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13 Apr 2013 23:18:23
right I am going to ask you all a devil's advocate question. people on this site know we are getting lied to about anything important, so for instance if there was a worldwide broadcast for everyone to revolt and bring down the corrupt establishment, would you do it?think about it the streets would be absolutely anarchy, no police or army for protection , food would be hard to get, money would be worthless, what would you want, accept the lies and murder or take a chance and have a revolution?.

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Just like my tattoo says "i'd rather die standing than live on my knees


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I'm all for the thought of a world-wide peoples revolt, I firmly believe if we were all on the same wavelength a revolution is possible. Unfortunately the vast majority of people really don't give a flying toss that we're constantly being lied to. I research as much as I can, finding out things so I can have my own perspective on it. My partner is sick of hearing me go on about 'conspiracies', she actually said to me the other night "you're going to put yourself mad in the head, do you not think it would just be better if you didn't know half of this stuff?" and that my friend is where the problem is, people would rather live in blissful ignorance rather than know about important things

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14 Apr 2013 20:41:49
If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.
p.s. are you doing anything on wednesday franky?

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I asked the question because to me its a tough one, I would definitely say yes to a revolution and what it brings if I was single and no kids but since I have I have kids it makes the choice harder but at the end of the day the elite are still intent on making us their slaves so I rather go out fighting, as for wednesday mate I am not doing anything special she is dead, I stand by my point of view when she died as for her funeral I could not care less but by making it public they are asking for trouble and mark my words there will be trouble.

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14 Apr 2013 23:58:55
As far as the revolution talk is concerned, everybody has a breaking point, so I guess it will depend on how far we are pushed. The good news is that thanks to sites like this, everyday someone else wakes up to how the world really works.
Regarding wednesday I won't be celebrating, I will be remembering the bad times so the media can't spin her life in a positive way mate. Any rioting that takes place will be by people too young to remember those days and will basically doing it for kicks a la the tottenham riots.
Frankyscouser for P. M!

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In regards to wednesday I think immortal technique puts it best:
Here's a toast to the dead
For my enemies that are gone
I'm not a coward
So celebrating that would be wrong
I pray to God that your soul will come back again
So I can see you in the next life and finish it then
A toast to the dead
For criminals burning in hell
I wonder how many presidents
Are burning as well

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When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.


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A revolution, maybe if governments all around the world returned some sort of value to paper money. world currency made with silver and gold, a gold coin should have the same value all over the world, fake markets don't work living in an economy with debts that will never be paid just become larger debts. I can smell a war coming. geo.

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Good choice of song vincent immortal technique sings a lot of sense, as for me lino being a pm they would have to censor my language, I can not spell very well, I have a bad habit of telling people they are talking s--t, I would probably ban manchester united chelsea and city from the epl so we have a chance of winning the premier apart from that I am your man, nah I would vote for edd01 and edd033 and me as there lackey.

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13 Apr 2013 20:54:12
These people whom have all the cash think it's not enough till they have it all. I heard an interview the other day from one of the members from Anthrax saying his kids have been damaged from the vacines, Two heathly children now have Autism by taking vacines.
When will it stop, when is the tipping point till we try and take back OUR lifes from these robber barons.

Murp. {Ed033's Note -

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My daughter's best mate had really bad fits sometimes 15 to 20 a day even when she was asleep, the poor kid had to leave school because how bad they got, her parents took her to her gp who in turn referred her to a specialist, they must have seen over seven drs with no joy, they actually asked the girl who was 16 at the time while her parents were there was she getting sexually abused, jesus I swear I would have chinned the dr if he would have said that to me but I think the parents were in shock at what he said, anyway after about 18 months of tests they linked it to the contraceptive jab, people might think she was just unlucky but injecting something in to your body is not natural, thankfully my daughters mate is a lot better since she has stopped the jab.

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Vaccines don't cause autism. That idea is based on bogus research. There is no plausible way they could cause autism. {Ed001's Note - actually that is not true, it was not bogus research that created the link, it was people's experiences. The only question is whether the research, all paid for by drugs companies who stand to profit from the continued use of those vaccines, that was done to disprove the theory is bogus or not? As for no plausible way, that is just simply unknown, we don't have the knowledge about our own bodies, or the world around us, to say that.}

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I should have stated that it was my opinion as upon reading it back it seemed like I was stating it as fact. However I have researched the topic quite extensively albeit from a scientific viewpoint with sources I could reference. But ed u say its from peoples experiences but that is a very subjective idea and that could in theory be applied to anything. And while I know drug companies are all about profits, there have been many studies performed by researchers with nothing to gain. {Ed001's Note - and how were those studies funded? You will find that there is very little research funded by people with nothing to gain, if any. I do agree, people's experiences are subjective, but often conclusions made by studies are also subjective, even when based on solid research.}

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13 Apr 2013 20:43:08
We are told how North Korea is going to Nuke American Citys, while the American second amendment is being ripped apart with gun control, now only the crooks should have guns, lol

Sandy hook was a hoax, and this works everytime, WHY? It works everytime.

I keep hearing folk telling me the people are waking up! Really!


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13 Apr 2013 20:37:31
Trying to understand our real reality, we all see the mind control programing from the main stream media and hollywood, all the films are about darkness and death, the superheros are now dark characters, well this is predictive programming.


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13 Apr 2013 12:32:00
hey edd just wondering why that video of the scientist who said the sun is a reactor got took off?

{Ed033's Note - You just made the point. He said it wasn't a reactor and some people obviously didn't comprehend a word ex-professor Eric Dollard said. In order to comprehend, most people would have to watch all Eric Dollard interviews / presentations on youtube

Restart Tesla's WardenClyffe interview with Eric Dollard (1 of 12)

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Well that begs the question; are we not allowed to see it? pea

{Ed033's Note - Here it is - The Sun is Not What we We Have Been Told

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Will watch this tomorrow night and give my opinion.

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This is some interesting stuff. A little above my comprehension, but what I can grasp, it is really interesting. Freaky, weird, unimaginable, but so crazy sounding you just know it's true

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Cant see the sun in space he says. ROFL {Ed001's Note - why is that funny? Have you been into space and so can be sure he is wrong? Or is it just because you have been told different, so you are so close minded you automatically laugh when someone suggests something else? I am not saying he is right, before you jump to conclusions, but to laugh at a theory, when you only have someone else's word it is not true, is not bright.}

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He makes a lot of sence to me.

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The sun is a ball of energy. its where every living thing including us get our energy from. Ancient civilisations used to gaze at the sun at sun rise and set to get their melatonin. That is what we should be doing!

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