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13 Mar 2013 23:38:49
so what's the conspiracies about the new pope then

{Ed033's Note - According to St. Malachy's "Pope List" which they have been selecting Popes from, this new Pope could be Petrus Romanus (the last pope on the list) who is associated in prophesy with the arrival of the Antichrist and the destruction of Rome

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But did it not say the last pope would be called peter

{Ed033's Note - it's their ritual prophesy so they can decide what's what. It would be too obvious if they did choose someone called Peter, it appears that it's more important to them to have the pope have multiple "hidden from plain site" attributes that adhere to the prophesy

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14 Mar 2013 18:15:39
Based on what i've seen and heard so far, and what people have said, he reminds me of JP1. Mort

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Ed 33 and others about the last pope the head of the Jesuit Order is commonly known as the Black Pope, so it could still be the last pope or the apocalypse

{Ed033's Note - This new white Pope is also a Jesuit allegedly

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Aren't most of the top Vatican hierachy all Jesuits?

{Ed033's Note - I was just saying about the white pope. I don't know but I read that this maybe the first Jesuit Pope ever

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Ed I was listening to coast to coast am today and one of the people on there said that the new popes name does have pete in there.

coast to coast am, geoengineering, it's near the beginning.

{Ed033's Note - Over the next few months we'll know more as researchers find stuff out

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International Citizen's arrest warrant applied for for crimes aginst humanity by the Jesuit order?

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13 Mar 2013 21:02:10
Who was the 6th man?

{Ed033's Note - I don't know what this question means but, if you're asking, who was allegedly the 6th Apollo astronaut on Moon, then it was Edgar Mitchell. Allegedly because Edgar Mitchell couldn't remember being on the Moon, he went to a regression Dr. twice to access the memories of him on the moon but both times, no memories of him being on the moon were found.

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Kadeem Hardison (The 6th Man movie)

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14 Mar 2013 18:08:23
I thought that he was on about the Cambridge 5 that spied for the Soviets. You know Philby, Blunt and co. Allegedly there was a sixth who was discovered but never publicly identified as his i'd was so shocking. Also there was supposedly an Oxford 5 as well, but nothing ever been said about that. Ed i've never heard that about the guy on the moon that's quite weird. So he thinks he's been up there but has no memory of it. I guess it adds weight to the faked moon landing theory. Mort

{Ed033's Note - If you read Richard Hoagland's book Dark Mission, you can read more about astronauts not remembering. Apparently Buzz Aldrin feels disorientated and physically sick when he tries to remember about being on the Moon. Jay Weidner's dvd, Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick Part 1 shows how Stanley Kubrick faked the astronauts on the moon videos.

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13 Mar 2013 21:45:11
Sorry, football subject, I've just witnessed some more shocking refereeing in the bayern-arsenal game just giving decision after decision in favour of the German team yet being lenient when they could the British team, does one of the football eds think there is an unwritten rule for British clubs and and a different set for everyone else within uefa/fifa. Some of the sendings off in different British teams by the Turkish ref to name one surprised me when listed in the press, alright a couple maybe justified but others bizarre.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - there always has been an agenda. The English FA have never helped though, I mean they are overbearing and arrogant in their dealings with the other FAs. For instance, remember how they forced UEFA to give England a 5th spot for Everton in the Champions League 2005/6 season? When it had happened in Spain, Spain just followed the spirit of the rules, while the English FA decided they were too important to follow them and wanted an extra spot.}

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Your probably right ed, I've always thought it generally since the 80's though. I think it's been made worse by the fact the FA tried to point to backhanders going on for the World Cup voting making us more insular.
I think Real Madrid will probably win the CL this year, purely as I think they are maybe paying more currently than anyone else. It s apolitical thing involving outdoing Barca, Spain v Catalonia.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - the FA only pointed them out because they were on the losing end, to be honest. It is not like they are a shining paragon of virtue or anything. It is all petty politics and the rest of the world's FAs dislike the fact that there are 4 distinct entities here, England, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales, with more power than the rest of them. UEFA seem intent on putting the home nations in their place, and reducing their power over the game.}

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Regardless of refereeing, I know there is already the champions league but there are 4 or 5 english clubs who could join a new European league though ed which I think will happen in the next few years/decade. Clubs having full/more control over their tv deals. Mobile tv technology will come more into play. Uefa and the British fa's must be a little concerned, I think eufa and fifa try to keep the likes of barca, real madrid, bayern etc "happy" to make sure they find it hard to go elsewhere. I think it explains why some investors have got involved with PSG, city, etc. also.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - they have already changed the European competitions to appease those clubs, it is only a matter of time before it happens, unfortunately. Personally I can't stand European matches, I find them tedious and dull. I am dreading the thought of that being the league competition of choice.}

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Agree, thanks ed anyway.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - nice chatting with you again mate.}

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Come on ED001. European matches DULL? Did you forget Olympiakos, Juventus, Istanbul. beats 70% of the league/Fa cup games. {Ed001's Note - 3 games? Plus they weren't good games, they just had good spells. The football is mostly slow and defensive.}

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And chelsea.

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I'm Scottish but I'm going to stick up for English football. The bias shown against English clubs in general by the head of UEFA, Michel Platini, is blatant racism. He's made it clear he despises the riches of the EPL and the players it has allowed them to bring. All he ever banged on about was unfair financial power of the EPL teams until the Quatari investment in PSG blew everyone away, he has been strangely quiet on the matter since then.

I believe there is dodgy dealings with UEFA based purely on continental jealousy.

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13 Mar 2013 20:15:35
A new Pope and a comet in the sky.

Hundreds of years ago it would have been the apocalypse.

well that's progress.

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13 Mar 2013 14:05:34
ED, what do you make of this video?

{Ed033's Note - Looks like a well done fake to me

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