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13 May 2012 23:22:54
ed, there's something i don't understand..

isn't it pointless (apart from proving life exists elsewhere) for scientists to look for life on other planets? they are looking back in time millions/billions of years.. so the planets they are looking at now and finding no signs of life could infact be home to an alien race because they'd have millions/billions of years to of evolve..

hope that makes sense


{Ed033's Note - It may be about finding earth like or life sustaining as we know it planets

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They are supposedly looking 4 life on other planets as a ploy 2 keep us as far from the real truth of exactly what is goin on on this planet if u ask me
the grover

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Life on other planets would put a fairly large dent in a lot of religious mythology.

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The exoplanets being assessed are all much closer to earth than billions of lightyears away (I'm guessing that's what meant by looking back so far in time). Further, they are merely observing whether the planets are in the "habitable zone" of their star system. It is impossible to identify the traces of life on a planet without obtaining a detailed account of its atmospheric composition.


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Were looking for exoplanetary systems for a simple continue the human race at all costs.
Our planet is constantly at risk at becoming inhabitable. Factors ranging from fossil fuels running out to potential asteroid collisions. Add to these reasons as well the fact that the the milkyway is being sucked into the neighbouring andromeda galaxies gravitational field. Even though the latter is millions of years away, thats the only definitive timescale you can give planet earth.

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Come on people, surely the answer is obvious?
Why would they want to find out if any of the planets are habitable? Hmm? I know! So that as soon as they find one they can send people to it, claim it and then charge whatever the hell they like for a tour and then eventually a holiday, then a house, then a business etc etc etc.
You'll find the answer to most questions usually is in some relation to money, money is power.

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13 May 2012 21:08:52
Question about the Maya prophecy about the 21 December 2012.

What about the fact that we have leap years due to a year being 365 and a days long. Did the Maya have this knowledge?

{Ed033's Note - The original mayan knowledge that they were given was based on a 360 day year because an earth year was in fact exactly 360 days, sometime in the past. Something changed at some point and the earth has grown in size and now we're at 365 and 1/4 days for a year.

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The Maya used two calendars in the year. A sacred year consisted of 260 days (13x20) and a year equivalent to our solar year (18x20). 5 seperate days were then accounted for in a seperate month to bring it close to the equivalent of what we call our calendar year. They used a base 20 numbering system, including zero, before the Europeans. The 5 days outside the numbering system of a calendar year are common to a lot of calendars, such as the Coptic, Egyptian and the French Republic. The Mayan calendar is unique because of their ability to incorporate extremely long counts and still maintain accuracy, perhaps due to their awareness of a sloar year needing to be adjusted every four years,etc. However, their remains no evidence they allowed for the adjustment of what we call a leap year. The sacred year was used for religious purposes and the solar year for planting of crops. It's not unlike how Christianity used both the Liturgical year and the signs of the Zodiac as one calendar in Medieval times.

Cork Red Boi

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Many thanks for your reply to this question ED and Cork Red Boi.


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Ed033 - Can you please link me to the evidence for an increase in the size of the earth sometime in the last 10,000 years, and how an increase in the mass of a planet will inevitably lead to a decreased orbital speed?


{Ed033's Note - Read, The Lost Age of High Knowledge by Keith M. Hunter and watch this video presentation by Dr. James Maxlow and read his book:

The Expanding Earth

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Mayans didnt have the gregorian calender, or any of the previous asian african or european calenders so blows the 2012 theory out the window

{Ed033's Note - What 2012 theory are you on about? We're coming to the end and starting a new precessional long count. The precessional long count has nothing to do with any previous calendar.

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Do u actually believe that ed are or u just clarifying

{Ed033's Note - My last post was a question, followed by a fact.

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13 May 2012 10:19:26
why do we say amen at the end of prayers ??
the grover

{Ed033's Note - The real answer is probably because amen was/is an Egypytian deity that was/is worshipped in certain parts of Egypt and other places, and christianity has at least parts of the amenite "religion" within it.

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There are deeper meanings still regarding the 'Amen', and they involve Genetic Engineering.

The Renegade Pea.

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Explain please The Renegade Pea?

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Ed033 gives a very good example. Just to remember it is used in all three of the so called 'great' monotheistic religions. First mentioned by Moses as a praise of God's work (so be it), certainly points to its Egyptian origins with Amun Ra. Would love to hear this idea of Renegade Pea.

Cork Red Boi.

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First off it is my belief that we are 'kept in the past', that simply all we strive for has already been achieved at least tens of thousands of years ago, and that because of this people can be 'MADE' to believe anything at all.
They say 'Virgin Birth'.
You think 'Immaculate Conception'.
I say 'Hypodermic Needle'.

(There is a disclaimer at the top of the page for those that need it)

This is one way of interpreting the term 'AMEN'.
First take a fresh look at the capital letter 'A' and understand that what you are looking at is a pictogram.
Viewed as a pictogram, symbol or sigil, even, it represents a whole other meaning than the standard one you were probably tought in school, part of a hidden and secret languge, esoteric as the generally accepted version is exoteric.

This pictogram is one shape made up of three straight lines. It is 3 parts in 1.

Using this interpretation we can compare it with symbology from the past (and the modern stuff, you can do this for yourself) and see if we can make any connections.
Here are two examples.

Triune Man. Tri une - three in one.
Hermes Trismegistus - three times Great.

Hermes, Aphrodite

Two parts making one - three times great.

It would seem to be symbolic of something best here described by the biblical term 'Man', specifically some kind of three in one 'Man' (All men and hence A'men is the answer often given to this question).

Make of it what you will. I didn't invent the letter 'A' so you can have it, pretty well any way you want.

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13 May 2012 09:09:40
I was just wondering if there was any where you can buy or even look at this black technology? Thanks....

{Ed033's Note - You can't. There are 3 technologies; white, grey and black.

White technology is the technology we all know about. It's in the public domain.

Black technology is secret technology that officially doesn't exist, such as the experimental flying craft that we have heard about.

Grey technology contains a mixture of white and black technology where the white technology part of the grey technology can be talked about but the black technology part cannot because it officially doesn't exist.

Old black technology military flying craft - Project Camelot interviews Michael Schratt - Part 1 of 2

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