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13 Jun 2013 23:07:32
Some of you may know this already but seeing as its not been reported on in the UK I thought i'd suggest you all check out the citizen's hearing on disclosure, it's a mock congressional hearing on UFO'S infront of ex-congressmen and women hosted at the national press club in Washington. ITS TIME TO END THE TRUTH EMBARGO.


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13 Jun 2013 21:59:00
i see south yorkshire police are in trouble again over fabricating evidence again. This time during the miners strike.

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13 Jun 2013 20:34:31
looks like a good programme on alien abduction tonight on ch4 if you happen to see it any thoughts on it can you please post cheers

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Never watched it m8 any good?

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Was well funny. all a load of jokers, a woman gets abducted eating KFC and they're hiding her fags. another guy's got a baby alien.

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It's obvious the producers produced the programme for entertaiment purposes by selecting the nuttiest and most wacky claimants of abductees out there. Made all UFO believers look like complete nutters!


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I saw this with my Mrs. I'm not sure what to make of Ammach. I've seen a fair few of their Bases series on the tube & some of them are interesting. I'm not totally convinced about the abductee stories. They seem to pick the crazies and try to give them credibility. If advanced beings were visiting this planet and abducting people for medical and genetic purposes, I'm sure they'd pick better people than a fag-ridden Dusty Springfield want-a-like from the North and a comb-over king with dad issues. A bit sad really.

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And the scariest part of the program was the labour councillor claims to have an alien child

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I've never believed any abduction storys! just do not see the logic of beings travelling so far to get here to abduct anyone!
i do however wish that companys such as c4 would treat the whole subject of other life a bit more seriously. I do enjoy watching programmes like the ones you are speaking of, but I suppose I enjoy the more ufo, mistaken aircraft type of programme.
i do believe that there are others out there, somewhere. surely, we are not the only galaxy of at least 100 billion which harbours life, I don't see what makes our galaxy so special compared to others. the best evidence of life out there is us, and if we are here, then the chances of another civilisation must be very high. the sad part is, I don't think (at least in my lifetime) we will ever truly know, with the obvious hurdle of distance in our way.
anyway, maybe one day we will know, or at least get a signal, and if that happens in my lifetime, i'll be the happiest man on earth!



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13 Jun 2013 15:31:24
wasnt there an astronaut who has been on the moon who claimed governments have been covering up for 60 years that we are regulalrly in contact with aliens

{Ed033's Note - Yes, Edgar Mitchell, says that the governments are involved in an ET cover up but allegedly Edgar Mitchell can't remember being on the moon and went to a respected regression therapist to access his memories of being on the moon, but there weren't any memories of him being on the Moon.

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I've always found it hard to understand that if the Americans really went to the moon what was it 6 times in 18 months, that the Russians wouldn't have tried at some point to go too. Unless they just didn't believe that they could get past the Van Allen radiation belts. Ed033 do you think Armstrong shunned the spotlight because he might have been troubled by the weight of carrying the burden all those years?


{Ed033's Note - If Apollo did get to the moon then it was using black technology and because the moon is completely different than what we are being told and shown on video then Neil Armstrong would have had to lie to the world, if Neil Armstrong didn't go then he would have had to lie to the world and he imo didn't want to lie so shunned the spotlight.

Jose Escamilla created a documentary to show what the moon possibly really looks like in colour and some anomalies on the moon

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My grandad never believed we went to the moon he said it was fake lol, I am 50/50 on this the 50 that they got there is, its one thing fooling a few people but another thing fooling the world plus even if armstrong was silent on purpose buzz Aldrin or the astronaut would surly at some time slip up?the 50 pc that I am unsure about is the van Allen belt has been near impossible since plus the footage and pics of no stars etc even thou myth busters tried to convince everyone with their experiments on a show a few months bk, am really unsure but you have to ask this question,
at that unstable time in the cold war would the united states lie to the world to gain a advantage?

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly, the secret space program goes to the moon and further on a regular basis as it uses black technology. If the Apollo program did get to the moon, it used black technology but the video we saw of Apollo astronauts on the moon was faked probably by Stanley Kubrick (see Jay Weidner's - Kubrick's odyssey documentary).

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If they did get to the moon using black technology why use fake footage of the men on the moon?

{Ed033's Note - To hide what's really there. The Brooking's Report stated that if we went into space, then we would almost certainly find evidence of ETs and they advised this evidence of ETs should not be shown to the people and all governments agreed to that. If you go onto the moon you're going to go to a place that has anomalies to inspect those anomalies (some anomalies are shown in the above Moon Rising video). If you are able to film on the moon, you're going to show those anomalies.

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They never went to the moon, simple as that! Was faked big time they did leave earth and orbited earth a few times but that was it, it was a massive con and the great space race between the us and russia was always going to be contraversial, there was a guy who worked for nasa and leaked all the info however he seemingly jumped infront of a train, but that's a different story.

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Ahhh I see so that is why the then soviet union or anyone else tried to tell the world the moon footage was a fake?is that on your link edd or have you got another link to the brooking report?

{Ed033's Note - Here is a relevant link about the brookings report -

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Fascinating film ed. I'm more confused than ever now! Ryan.

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The documentary that was on TV last week changed my mind as I always thought no way it could be fake.
It was the opposite to what you normally see on TV, the conspiracists sounded very plausible and the guy from NASA came across as implausible, he never explained away any of the points put forward instead opting to say " There are too many to have the time to respond to" and then implied that these professional guys where nuts but without putting forward a single counter argument, did anybody see the shot where it was supposed to be two different areas of the moon but the landscape was exact.

Also very fishy that a dozen or so astronauts and technicians died during the Apollo programme, especially the guy who was about to deliver a report and "drove" his car in front of a train with his wife and kid inside and guess what the report went "missing" and has never been found.


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Why would it be faked? The race to the moon was a faux pas to allow ballistic weaponry technology. America lapped it up in a patriotic fever. When it was "perfected" there was no reason to visit

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