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12 Oct 2011 21:43:02
i was reading on here last week about lunar cover ups so i decided to google it an take a look and after i while i got on to the apollo 18/19/and 20 landings. Just wondered ed(or anyone els), do you think we found something on the darkside of the mooon!! thanks
hudz red {Ed033's Note - There are bases on the dark side of the moon. - John Lear presentation on moon bases -


John Lear interviewed by George Noory on Coast 2 Coast AM -

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Yes i have watched some vids on youtube about it all ready and also a crashed alien ship amongst other things but do you believe that there was an apollo 18/19 and 20 the was actually sent out and not abandoned as i also read about the levels of radiation that would be on the way to the moon(van allen belt) and on the moon, also do yuo think it is because of this reason we have not gone back to the moon if we ever went or because of what was found?
huddz red {Ed033's Note - Basically they have black technology that they can get to the moon with. Whether Apollo 18/19 and 20 went to the moon is irrelevant because there is a separate secret space program that uses this black technology to visit any planet in this solar system - Richard Dolan 2011 presentation on the Secret Space Program / breakaway civilisation -

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Jeez this could tie into my sons engineering leaving cert project. he has to build a lunar roaming thing

Irish Red

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12 Oct 2011 14:42:57
I was just wondering what all of you guys think of the Roswell conspiracy?

to me, I believe it was former Nazi technology that had been used to create whatever crashed. It's common knowledge that nazi scientists were trying to create flying disks, it's also common knowledge that they had some sort of Bell which vanished along with several scientists after the war.

one of the scientists who was later moved to the USA claimed that the leap forward in technology (let's face it, without the Nazi's our civilisation wouldn't be as advanced as it is, the V2 rocket for example) was all down to Alien interaction, I don't know whether they found something specifically or they were contacted but this scientist was hell bent that they had contact, so with that said, I believe the Roswell crash was a german designed and american manufactured flying disk which crashed.

I guess i'm asking two questions here;

What happened exactly at Roswell?

And what was the Nazi bell for? (some believe, that it was used to transport these scientists to another planet - as absurd as it sounds, i've heard weirder thing).

ED's, Posters, anyone. Roswell, what happened? what was the Nazi Bell? (if you've got a spare few hours i'd recommend watching the video, it's quite intriguing).

The Moon. {Ed033's Note - This is Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's theory and he appears to be so erudite that I wouldn't want to argue with him over the facts. it is quite strange that it happened on or around July 4th 1947. Richard Hoagland talks about the significance of 19.47 and David Flynn does as well. David Flynn has some interesting presentations on youtube. here is one for example -

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Cheers ed, I'll watch it now, what is your personal belief on the Roswell incident and the Nazi Bell?

the Moon. {Ed033's Note - Well here is more info about the Nazi Bell, a Project Camelot interview with Igor Witkowski -

I have no doubt that the Nazis could have developed such a high end technology device as the bell that could do everything Dr. Jospeh P. Farrell says. I don't have much to say about Roswell now as there is too much conflicting data about it. The fact that there is so much conflicting data means to me that there has been as very successful cover up of what really happened. I do think that it was not a balloon, I think it was a flying machine that was higher tech than the white technology that the public know of. I think there were bodies recovered but don't know how many. I do not think the bodies recovered were dummies but do not know whether they were human or not. I really do not know what happened at Roswell.}

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Welcome Moon looked at the bell stuff, certainly very strange.

Ed watching your links now will get back to you.

mort {Ed033's Note - Here is a project camelot interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell -

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Ok cheers ed, in a bit of rush tonight so will try and finish them all tomorrow mort

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Cheers Mort.

I have to admit there is a lot of crazy stuff going on.

Ed, I was watching the hunt for el chupacabra last night, fact or fiction? (In your opinion).

The Moon. {Ed033's Note - If you think the chapacabras story is weird then take a look at what happened at the Skin Walker ranch in Utah -

According to witnesses the chupacabras is a non recognised creature that sucks the blood out of its victims. Sounds like an ET creature to me if it is real.}

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Ah, The Moon, a fellow United fan with a love for the bizarre!

I'm all about the cryptozoology mate! Chupacabras - the descriptions are FAR too consistent to be completely false, IMO. However, whenever one been has supposedly been captured, even I can see from the photos that it's a hairless / scabies infected coyote or dog.

But the description doesn't match a dog in the slightest, so I do suspect there is something out there....if I had to guess myself, I'd be going for an undiscovered giant kind of vampire bat or similar.

THink about it - bloodsucking, it can fly (whereas Chupa is said to be able to shoot off into the air/over fences in a split-second...maybe the wings were too dark to be visible?), quite hairy, mammal-like head, scary fangs.

So my theory is an unknown large predatory bat.


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RED_SKY, how are you doing mate. Aha, yes I'm a huge fan? in conspiracies, science, etc. I find it all so intriguing. and besides this place is far more interesting that the United site at the moment with all the bickering about finances.

As for the post, I agree that there's something to it, and when you factor in the fact that a lot of locals are terrified by talking about it, really does make you think.

I've seen the dog like pictures of the animal and I still don't think it's that, I believe, it's as you said a Bat of some kind or relative of the bat. Although what I don't understand is that there's such a wide knowledge of this creature and so much fear all around the areas where it thrives yet from what i've been told the government and local governments won't research the creature.

Is it possible that it's the result of engineered mutation? or better yet natural mutation and evolution of a bat species unknown to us?

We as a civilisation want to find new worlds yet we know nothing about our own.

The Moon. {Ed007's Note - Hi Moon mate. I love reading the stuff on this site as well. I'm not as clued up as 001 or 033 so I don't say much but I love learning more about it all.}

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Bond just jump in, this place can't get anymore crazier... {Ed007's Note - I bet it can lol}

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Government testing, as The Moon suggested, is highly likely. Why WOULDN'T the governments be splicing animals? They muck about with everything else, its 99% certain for me that they have and do mess around with animal hybrids.

Would also explain why they aren't bothered about researching it!


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