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13 Nov 2011 23:26:36
Has anyone else youtubed ?Recent mass ufo sightings around the world ? ?
Very weird . The ( can't think what to call it ) rockety thing over China maybe
the aurora project , but those spirals over Norway and then in Australia are
just bizarre , and a bit trippy.
Does anyone know more about these specific sightings , since this film was released ?



{Ed033's Note - There was a rumour that the Norway spiral could have been created by human black technology but I don't know why.}

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With you on that ed!
It sure as hell wasn't a rocket like they'd like us to believe. Especially the Norway one, too perfect and bizarre. It actually looks almost like very decent cgi. Could it be H.A.A.R.P or Project Bluebeam? I would say there's a good chance it was one of these, maybe something we don't know about.... Yet!


Jay {Ed033's Note - I don't know. It coincided with Obama receiving his Nobel Peace Prize for expanding the war in the middle east. I don't know Project Blue Beam used to add to some bizarre ritual they were doing.}

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13 Nov 2011 22:58:44
new lynx 2012 end of the world edition. And the bloke builds an ark. Are they for real?

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13 Nov 2011 10:26:58
ed33 how many mayan long counts have we gone through? Didn't they count three or four? I mean homo sapiens has been about for millions of years but only civilisation for twelve thousand or so since the last ice age. So must stand to reason there was something before the ice age.

{Ed033's Note - A tough question - They may be claiming they went through 4 before and we are going to start number 5 soon. The mayans probably got their info about the long count either from an extra terrestrial race that educated their ancestors (in egypt, sumeria or Africa i.e. Anunnaki) or their ancestors were extra terrestrials themselves and came here and over time info was lost except for the astrological info. To speculate, lets say that just before the surface of planet Mars was destroyed a group came here and started again. They may have started their count from when they came here.}

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13 Nov 2011 09:19:30
does anyone find it weird that royalty never seem to die at a youngish age, the queen mother died in her 90s , the queen is still mobile for her age,they seem never to get cancer, epilipsy , diabetic,heart problems,the only one who died young was princess di and we all know the royals and illuminati would not allow a muslim to marry the future kings mum.

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Not only them but the "super rich" too, J.D Rockerfeller lived untill he was 98 and how old is the current Rockerfeller guy?

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I think its somethin to do with monatomic gold! look it up!

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Only the good die young

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Frankyscouse the queen mum was over 100.

I think alot of it is to do with living very relaxing very comfortable lives. They don't do much, have flunkies for everything, can afford the very best of everything, and when something does go wrong they get the best of healthcare. Mort

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Mort i think that its a bit more to do than just that, cancer does not care if you have wealth but i cant remember that last royal to have cancer and deffo not young.

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True, but its linked to certain stuff in foods, radiation from phone masts and the like. So they could easily avoid stuff like that. Mort

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The royal family have been using homeopathy for quite a long time , you can be sure most of it is better than anything to prevent illness , that any of us ever take...........lfc

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I still reckon they have alien dna.

{Ed033's Note - The Royalty don't get their food form the super markets, they only have the finest food. In the past the royalty have always been looking for the "The Fountain Of Youth" and are into anything that gives better health. They also have access to health clinics that use protocols that are not available to the rest of us.}

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They are just a better class of people in general , so deservedly they live longer.

Stupid peasants .


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Well the way the worlds going they will reap what they sow and live to grand old age with the pollution , genocide,wars, famine's ,while i will be moving on to my next journey when i die.

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I think it's the inbreading, I've been to the American Appalaichins and those grizzled mutants seem to live forever to

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Someone said they don t do

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