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13 Dec 2012 21:35:33
the media in this country are pathetic. If they hadn't spent so much time fawning over kate being in hospital (because no-one's ever been pregnant before) then those two australians wouldn't have gone with the prank call, then that poor silly nurse (as if the queen would really phone a hospital, common sense) wouldn't have ended up killing herself, after a media frenzy. But i put the blame for this with the royals. {Ed001's Note - I very much doubt that any of that is relevant to the nurse's death.}

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13 Dec 2012 23:45:45
The nurse did not commit suicide.

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I agree. She was killed which was ordered by a member of the royals.


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14 Dec 2012 11:34:43
and you two can prove that can you? Of course not. Now if the second nurse, the one who gave all the patient details to the radio station, if that nurse turns up dead in the next few weeks then you might have a case. I do to an extent agree with the original post. The media circus around someone who until fairly recently was just an ordinary person, a nobody, created the conditions where this could happen. Personally i'm not the slightest bit bothered what that family does and am not sure on the fascination with them. Just a posher version of eastenders.

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I actually feel sorry for the two radio DJs. They clearly played a prank on the wrong person and now they will probably suffer for the rest of their lives.


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I think this woman killed herself due to the pressure heaped onto her by the private hospital. We sadly live in a world ruled by the blame culture. Her bosses will have crucified her if it meant them escaping the blame.
Sad that we have created this world where our bosses/managers career plans rule our lives. We are all just stepping stones for them to move up another level.
On a Conspiracy level - is this not what "they" want ?? The common person so frightened of losing their jobs/homes/lifestyles? Who would dare stand up to the system when they have so much to lose now? {Ed001's Note - I very much doubt the hospital would have done anything other than just reprimand her and move on. This whole 'news' story is just nothing and shouldn't be headline news, just let the family be.}

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13 Dec 2012 14:20:47
I found this video on YT very interesting. Zero Point uncovers the messages expressed through ancient monuments worldwide, examines various maps, monuments and artifacts which seem to reveal great secrets about the nature of time, our past and our future.


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13 Dec 2012 14:00:41
to the crypto animal debate, they found a 6ft chimp living in the congo, if that can go unnoticed for so long then surely other animals in the area can, animals that live in water or or semi aquatic.

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I don't have a typing stutter, that was meant to be 1 or.

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You're thinking of 'the Bili Ape' wasn't quite 6ft. It was rumoured, from local tribes, to be a new species of unknown grey ape, 6ft or taller, which had no fear of any predator and regularly killed big cats.

Turned out to be an isolated, somewhat different type of chimp, not as tall as a man but bigger than normal, as I remember.

But yeah proves some animals can outgrow their usual size in isolation, and breed in isolaion!


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RED_SKY, that's the one, but it says on the websites i found it on that it grows between 6ft-6ft 5inch.

also has anyone seen what a snow bear looks like, really strange, lives in the same area as the yeti.

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Anyone interested in cryptozoology should read John keel's the mothman prophecies. Don't worry about the name it's nothing like the terrible movie with Richard gere. More of an exploration of supernatural and cryptozoological phenomena which offers an alternate explanation rather than the usual stuff. Should check it out

Gordo bhoy

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6-6ft 5in?! Not saying its false but that would be mental!

That surely can't be classed as a chimp, haha!

Ive read a bit about a cryptid bear-like creature that gets confused with the yeti but the name escapes me, same thing? Or an actual bear?


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I heard the bear was called the snow bear (by locals).

also have a look at the billi chimp on google, crazy stuff, they say it has characteristics like both chimp and gorilla.

i did see a video a while back that had a pic of a snow bear in a museum somewhere but i can't find it.
the bear was found and killed by the Nazi' and then given to a museum to be stuffed and displayed.

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That's cool, the sort of stuff I was hoping yous guys could share. I'll need to be looking both them creatures up! Ps- cheers for that video on super soldiers Ed, it's a brilliant watch!

{Ed033's Note - Ok, thanks

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