesus Christ had to be "sold" to people in the Roman Empire who were worshiping different deities. So this Jesus Christ entity had to take on the attributes of the other deities.

However in the historical record was there a man that we can identify as Jesus without the christ attributes added at the First Council Of Nicea? There could be according to certain authors.

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I thought his name was Yahshua Ben Yosef and jesus christ means one who is annionted in greek?

{Ed033's Note - The name of the man these authors that think they have found in the historical record who we call Jesus in this country could have actually had any name but it was the First Council Of Nicea where the entity we in this country known as jesus christ was created.

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It does amuse me how the non existance of any evidence of his existance, rarely troubles his followers.


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12 May 2012 14:26:10
referring to the comments about the queens speech from earlier. i heard there is also some wierd ritual between the queen and parliment prior 2 the speech? anyone know what happened or what it means? sounds suspicious 2 me!
the grover

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The queens 'man' gets the door shut in his face as a sign of 'independence' from the monarchy. but then they let him in anyway.

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12 May 2012 12:46:11
I was reading up on the ghost cities which you were talking about recently and came across an article in which a report had been circulating around the Kremlin in Russia about 40 million Japanese having to migrate due to the risk of radiation poisoning after the Fukishima nuclear disaster. The japanese officials it stated had received an offer from China to move to the chinese mainland and to inhabit the ghost cities which are built there. Just a little bit more on what ye were talking about!


{Ed033's Note - There are some people speculating that the Fukishima nuclear disaster will escalate to a much worse scenario but the main stream media have obviously been told to keep quiet

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Yeah ed...i heard that should one of the cooling pools collapse then its likely there could be a global disaster...theres apparently 460 tonnes of depleted radioactive rods there in Fukishima...i also read an interesting article saying that should japan accept chinas offer of relocating to these ghost cities then they would create the biggest superpower ever in the world, that there economy would be greater than the US and Europe combined and they would be able to assemble an army of 220million soldiers. Not saying its the cause of it but everyone goes on about haarp causing the earthquake in be more inclined to think from the stats i read that it was the chinese who used some sort of weather manipulation device to create the earthquake...would explain why all those ghost cities were built and are being offered to the japanese.


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12 May 2012 09:48:26
Thread carried on from below:

Ok ed033 so if say a freind of mine smoked tobacco with marijuana then what are you saying what exactly stays deep within him..

red blancmonge

{Ed033's Note - I'm saying there is a difference between smoking pure whatever "substance" by itself and smoking whatever "substance" with tobacco. I'm saying the tobacco acts as a delivery system to carry the whatever "substance" "deeper" into the body than by smoking the whatever "substance" by itself.

Another thing is that organic tobacco is not harmful to the human body, it is the 4000 toxic chemicals that are placed in the tobacco when being manufactured into a tobacco product i.e cigarettes that are harmful and the tobacco delivers the 4000 harmful chemicals "deep" into the body Obviously hardly anyone knows what I just wrote but this site is about sharing info and learning new things and you don't have to believe me on anything I say. Do your own research.

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12 May 2012 00:01:18
Was reading up on pine gap earlier as I just recently came across it. Pretty interesting. What you think ed? Deakko

{Ed033's Note - Pine Gap is allegedly one of the secret bases where anything could be happening. Obviously here is black technology there but it has been speculated that ETs and humans are working together with black technology there

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12 May 2012 05:59:14
Has anyone noticed up the top of the page a website called what's peoples thought on that I downloaded one of the free books n its on about god taking over the world does anyone actually believe this

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{Ed033's Note - No, but with all the 2012 hype and people writing 2012 books and the book publishers advertising the books, this type of book was inevitable. God is not going to take over the world. The ruling elite may think of themselves as "gods" and want to take over the world.

The thing about 2012 is that there are loads of elections in the 1st world countries and it's the USA election year so it should be pretty quite until the elections are over as the governments are spending money to keep things ticking over. After November 2012 things may start to happen.

The December 21 2012 date will almost certainly seem like any other day, unless some group wants to use some black technology on that day such as the project blue beam hologram technology or use the Haarp type technology to cause earthquakes etc.

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