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13 Jan 2012 16:55:50
ed, do you have anything else on the Olympics being a plan for the illuminati to stage an alien attack/ some sort of nuke attack? ive been on youtube but there is only 2 on there, which was the one you put up and one where rik clay talked about it, the rest are just silly and "rip off copies" of the two i just mentioned.


{Ed033's Note - For the regular visitors, I'll add some new info to my previous posts and join some dots. See what you think.

The new world order/negative illuminati crowd have allegedly put in writing that they want their NWO in place by 2025. I think the reason for the 2025 date is because allegedly in this year, the planets in the solar system are in their most astrological "war like" positions for the near future. So they would want to get the NWO in place before 2025 so they can then reduce the population they no longer require by half with a ritual Armageddon (nuclear war, famine, pestilence) in 2025 in compliance with the "as above, so below" part of their "religion".

However 2025 is not very far away, so they need to speed up their NWO agenda. One of the next parts of this agenda is to fuse Africa with the European Union and then initially allow 50 million African people into the EU. In UK, we have a couple of million unused houses that local councils are keeping unused even though people desperately require these houses. These unused houses are possibly being kept for the Africans that will be arriving. Unused houses are probably being kept for these reason across the EU to accommodate the 50 million Africans. The African people will be used for lowering wages in the EU and to further "divide and conquer" the people living in the EU. In addition, the media keep forcing the political correctness (especially the racism) brainwashing down people's throats so that when they let these African people in, you can't say anything negative about it, otherwise that would make you a racist.

Back to the Olympic games. Some of you may know that the 2012 Olympic games logo spells out the word "ZION". When Lord Sebastian Coe was asked why the 2012 Olympic games logo spells out the word "ZION", he said something very similar to, 'it is something we believe in'. I think that Lord Coe belongs to a positive "group" and the 2012 Olympic games is a positive event but originally the NWO/negative illuminati crowd would have loved to turn this positive event into a ritual negative event to speed up the NWO agenda like 9/11 did, but have most likely abandoned this plan now.

In order to speed up this NWO plan, they may have used weather manipulation technology to make this winter warmer than normal and then have a media blitz on "global warming" in the near future to try to get the carbon tax in place. The expensive carbon tax to reduce carbon dioxide by 80 percent would put every company/corporation out of business except for the big global NWO corporations who would have their carbon taxes paid for by us and would make all the people poor and completely controllable because no one could do a single thing without producing very expensive carbon dioxide.}

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Thanks ed, great post.

i seen in a video that the world leaders meet up in california and they do a ritual sort of thing (the leaders being tony blair,obama, even royal family and so on) they did fake human sacrifices and worshipped an owl...

{Ed033's Note - Yes, they meet up at the Bohemian Grove, san francisco, california.}

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Ed, do you believe ets would allow the nwo to take place or are they part of it as well. DORSET RED

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly there is more than one ET group here but one or more ET group(s) are apart of it, I would say.}

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What's the owl they worship?

{Ed033's Note - It's about a 40 foot high stone statue of an owl. Possibly Minerva worship.}

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Ed if there's more than 1 ET group here and they're allowing it to happen, what are they gaining from it? I mean presuming they are by far technologically more advanced than us? If they agree then surely that puts them more on the malevolent side of things with NWO. Do you think that they have their own agendas that NWO don't know about?
The Earth itself has lots of hidden secrets, maybe they want something from it and are the catalyst to help us wipe each other out thereby leaving them to pick the bones as it were.

{Ed033's Note - I would suggest that there are benevolent ETs (1 or more group working with us) and malevolent ETs but I have no idea what their agenda would be. Allegedly 20% of the Nag Hammadi texts talk about a malevolent ET group that they called the Archons. I posted 2 videos on the subject further down}

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He loves that suit


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13 Jan 2012 00:25:50
mysteriously deaths and missing people all connected to the bp oil spill in usa, see what you think.

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