Conspiracy Talk Archive October 12 2012


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12 Oct 2012 18:36:03
i'm sorry but who cares if some tory mp called a copper a pleb. Police get called worse every day. I've just saw a copper on midlands today say its an integrity issue. Really? Like the police have a leg to stand on calling other people liars. Surely there's bigger issues than this.

Don`t think many people care about calling a copper a pleb. It was about fairness, if me or you said that to a policeman we would have been thrown directly into a police cell!.
Stuck up cabinet ministers are not above the law....

When it comes to politicians when will people learn. It's one set of rules for them and another for us. Please bear in mind this is an assumption, if politicians pay their way via the same PAYE system that we use, how can they claim expenses? If I tried doing that, I honestly think the taxman would personally knock on my door just to laugh in my face. Or am I wrong and they are paid on a self employed basis or some other magical way?


Yeah, previously 250 and no receipt daily expenses but now 50 daily, no receipt needed, who else live's by these accounting rules. We have laws, they have guidelines.