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13 May 2013 11:04:20
this is not a conspiracy just a bit of info if you're interested in ira things, there is a movie getting made in liverpool I think its getting called 1971 (dont hold me to that thou) my mate is doing security in newsham park and posted all pics of him on facebook on top of jeeps and tanks, don't think they will be to happy if they see that lol, anyways am looking forward to seeing the movie.

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That might explain why I've seen a number of 'riot police' style white Land Rovers, the type that were used in Belfast, being driven along Queens drive during the last few weeks.

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I think tanks are needed around Newsham park permanently as the surrounding area is like a war zone.

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Yeah tuebrook is rough as toast.

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The white land-rovers 'ice-cream vans' as they were known, have only came into effect in the early 2000's. The motorised vehicles the British/ Ulster police force used to use were a dull grey land-rover. a proper symbol of tyranny and exploitation! persons used to 'break and enter' peoples homes. If a so called 'hood' or 'thief' was to enter a house without permission, they would have been arrested and charged accordingly (or knee-capped). However, when the Crown forces (RUC, UDR, MI5) decided that any single person was a threat to homeland security, they would smash down their doors, awakening little children from their beds, abusing elderly people, and basically enforcing martial law. It was viewed as an act of law, or order.

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I have put picture of the military vehicles used on the movie on the conspiracy pictures plus there is a picture of a newspaper cutting from belfast, I think it has something to do with movie but will find out later.

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Lets keep a balanced view here. For every symbol of "tyranny" I'll give you an IRA/INLA atrocity. What about a boy being murdered because he took the bullet intended for his Policeman father or a bus load of young soldiers blown to bits by those amazing heroes. Both sides have a lot to answer for and neither can walk away feeling proud of certain things that they did along the road. However maybe if we tried to bury the hatred we could move on and realise that the true enemy is hiding in plain sight right in front of our noses, playing us like fools.

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I never praised the IRA or mentioned any paramilitary group. Yes, what happened during the troubles was atrocious, things both sides done were heinous to say the least. However, I stand by what I say about the crown and it's forces. Both Catholic and Protestant people have the right to live peacefully on this little island, but the Government and it's band of merry-men kept the hatred boiling over nicely.
The RUC and UDR were basically terrorists in uniform by day, and actual terrorists by night. The amount of collusion that went on, was truly atrocious. Solicitors murdered, innocent men murdered, all under the watchful eye of the very people who were supposed to uphold the law.

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No name for every bus load of soldiers there were also innocent civilians from both communities who lost their lives without ever willingly participating in the troubles.

Every single life lost in the troubles was a tragedy that caused unbearable heartbreak, so please don't treat it like some kind of schoolyard pissing contest.

There was nothing inaccurate or controversial in what boozy82 said. He was just stating fact, and making a wider comment about martial law. He also had the decency to identify himself.


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Have to agree with boozy and ryan when you have a british government who does not care about the people and you have militant radicals from both side of the irish border then one thing is guaranteed, the innocent get caught in the crossfire.

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There is an easy solution to problems like those in Ireland :-
Don't invade other peoples countries. Simples


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13 May 2013 09:28:40
arguably the day terrorism was put in the minds of americans. interesting documentary about the oklahoma bombing. only seen about half of it, need to watch the other half though

A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995!

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Good documentary edd another deja vu attack and interesting facts like the cop who was murdered, I have never really studied this incident so I have to look into it more, a few things about mcvey I do not understand was here allowed to bomb it? was he a patsy? or was he part of it and they sold him out? i will have to look more about mcvey.

{Ed033's Note - It appears that Timothy McVeigh (possibly ex-army) was 1 of the agents that was assigned to place a small amount of explosives in the back of the truck (just enough to blow the truck up) and park the truck outside the Fed building.

The problem was, was the reg plate on the back of the truck was hanging down and McVeigh was stopped by a regular policeman and then was tested for substances on his hands. Traces of explosives were found so after the building blew up (because of placed military grade explosives in the building) McVeigh had to become the suspect (even though he most likely wasn't meant to be the suspect)

I saw an interview with a woman who was 1 of the few people who were allowed in to watch McVeigh be killed by lethal injection. In the interview she said it was strange after they pronounced he was dead because it looked like he was still breathing.

It's possible that because McVeigh was an agent and wasn't meant to be the suspect, he is still alive.

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Cheers edd will be looking into more.

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I've heard about the military playing with new explosives - 'shape charges' - that are desigend to explode in a certain direction (rather than 360 degrees) and that this explains the type of damage done to the building and area. Heard anything about that? pea

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15 May 2013 06:33:50
They've been using shape charges for years, ideal for blowing a hole in something you want access too but don't want knocked down

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