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12 Nov 2012 19:40:00
So Hamzar (the guy with a hook instead of a hand) has won his appeal against extradition back to Jordan because they dont think he will get a fair trial. He had also been bailed. Something about this really isn't right. All this crap about unfair trials, human rights and the PC brigade need to sit down and think of the the trouble this clown can cause. He wasn't a favourite of Bin Laden for nothing. I can see this ending badly. Why should we have to deal with rubbish like this all the time?


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Sorry it wasn't hooky it's qatarda. My mistake


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The UK consider him a threat to National security, yet he gets out on bail due to the 'Human Rights' that he hides behind. The same human rights he violates when carrying out his alleged terrorist acts. It makes my p*ss boil. He'll get police protection too. If I were the UK Gov, I'd be hinting to the Jorndanians exactly what his movements would be and suggest an extended toilet break for his Police guard.

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This is laughable.... Arron is the same guy who moans on here about the goverment taking away our rights.... Then he starts moaning when rightly or wrongly a guy uses his human rights to protect him!! Astonishing Arron..... Oh and then he realises its not even the guy with the hook hes talking about.... It proves the Point some folks on here will post nonsense just for the sake of it.

Mr No Name

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Me No Name you truly are an person. I made a mistake over the person, which I later corrected. I have an opinion which I have voiced, do you agree he should be let out and have the very real threat of more serious terrorism against the country? Also, yet again, you spell my name wrong. Before you criticise somebody for their mistakes, check your own


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Arron (intentionally mispelled) It is not for me to say wether or not Qatada (not Qartada assuming you cant spell or identify who it is) should be free or not I was merely highlighting how hypocritical you are.

Mr No Name

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Got to love it ha , both moaning at each other and not one of them can spell each others names !! pure class ha..............andy.

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Patsy for the fake terror threat we all live with,who invented al qaeda?

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I would be more worried about the government, than this "terrorist" the power lies in their hands in the end !!

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AQ may very well be an invention of the cia and OBL a fully paid up cia agent, not disputing that.

But the lower end guys genuinely do believe the tut put out about fighting a religious war on behalf of islamic civilisation. Throw in all the stuff with israel/ Palestine, Iraq, Afghan, the massive social issues and poverty in north Africa and the Middle East and you can see why its such a fertile recruiting ground for these people.

Patsy's or not to some people its a very serious issue, worth killing for.

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12 Nov 2012 13:45:00
i have recovered,right bk to something i read a few minutes ago the set light to a poppy on a social network site and arrested on suspicion of an offence under the malicious communications act , Jesus Christ were is this all going to end? don't get me wrong the teenager who done it is a bellend and if he done it in a pub i would have prob slapped him but this witchunt on social network sites is very worrying ,this country very soon is going to become a police state,judge dredd springs to mind.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - it is worrying that there has been such an uproar over McLean choosing not to wear a poppy on his shirt for Sunderland. Whether I agree with his choice or not, I fully support his right to make the choice he feels is the correct one.}

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How come no action is taken against the Muslims and others that protest in the streets chanting British soldiers go to hell...

JK92 {Ed001's Note - why should there be action against them? Surely they have a right to voice their opinion? Just so long as they don't resort to violence, I don't see what the problem is, though I can't say I agree with their opinion myself.}

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Well the problem i have is that they expect to live over here and then they slag our armed forces off and chant those vile chants..

if it was the other way around and i was shouting death to all muslims in a muslim country it would be a hate crime and i would get killed on the spot by the locals..

JK92 {Ed001's Note - so living over here means they are not allowed to slag off the armed forces that are engaged in illegal wars in their countries? Your comparison was not relevant, they aren't shouting death to all non-Muslims are they?}

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Jk92 it is distasteful for anyone protesting about soldiers forced to go to afganistan then coming home in a parade or a coffin ,to me the protesters let them selves down and should protest at the real culprits the government , we should be careful what we want if people are happy with police charging anyone that might cause offense but they can not charge well known pedo rings of the rich and famous then the sh$t will deffo hit the fan.

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Imo ed if they want to do their protesting it should be done in their own country, it causes to much trouble between the two.

JK92 {Ed001's Note - sorry but they have every right to protest here and how do you know they aren't British anyway?}

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99% of Muslims in this country are British. So obviously they have the same rights as any other British citizen. There protests seem to be for the British government to stop attacking/causing wars in Muslim countries. There does not seem to be anything wrong with that all they are after is peace. I will give you an example if the British were to go to war with Homer Simpson I am certain the whole of Springfield will have something to say about the British! I apologise for an immature example but I did not want to offend anyone by using real people/country.


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The ones like Hamza and Qatada weren't born here and are/ were happy to rake in fortunes in benefits, and those 2 were calling for detah to all non muslims.

I've no problem with people protesting but there's a right way and wrong way and very often they choose the wrong way.

I'm not pro war by any means but i have a lot of mates in the forces and it is distasteful in the extreme when bodies are coming back and the hate mobs are on stirred up by fantatic preachers who should have been deported long ago, instead of hiidng behind the laws of a country they clearly despise. {Ed001's Note - I agree, but putting a stop to it isn't the way to deal with it. All that does is stir up even more ill feeling.}

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Freedom of speech should mean freedom of speech regardless of persons or trouble causes ,i think some of you are missing the bigger picture, a site like this or a social network site in the future were we question mps police, banks whoever they can arrest you,they are trying to moderate the internet as it is now they want to censor what we say, smell the coffee guys this is much bigger than persons burning poppies or homophobic tweets its a lot bigger.

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Talking of freedom of speech I was watching I'm a celeb earlier (for those that didn't see- two 'celebs' where buried alive whilst bugs poured in through holes) I tried to post a joke about it on a social network site, the joke being..conservative MP in a box full of maggots is this a dress rehearsal for thatchers funeral and I got this response 'this post contains blocked content that has previously been flagged abusive or spammy' so posting about thatchers funeral is blocked content? I understand my joke may not be to everyones taste but i found the response strange {Ed003's Note - It's the same reply I got from my local council over a grievance last year,must be a common reply}

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What about burning a flag ed? a union jack for instance?

Supasub {Ed001's Note - what about it? It is a Union Flag unless on a ship, by the way, but it is just a flag. I fail to see that it matters one way or the other, unless you are a sheeple that thinks patriotism is any more than a way of getting you to fight other people's wars, to make them richer and more powerful.}

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I was just asking the question ed, I've seen it a few times on news channels including the usual burning of a US flag. My point was if someone is to be potentially prosecuted for burning a symbol such as a poppy then the same should be applied at some of these rallies, that's all wether its correct or not.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - I just wish people would stop getting so hot under the collar about things like flags, they are meaningless.}

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To the poster who said his facebook post was blocked .... the same rubbish happened to me yesterday and all i was putting up was monday evenings are just as boring as sunday mornings .. wtf who decided this was offencive or spammy as they put it !! when did this become a policy ?

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"monday evenings are just as boring as sunday mornings "

maybe i should get a facebook so i don't miss out on this kind of thing.

the pea (sorry you asked for it)

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12 Nov 2012 12:54:32
I was walking through my local town the other day when a hippy looking guy tried to sell me a random dvd, i palmed him off at first until he said he only wanted a penny to help with printing so i bought one.
any i get home and stick it on and its about some chip called Verichip, apparently they are trying to get this chip into everyone at birth and in the future when people do somthing bad the government can turn the chip off meaning you wouldnt be able to access buildings or anything, have yous heard of this edds? would love peoples feed back on this, they already use it in a club in spain, people have there arms scanned to pay for drinks!

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Upload the dvd to YouTube then post a link

{Ed033's Note - Yes, I have heard of it. Katherine Albrecht speaks on this subject. The plan would be something similar to these steps:
1. All special forces would have to consent to being chipped otherwise they can't be special forces
2. Everyone in the forces (army, airforce, navy) to consent to being chipped otherwise they are discharged.
3. People entering prison consent to be chipped to lower their sentence slightly
4. All police officers to consent to being chipped otherwise they are sacked
5. All government employees consent to being chipped otherwise they are sacked
6. No one can enter a government building without a chip
7. All new born babies to be chipped as standard unless both parents before or immediately after birth sign to say they refuse to have their baby chipped
8. All schools require the children attending the school to be chipped. Their parents consent to this or must homeschool their children instead
9. People cannot get a passport, drivers license, government benefits/state pension without consenting to being chipped
10. Being extremely difficult to operate in society without being chipped virtually anybody else not chipped will consent to it

Everyone chipped by their own consent or by their parents consent. Overtime the chip becomes more complex so people can be controlled by the chip (Lando Calrissian controlling the guy with the head device in Starwars - Empire Strikes Back)

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Someone has chips on there mind lol

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Ill try and upload the dvd for yous, 'doctors' are on it saying its the nxt best thing, if you get rushed into hospital they can just scan your arm and see your previous health problems and when medication ur on, it says they use them in mexico at airports and bus stations so anyone that is kidnapped that has one in them can be easily found. It sounds like they are already in use quite a bit, im amazed no one has ever heard about it myself included

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12 Nov 2012 00:37:19
Is there anything going on at the moment that fulfills nostradamus or Bible prophecies, ie hurricane Sandy, Syria, flood, war etc?

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Even Though I'm not a fan of the movie 2012 shows New York flooding in October, don't believe the world will end but its worrying

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