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13 Dec 2011 21:00:58
Ed, bit of a different one for you here. I have been reading about how people are addicted to buying computer games (me included on a minimal level).

From my own perspective, games get hyped up big time, then they get released for £35-£40, then a few months later you seem them for £10-£15 and can't help but buy them. I did this frequently when up to about a year ago. The result being that people like me have wasted loads o money on games that they will never play, because (thankfully) they don't have the time. I've now banned myself from buying games unless I really, really want them. Furthermore I am shifting a load on ebay and dedicating more time to my poor old guitar. Seriously, loads of people have this problem.

Then there is the issue of games themselves being very addictive...............


{Ed033's Note - The addiction appears to be definitely real for a lot of people. Maybe parents with young children should realise that computer games can be really addictive and make more informed choices about computer games. Obviously adults can make their own informed choice if they realise that there is a possibility they may become addicted.}

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A tip for u
never share controllers with other addicts

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13 Dec 2011 17:58:23
Ok apart from all the alien,Illumininati and war Posts that seem to dominate the conspiracy talk on this site has anyone else heard the story of a man who was a blacksmith and a sheep farmer who's livestock was being taken by a large winged beast (Dragon) if i am brave enough to use the term, So he made a suit of armour which covered his whole body and covered it in the the wool he had sheared from the last of his stock and waited in his field Disguised as an armoured sheep for this Beast to strike...Now after a period of time the beast did attack this guy and swooped him up and this Black smith plundged his sword under a section of the wing/chest...He realised after a period of time that he had Hurt this massive amimal as the aminal was bleeding and started to Dip its flight pattern quite aggresively, so he placed his hands on the wound hoping that the Creature didnt just drop him to his doom...Now i know this sounds Very far fetched but bare in mind that Dinosaurs have ruled the earth at one point in time so while men were running round in armour and brandashing swords surely this could of happened


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Sounds a bit mad mate any links/videos/articles/evidence

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So you want video of something that apparently happened in the medievil times..Oooooookkkkkkkkkk oh ye the last terradactyl siting was in texas in 1976 by a 2 police officers and a couple of women so could be true you never know


{Ed033's Note - People have allegedly seen thunderbirds / pterodactyls in recent times in different parts of the world

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I seen one in Cardiff a couple of years back!

O no wait sorry that was Torchwood.

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Eh whats the attitude for mate, you diddnt mention when it was, your the one with the dodgy story, i asked for evidence i.e and documents, videos about it, so i could make my own informed desiscion, (which i think is being kind considering how ridiculous your story is), if your not going to back it up with anything dont expect a 'dragon' story to be taken seriously

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13 Dec 2011 13:37:07
i have recently watched the zietgeist movie (2007).

the way he compares religion to astronomy is amazing i have always questioned religion and god but i have never really decided if i believe in it all or not, but this movie makes soo much sense and the details are too long to write on here, does anyone else belive that the bible or other holy books characters are just personifications of the stars?

would really be interested in peoples views
Billlee1991 (first time poster)

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The Zeitgeist is full of inaccuracies and is more based on opinion than fact. If you want a proper discussion and questioning of religion read some of books by Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins. They provide a fuller understanding of the issues pertaining to belief.


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Or................................they just totally dismiss it, doesn t mean they are right. As far as I am concerned, until someone shows me footage- or better still, see it live for myself- of some mud crawling out of wet mud, standing up and starting to multiply, then producing all sorts of animals etc................................I will believe what I believe.

P.s There is no way I can show you proof of Gods existence, either. Either way cannot be proven, what you believe in.


While serving in the army, I never once witnessed an explosion that created ORDER either, would love to be proved wrong on that one,lol.

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Evolution is a proved fact; it has been proved scientifically countless times. To see 'mud crawling out of mud' as you put it is completely missing the point. Evolution does not happen overnight - you cannot witness it as you claim. It happens over time with small changes slowly adding up. If you are interested in learning about it you can easily find books in the library or likely fairly cheap in a bookstore. O.K so you don't think order can be created from an 'explosion' - one which was of a magnitude we cannot comprehend, but at least you admit that 'order' cannot just happen - like it is with God. It is not upon me to show you proof, it is impossible too prove a negative; the burden of proof lies with the believers and if you freely admit that you cannot show me proof then why should I believe?

Hitchens, Harris and Dawkins do not just freely dismiss religion. They have written many books about why they do not believe and how they came to their conclusions along with why they feel religion in fact causes problems. I would recommend reading them. They may not alter your view but at least you may understand their reasoning - which in my opinion is their defining point (especially Harris), that logic, reason and evidence should be our tools for discourse, not belief.


{Ed033's Note - There maybe micro evolution of a species altering slightly but where is the evidence of the macro evolution ie big changes from one species to another because of micro evolution. big changes do take place and appear to take place in one go and not because of micro evolution ie small changes that become big changes over millions of years time. Just no evidence for me. There is another mechanism at work. How we came about doesn't fit into the evolution model but if we were genetically tweaked would make sense. }

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Christ is my Saviour and Redeemer.

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Zeitgeist: The Movie - Religion (1 of 3)

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It certainly is not FACT, it is a theory. Do not be duped into believing that it definitely happened. It is at the end of the day FAITH that it happened. No witnesses. Both ideas seem unlikely, but remember Humans = reasoning
Animals= instinct.

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I could tell you anything happened over a certain period of time, I can t prove it though. Evolution is in a way a religion, no matter what they say is FACT, they have no way of knowing for sure- now that is FACT. You must have FAITH to believe the evolution THEORY-as it is still known.

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14 Dec 2011 13:07:57
Ed, biologist claim evolution as the change in the gene pool of a population over time. Evolution on the micro scale is actually all that is required to prove it - it is the altering of the gene pool and adaptations that occur, over time, which result in the variety of species on our planet. This is the problem, so many people do not fully understand the theory and therefore disagree with it. Evolution also has been observed in the laboratory and in the wild. Here is a link which discusses these points: {Ed001's Note - that is not quite true, most people just agree with the scale of evolution. Clearly it is possible for small changes to occur, but there is little evidence of large scale evolution. The burden of proof still lies with evolutionists for me, though I will keep my mind open as it still would seems the best explanation currently available to us.}

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{Ed033's Note - The classic evolution problem is the eye as you don't see creatures with 1/4 of an eye, 1/2 an eye and 3/4 of an eye. Eyes are complex structures how do you explain no eyes to fully operating eyes using minute genetic changes?

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Even though there are a lot of inaccuracies in the zeitgeist movie regarding religion does point out an undeniable fact that the basis for all religions are allegorical comparisons with sun and star worship....and it makes complete sense if you put yourself back 10000 years ago .....the sun meant warmth , light , security and the end to night !

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" The classic evolution problem is the eye as you don't see creatures with 1/4 of an eye, 1/2 an eye and 3/4 of an eye"

Richard Dawkins covered that in a lecture i can't recall the name of . Easy to understand but too lengthy to type here.

Zietgiest is a decent film , but opinion presented as fact . Its closer to the truth than any holy scripture .

jimi88 {Ed001's Note - isn't it simply light detectors initially, which just gained in complexity in subsequent generations?}

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{Ed033's Note - I have seen some Richard Dawkins stuff but I don't agree with him. Macro Evolution appears to happen in cycles from the evidence I have seen. If this is the case then there is another mechanism at work here.

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I dunno, but the best book i ever read on evolution was the science of discworld, all nicely explained clearly.

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Jimi88, please explain "closer to the truth than any holy scripture". Expand and give us the reasons to back this up. State any FACTS that say holy scripture is inaccurate. At the end of the day, no- one knows the reasons why we are here, educated men and women will continue to theorise for many years to come.

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"State any FACTS that say holy scripture is inaccurate "

Okay .

Genesis 3 - The serpent/snake said to the woman "You surely will not die" (New American Standard Bible)

Snakes do not have vocal chords .They cannot speak. Thus, the above quote, from scripture, is completely inaccurate. What i would term as a lie.


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Is that the best you can come up with? Bloody hell, sad wee man. {Ed001's Note - how is it sad? You mean because it is correct and so proves you wrong it is sad?}

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How do you know ed001?
For all you know, serpents may be in 'reverse evolution'..........................on a serious note, does the bible say literal snake? One thing the bible does say though is........... a certain man around about 2000 years ago, said" "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

But you KNOW best eh. No worries though, you should just sit in judgement. xx, don t get upset this time please,lol. {Ed001's Note - you are the one sitting in judgement, typical of fanatics, they only accept what suits them and reject anything that doesn't. You are the one calling others sad for answering your questions, just because you didn't like the answer. Now you are digging at me, purely because I have a different opinion to you. But you go back to reading your novels about fantasy, magical, mythical beings of ultimate power that can't be arsed with you unless you prostrate yourself before them and do their every bidding.}

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Ed, if you, like jimi 88 say that the Holy Scripture is'a lie', just remember that everything is not literal in the bible.

For instance-

Revelation 12:9 (ESV)
9 And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world”he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

There is a wee subtle clue in the 2nd line. Perhaps I should not call him sad after all though, I will continue to say it is about FAITH either way though. Good night. {Ed001's Note - no, it is about blind faith.}

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Lol, keep your knickers on. Can you, in your infinite wisdom, PROVE that there is no God? You have actually described yourself a little in your reply. In don t believe in my opinion. Perhaps you should have thought about it a little first. You have a belief, even an undeniable FAITH, that everything in the bible is mythical/ fantasy. I disagree, but I am certainly not a fanatic. are entitled to your opinion, but it is my choice to believe in what I believe, I was just pointing out what the bible said later on- in rev quote I gave. Chill man. {Ed001's Note - no I don't, I never said that at all, you are just jumping to fanatical conclusions. Quite clearly it is an allegorical novel based on some factual events, written to coax in the gullible masses who are desperate for something to believe in.}

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But ed, it is about faith........I assume you believe that monkeys turned into men, and that mud started walking and running and producing other beings. Unless of course, you witnessed it. Both ideas seem pretty incredulous, do you not agree. {Ed001's Note - I don't believe either. I have no idea where we came from or monkeys.}

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Ed, read back your initial reply today, I would say it was you jumping to conclusions.
How can you say I am fanatical? Do you know me? It is your opinion after all, good luck to you. But prove it is a MYTH, thats all I ask. You can t, so we shall just leave it at that. {Ed001's Note - I am sorry, but I gave an opinion based on your actions. You act like a fanatic, abusing anyone who disagrees with you and refusing to accept anything that is not within your belief frame. Why should I prove it is a myth? You yourself are saying it is not totally true and can't be taken on face value, which says that it is not factual. You are admitting it all yourself.}

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Ok ed, I get it are a hippy, peace man. Night night.xx {Ed001's Note - hippy? Me? What are you on?}

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Ed, behave now. You are making things up. You should get a job in the celtic propaganda team. Please try not to be so hypocritical though, you mention "abusing anyone who disagrees with you", while calling people "gullible masses" for having a differing opinion to yourself. FYI, I am not "saying it is not totally true". We will disagree on it then. Good night this time, looks like gers game on last- its a bloody conspiracy so it is. {Ed001's Note - 'just remember that everything is not literal in the bible.' It was you who said that, which is saying that it is not totally true, or are you going to spin that as well? You know to try and make it sound like I am putting a spin on your words as you have been so far. I never once said that it was people with a differing opinion to me that are the gullible masses. But you keep up the lies, it goes hand in hand with religion and fanaticism and always has.}

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Ed, that was why I quoted revelation.It says devil/ancient serpent/satan- whether you believe or not. There is no spin in it. You believe anyone believing in the bible is part of "gullible masses"- clearly you are of a differing opinion, you will need to SPIN a little more to get out of that one. I can t prove it, as much as you can disprove it................does not mean it is lies though. {Ed001's Note - I never said anyone believing it was part of the gullible masses, though I do think you have to be desperate to believe in something to take any notice of it. What I said was that it was written for the gullible masses, to take control of them in yet another way. Kings invented patriotism when religion wasn't enough to get the people to do as they were told, now they have the terrorism threat to control us. Religion is just one of those methods of controlling people's thinking, in my opinion. Anyone who feels the bible is worthwhile, should spend some time studying older religious texts, the Epic of Gilgamesh etc. Then see if you still hold the same beliefs when you can see the stories in their original forms. Those same pagan beliefs that christians sneer at, are the origin of the religious beliefs enshrined in the bible.}

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13 Dec 2011 12:35:21
chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one he said

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{Ed033's Note - Richard Hoagland has said that we humans could have come from Mars before it's atmosphere and surface was mostly destroyed.

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Its a song from war of the worlds and ed we could of come from anywhere. Wouldn't it be nice to know the truth about everything today. No lying governments etc

{Ed033's Note - Of course we could of come from anywhere. It would actually nice to know the true about anything

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All of lifes unknown mysteries. Moon landing, jfk, aliens, pyramids, black tech, etc etc etc.

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