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12 May 2013 19:43:34
Hey guys,

not really a conspiracy per say, but I've been doing some research on keeping the planet green.

now it doesn't matter whether what's happening to our planet is natural or man made, what matters is that it is happening and we can't stop it.

What I found interesting is that nobody is showing our grandchildren how to live with these issues in the future. well, Until I came across this.

one of the most inspiring and incredible presentations I've ever seen.

How has this guy not won some kind of award? why is he not plastered over every outlet of Media? why are the modern worlds not using his model as a blue print for the future, today?

I don't know much about John Hardy, but this presentation is really worth a watch.

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12 May 2013 20:30:46
Sat watching the newest episode of The Simpsons on Sky1 & it's been all about Doomsday & surviving the New World, private farming banned, fighting each other for food & water, references to America Collapsing on the show it says 3 months max but more likely 6 weeks, Blackouts by EMP, I've noticed people mentioning the rising increase in Films like this Simpsons definately jumping on the bandwagon.

Rise & Shine

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Does Americas potential collapse coincide with the threat of martial law. Just makes sense to me as to why they want stricter gun controls and the recent Boston bombings a trial run for how quick they could shut a large city down and control it. Or am I way off the mark?


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12 May 2013 10:26:47
bilderberg meeting june the 6th at watford of all places, expect people from all europe to arrive, btw uk taxpayers paying for the security for the 3 to 5 days event, that will make thatcher's funeral cost seem like loose change.

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Has there ever been an attempt to asassinate them?

Geordie Al

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I think there needs to be an assassin up in here lol

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The battle in seattle was a major demonstration a few years ago that turned into a riot which actually stopped the conference , since then the security has been beefed up and this one in watford no doubt you will have thousands of protesters but I am guessing since seattle which was in the hub of the city they have rethought locations and put conferences in locations were they can block any marches without closing down a city, hence a remoteness watford hotel, as for anyone trying to attack the head leaders, well it might make a short term difference but the really power player of corporations will not be there, they let the puppets do there actions.

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12 May 2013 09:48:10
Scouse Pride mentioned Democide in an earlier post of mine so I thought i'd look it up (on youtube obviously). So heres a canny video for you if you want to learn more. Enjoy.

Blueprint of Madmen - The History of Democide

Geordie Al

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