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13 Feb 2012 23:22:43
itv4 movie called soldiers on now, based on mk ultra, looks good
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - which one is that? Mario van Peebles?}

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No edd kurt russel.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - ah I have seen it then.}

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What u think edd? {Ed001's Note - it's ok, decent enough film, you can see the ideas having come from the super soldier creation programs though.}

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I did watch Enemy of the State on bbc3 the other week. Bit of an oldish film now being mid 90's but quite scary and very topical. {Ed001's Note - that is a good film, I think.}

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It is good Ed, sacry to think what they could do then and that was only the stuff Hollywood was thinking up!

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13 Feb 2012 16:54:01
Although this too is a football issue, and to all intents and purposes this should be put to bed and forgotten about, I have thought long and hard and feel I should put the following opinion out there...

Regarding the media treatment of the Evra/Suarez debacle. Does anyone agree that the mainstream, sensationalist UK media is constantly giving this issue legs because of the ordered release of Government papers regarding the Hillsborough disaster?

By vilifying Liverpool FC so aggressively on a daily basis, are they trying to soften the impact that the eventual release of this information will have upon themselves? By trying to demonise Liverpool, it's players, the manager, and trying to get every bit of mud to stick, come the day that the papers become public, are they trying to back the club into a corner so that the attention is somehow diverted when Liverpool FC, the families who lost loved ones, and the fans eventually get their day to speak out?

It was passed back in October 2011 following heavy petitioning that these papers should be released uncensored. This will put journalists, also current and former government ministers in the spotlight, especially seeing as these documents must be sensitive as they have been kept secret for nearly 23 years.

By making Liverpool FC appear to be "complaining unjustly against everything", this approach by the media (and the people it serves to protect) may be intended to unseat the eventual public outcry, thus making people not pay as much attention as they should, giving sparse coverage when the time arrives, and sweeping it under the carpet quickly to avoid a backlash on the government and the media themselves.

Calculated pre-emptive arse covering? Or am I reading too much into it?

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Not sure if it has anything to do with Hillsborough although LFC are getting some major slack...It could just be as simple as Fergie being a Knight and what he says goes

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I think Suarez just overstepped the mark. Up to being found guilty he was one of those type of players I like at my own club like say Keane or Cantona. Unfortunately for Liverpool his actions will be scrutinised by everyone for the time being knowing how our media work making his position at the club difficult, just for being caught out. I don't think it is related to the other far more important issue of those documents being released and what they contain. You can bet though that if it does show any fault lying at the feet of police or politicians then the s**t fan will be rotated by them blowing in the direction of LFC.


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Not everything is a conspiracy.

And don't forget a lot of non Liverpool fans signed that petition and the other more recent Kevin Williams one as well.

You may have been in the wrong about recent events and you have looked bad in a lot of peoples eyes, its a sensitive topic in our modern multi-cultural society and i for one am fed up of hearing about Evra and Suarez.

But Hillsborough is a different issue and i feel that all decent football fans support you and also want the truth to come out.

That sort of thing could have happened at any football ground in the 80's, it could have been the fans of any club, it was a ticking bomb waiting to go off.

Thats why all decent fans of a certain age support you, we've all been to those grounds, remember the fences and the attitudes of the various police forces at the time.

You have a lot of support in this issue, and they may try and sweep it under the carpet again but we, the fans, should stick together and force it all out.

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No mate i dont think its hillsbourgh related i just think its the media we live in to today,we have always known that they have no morals,camping outside a house of a high profile person whos wife died then trys to get there young child to open the door because the person was to distraught says it all about there scruples,if they think its news worthy they will run and run it,dalglish was right about the build up to the game saying it was on 24hours a day,one day you will get a ignorent so called fan who will really hurt someone over this type of incedent and the media will milk it again.

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13 Feb 2012 15:47:49
I hope this might get posted Ed on this page as although it's a football issue, but it would'nt be posted on the page I'm usually on.
I'm going to apologise again for bringing it up (again) the subject regarding currently the worlds best footballer. I'm looking for a bit of clarity on the issue.
Take a young player we have with an outstanding potential say like Mats Moller Daehli. Apparently he is maybe lacking physically but he's still young and will obviously grow. We took him at I think 15 yrs old. If we thought that he would not be up to the rigours of Premiership football would we be able to give him medication to help with his "growth" say HGH for instance for a couple of years (I don't know how the stuff works but let's pretend for arguments sake) that's it's for bulking up/training purpose's.
Would this be legally ok if it were in the past before a professional football career.
I know the odd young player who although skilful enough at a young age was not deemed robust or too "lightweight", I'm sure a few on this site might know of a certain person they knew of personally or even current player. Sebastian Giovinco's career has been hampered by his size and is knocked off the ball too easily and would be left out of the side (juventus at the time) because of it. For this reason if he took the required amount of HGH to enable him to bulk up and gain more growth earlier is that legal? I think personally, no!
Now before people say that I'm bitter or Messi really needed it for a normal life, Barca have seen an outstanding talent playing football at a young age with other players during I presume boy's matches and taken this course, no questions asked. I bet he was'nt playing with leg braces or on crutches like a Tiny Tim character. He has been shipped from Argentina to Spain at a very young age and had medication to help with his growth. Should'nt he of been allowed to grow without medication as a natural selection process and if he were too small then so be it?
I know we would be worse off if we had not seen him play but that's not my point.
Is it legally/ethically ok for our club or other's to do the same when deciding on a player's potential physic?
I would of thought it help's Blatter and FIFA for revenue, to have 1 outstanding club & player of very high performance/profile against revenue going to other sports, is just a part of my opinion on why it will be skimmed over if anybody seriously delves deeper.
Sorry about the long post but needed to give example's.
Would love anybody's/Ed's opinion's again if possible, and I will try not to bring it up again.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - it is a tough one, I am really unsure of the legalities involved, certainly Messi took growth hormones that are banned prior to becoming a pro. I am not sure where the line is drawn though, so will have to leave that to others to have some input.}

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Many thanks for posting Ed, I understand why it would'nt get posted on this or another page and apologies to regular users of this page because there are more important/interesting issue's here normally.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - it is something that has intrigued me as well, reading about the treatment Messi had, it seems strange that it is allowable.}

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If it were ever proven illegal in such case and I personally think it is, then say in 10 years time when someone down the line seriously looks at it then Barca could potentially be retrospectivelly stripped of certain tiles/trophies.
Meaning the runners up would be possibly handed titles. No club would want to benefit in that way but they could, it probably won't happen anyway.
Out of interest did Ed002 not post because he thought I was just spewing rubbish or because of some other issue?


Supasub {Ed001's Note - I would think he thought it a bit of a can of worms to open, especially if it was posted on a United site with Stam's drug issues etc. It could have been that he thought it was posted to cause hassle on there by an opposing fan.}

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I see your point, Ed002 won't post that it is on another page though. It is very relevant. I know I don't own the site but it would be of alot of interest to most football fans I think.
I will leave it there though in the hope that one day someone higher up asks difficult questions.


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Its an interesting case and a legal minefield i am sure. I would say that no it should be illegal as well. But if you can get away with it then people will try, its a very grey area after all.

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Actually regarding messi it was his medicine! the medication for growth hormone deficiency is growth hormone itself! so i dont think it is illegal about him..

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