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12 Sep 2012 16:32:36
Somebody posted the other day asking for examples of
any conspiracy that has been proven , well today mate you
can add Hillsborough to that list. I'm glad and releived that
for the families that the truth is finally out.
Like Franky i was also 18 , but i only had a voucher for a ticket and
got to Anfield minutes too late for my ticket.
Maybe i should feel happy and grateful today but the disgraceful
under-handed behaviour of the police , media and Thatcher government
makes my blood boil ,i 'm not looking for a witch-hunt but for the sake
of the families people now need to be brought to account.


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12 Sep 2012 14:36:29
this a conspiracy site,we may not all agree with each others views, but today more than most days proves how people are being lied to,maybe the Hillsborough lies have fueled my belief in the conspiracy theories maybe it has,i was 18 at the time and had a ticket, to cut a long story short i was drunk the night before and missed my lift with mates and watched it unfold on the tv,thankfully all my mates were battered and bruised and shaken but safe ,all the lies that came out days later fueled the families and the city of Liverpool to stand against the system for the biggest conspiracy in uk history along with Sunday bloody Sunday ,now we have the truth we need the justice.
jft96 frankyscouse

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I completely agree with you here. Its amazing how many key details have been left out of reports for the last 23 years. The police, various MPs and god knows who else lied and amended the facts to make football fans look bad, was this because of problems with hooligans in the 80s, did getting rid of standing terraces have anything to do with this?

If people are willing to lie about such a tragedy for this long, where does it stop?
Trust no-one and keep asking questions.
Tom H

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Too right frankie, hopefully people will realise now that for years we have been lied to by the that run this country. There is nothing they wont say to protect the status quo. Hopefully now we can get some justice for other families who lost loved ones in other disasters over the years.
You'll never walk alone mate!
Liono74 safc

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I was 6 years old when this happened,watching on tv,an to young to know what happened. I'm so happy the people who came back did so and for those that didn't my heart goes to them and their families. 23+ years of grief, torture and lies can finally start being put to rest. Justice is what we all wanted and now those precious 1st steps have been taken. To the 96 You'll Never Walk Alone. God bless


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Couldn't agree more with you Franky. Well put mate.
A great day for the families, friends and all those affected by the absolute 5hite that has gone on these past 23 years.
Let's hope that those who were ultimately responsible for the lies, the deceits and cover ups amongst other things are now brought to task and punished accordingly.

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Franky well put and i liked the mention on Bloody Sunday living in N ireland I know only to well that cover ups and police force collusion goes on all the time.Now we need the people responsible brought to justice.

Lurgan Red

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Where in Lurgan do you live chief?

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12 Sep 2012 13:29:37
My world has changed so much in the last ten years, I always knew from a child that something was wrong. Anyone else feel this way? and why?

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In my life time (I'm 27) I'm not sure that much has changed in the way of society if thats what you mean. I just think that the innosense of being young you are not subjected to such things as you are as you get older. The older you get the more you see the more you learn and reality becomes more apparent.


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Me too- it's coming to a head and I can feel it. I'm 27 and society has changed so much! Since 2001 EVERYTHING has changed.

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I feel something is coming too. I'm also worried that I'm the modern equivalent to those weirdo's with the sandwich boards that said 'the end in near' I used to c standing on the street corner when I was a kid. Really worries me sometimes.
Unrelated. Watched a doc on you tube about roger Hayes and the BCG. Interesting. Any1 else got a take on him?
Big ears

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12 Sep 2012 13:06:25
Range Rover Murders - Essex

Recently watched 'Essex Boys' and 'Rise of the Foot Soldier' angain. Having then gone onto read a little into the 'Range Rover Murders' and the story that it amy have been a set up by the Authorities to get two seperate drug gangs of the street in one fell swoop.

I'm pretty sure there will be alot of people who have a view or info on this but was wondering if you guys could fill me in on the whole story.


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Its the rettenden murders mate. Pat tate and the like. Theres another film called bound with blood i think tammar hassan is in it ...its recent and a great watch.....

Matty b

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Ther is a really good website about this lot, even about the grass, i read into this few years ago. ill try finding it BLUEBOY1

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this is bernard o'mahoney, his whole website about it. from who they were, darren nichols the 'super grass' , he was apart of the underworld essex crime with tate, rolfe & tucker also mickey steele. alot of police **** ups in alot of documents. also reciepts from nichols in belguim, hes the apparent grass whos under poice witness protection act. have a look its intresting. cheers BLUEBOY1

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Cheers BLUBOY1

I will have a look at that :)


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12 Sep 2012 11:09:19
watched Prometheus the other day, reminds me a lot of the Annunaki.

what you think ed? {Ed001's Note - i haven't seen it sorry.}

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12 Sep 2012 02:50:09
Bigfoot....huh huh huh. ? I beleave I dont care nothing will change my mind but its nice to from other people.

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Bigshoes were dose he buy them then youl catch him huh huh huh

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In English please..


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Did you see the story in the dailymail a couple weeks ago of this guy pretending to be bigfoot on the highway jumped in front of a car with 2 teenage girls.

If there is a Bigfoot I hope we never find them as a species, all we will do is round them us and put them in zoo's. Credit to them for hiding from us for this long if they do exist.

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12 Sep 2012 00:33:10
So hello people im new here. Why do we as a people refuse to acept the truth/ facts. Ill tell you I dont think that the guy on trailfor colorodo the real james holmes check proof. What do yall think? I got so many gestions. Glad to have people to talk to most people scard

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