Conspiracy Talk Archive June 13 2012


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13 Jun 2012 19:58:08
What's your thoughts on this,

Instead of the government hiding the existence of ETs what if its them hiding themselves and they are this nwo? I mean look back through ancient history it look as though humans then kind of worshipped them. The post below says about Roosevelt's statement about an invisible government who better to run the place than those we have no proof exist? I've never thought of it that way before but seeing that quote kind of put it together. If these aliens have super technology and US as humans have rapidly over the last few thousand years have became more intelligent and inventive what if this invisible government has been telling our governments what they want in return for not just money but incredible weapons or ownwership of parts of earth? Far' fetched (spelling) I no but what's your opinions?


My take on it is if aliens did have control over everyone like governments why would they arm us with technology and black projects? i think there is some type of pact and collusion between the two .