Conspiracy Talk Archive July 13 2012


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13 Jul 2012 11:45:26
Anyone got any thoughts/ theories on spontaneous human combustion?


I have read a few books it a few years ago and still undecided ,would love to know when was the last known case of it was.

@ frankyscouse, look up the one that happend in widnes collage, mad stuff.

Is it not just the fat burning? has anyone actually seen someone burst into flames?

{Ed033's Note - That's the question isn't it, is there more to it than just the fat burning everything except the feet and ankles (in most cases I read)

Top to bottom,like a wax candle!case solved haha

Checked out the Widnes incident still remain undecided why and how it happens.

I saw someone on TV wrap a pig in a blanket and set it alight. It burnt slowly but completely, apart from the feet and head which were outside the blanket.
It seems to be less common since open fires and smoking have become less common.