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13 Jul 2013 23:35:11
{Ed033's Note - Jose Escamilla vs Monster Quest on Rods PT I

Good video ed. is there going to be a part 2?
I looked on google and couldn't find it.
I remember seeing this on the news years ago, with the footage shot in a cave.
from that moment on I thought there must be other animals/species out there that humans just can't see or detect yet.
also got me thinking, that "seeing is believing" might just be used against the masses as a form of control too. if ya know what I mean.
me 1st post on this site for a long time, please be easy on me. haha
only my opinion tho.

Never heard of rods before to be honest, is it a new species or is the documentary maker claiming that it could be extraterrestrial?

Cheers ed,
i guessing if we knew about rods, what else is out there we can't see?
got to admit when I first saw them years ago, really grabbed my attention. didn't expect to see them under water, mind you, there is some crazy stuff down in the deep. eh!
thanx again great site.

I've seen footage from the Space Shuttle of a tubular semi-transparent entity that could be compared to a Jellyfish. Imagine if our Biosphere had an extra layer or dimension to it, one that wasn't confined by gravity or altitude or oxygen? The reasons for it not being revealed are the same as with ETs/UFOs.


Very strange one to work out even if they were wiping them out with the chem trails it would near impossible to look for them without the equipment which must cost a few pounds, I am open minded on this.

I remember watching a documentary about rods years ago - weren't they first discovered by accident when some skydivers were filming their jumps into the cave of swallows in Mexico or somewhere? In real time they thought it was interference but it wasn't until they slowed the footage down they realised these things were changing direction and appeared to have intelligent control.

Haven't heard anything about them since

Very strange I think there is a strong possibility they have always been here and the Roswell connection is misleading, like it mentions we catch a lot more stuff on phones/cameras now then we would in the past, I still find it hard why they would debunk it, like its not going to make us change our evolution like if they found Bigfoot.

Ive seen a lot of videos on rods before, they are really amazing and once we have caught one (dont know how to be honest) but it would truly be amazing!

The video that got me was the base jumpers jumping into a canyon and as there descending downwards you see these rods flying round inside the canyon! When they looked at the size of the objects compared to the size of the human these rods were estimated to be something like 20ft in length! Maybe that's what it is when something catches your eye but when you look nothing there! I've had a few of these experiences whilst driving!