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13 Nov 2012 11:54:05
Nadine Dorries has offered her salary she would earn for the period away for charity. I expect her fee for I'm a celeb is more than her entire year's salary (which as yet there is no mention what if anything she will do with it).
Surely in the real world and regarding employment law if I'd done the same thing I should be sacked for Gross misconduct, unauthorised use of public money, pro-longed unauthorised absence which are not grevious or illness?

Supasub {Ed001's Note - what are you talking about? You've lost me completely mate.}

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Ed he's talking about the conservative mp who has gone on i'm a celebrity get me out of here instead of looking after her constituents i think david cameron has suspended her without pay until she gets back so she won't be donating anything {Ed001's Note - ah right, got him now. He is right then, it is disgraceful, just like any MP doing another job at the same time as being a Member of Parliament. It should be illegal for them to do so, if they have time to consult or sit on a board, then clearly they are not doing their job as an MP.}

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I knew you would get there in the end ed. Thankyou no name poster.

Supasub {Ed001's Note - sorry I just don't follow 'reality' TV.}

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Total disgrace and should go further than suspending her. Although i think Cameron wont sack her now and have another by election on his hands i do think by the time of the next GE she wont be selected as Tory candidate for whereever. Most of the party can't stand her anyway, just a publicity seeking eejit as shown by this stunt.

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She would earn about 6000 for being an mp if she lasts 3 weeks.
She will earn 40,000 for being on jungle rubbish.

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12 Nov 2012 23:58:47
carnt stand that bbc they stink! G'nna phone sky later an tell them too remove all bbc, and if they do it i'll tell them i'll spend '''-''5 a year on top off my package.ha


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Good luck with that...

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It's great thank's to human right's lawyer's like Cherie Blair. What about my human right's regarding his human right's that infringe on my human right's of my human right's? And thus I think the law come's about like this as it's decided by Judge's who sit in places like House of Lord's and other law deciding establishment's that want grey area's and confusion as they make alot of money from it.


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You'll miss eastenders.

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You need to remember that this scandal is about a lot more than the beeb. They are making scapegoats out of beeb execs to deflect attention away from all those govt ministers who were implicated. This is democracy working for the people. The rich fecking people

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We should all stop paying our tv license fee,i for one dont even watch bbc lies and propaganda.

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Haven't paid it (tv license) in four years and never will again. It surely is a racket.

the pea

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The pea how do you manage to dodge it for 4 years?


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They send me threats in the mail, and i respond by telling them i do not have a television so wont be needing their 'license'.
They respond by telling me they will want to come into my house and check.
They also say that even if i have a mobile phone that is capable of receiving live television broadcasts then i need to pay them for a..ahem 'license'.

Now i'm not lying to them. I don't have a TV. They seem to be implying that they (the BBC) own the rights to moving pictures, basically. Needless to say i don't hold with that.

I can, though, tell you that i noticed almost immediate effects from not watching television. I also cut back on newspapers. Now after a short while i was able to notice that i was having 'my own thoughts', that the thoughts in my head weren't things i had heard, read, or been told on television, but rather spawned somewhere in my mind (that's a different story though).

They've never entered my house, i wouldn't let them in anyway.

So there was more than a finacial motive for stopping TV, and there are more than finacial gains to be had.

I agree about the BBC being made scapegoats, but i would see no better place for the populace to start hitting these *******s (all of them) where it hurts by WITHDRAWING FINANCIAL SUPPORT beginning with the TV license.
You might also have a clean consciounse for you will be no longer acquescing with their activities (if you don't object, you are supporting by default).

F**k them.

the pea

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Well done pea, i agree with you about thinking clearer not watching tv, i only watch stuff that interests me and swerve the popular newspapers,i would get rid of the tv myself but my kids would kill me.

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I would do the same friend but sadly My misses is to scared to use this tactic and just pays the awkk the time will come i guess


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That's what the threats are for, to scare you. It makes it easier just to pay the bloody thing than take the risk of not paying. It's the same tactic with many, many other matters.

the pea

{Ed033's Note - You can send TV Licensing a Notice of removal of implied right of access and tell them you will charge 5000 if any of their agents trespass on your property. You can also tell them that you do not require a TV License and if they write to you anytime within the next 2 years, you will consider it harassment under the protection from harassment act 1997 and charge them 1000 each time they correspond with you. They should write back to you agreeing with your terms. This way they agree with your terms instead of you agreeing with their terms under their fear threats/tactics

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I was meaning to look that up, 33, thank you. It is incredible the amount of things we are led to believe are mandatory.
Would just like to add, does anyone remember the "TV Licensing Vans" that used to drive around apparantly scanning for illegal signals? They were just empty vans with fake satelites attached!

the pea

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